Wednesday, 28 August 2019

i have good news

i should label this post found found found.  yay.  i cannot believe it but i found my lost keys this morning.  in my jeans pocket.  i'd only worn them twice and hung them up in the wardrobe.  i was shocked because i didn't think i'd ever see them (the keys) again, although that didn't stop me from having a look every now and again.  my neighbours and i were going out for lunch today so i'm so lucky that i decided to wear those jeans.  my neighbour cancelled so i went off to meet Maz early.  we went to kmart.  oh dear.  so many bargains.  then we went back to Maz's place and had some lunch.  my son is coming over tomorrow to help me silicon a few holes on the shed roof.  it's leaking.  :) 

Monday, 5 August 2019

lost lost lost

i hate it when i lose things.  it happens much too much too and stresses me out a lot.  this time it's my spare house keys.  i've been cutting up old rosemary bushes down by the letterbox lately and i'm thinking i've dropped them there and perhaps someone has picked them up.  there was no ID on them.  i may have dropped them in the green bin.  that's a possibility.  the thing i hate most is that i stress and obsess about it.  it all happened when i (don't laugh) lost my spare car key.  i pulled everything out of the dresser and stuff was all over the place.  i found the (first) lost key.  yay.  but in the meantime i've lost the spare house keys which lived in the dresser with the car keys. i've replaced the three main ones but i can't remember what other keys were on the bunch.  bugga.  i've also searched the house high and low.  i'm hoping they dropped into the bin or they are hiding in the house somewhere.  never mind.  as my cousin said, noone has broken in so far.  lol 

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

i saw Margaret

she's been moved to a nursing home which is not too far away.  she's looking a bit more frail but generally is doing well.  she fixates on coming home which may not be possible.  i don't know.  when i got there she was in the community room playing a quiz game.  i helped her with the rest of the questions, well, not really help as we got some wrong answers.  it's a sad place.  lots of residents have dementia and were not doing well.  they'd just been served tea and coffee and spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce.  i proceeded to lean over the table to get Margaret's pen and dunked my sleeve in it.  yuk.  sticky mess.  she's worried about her garden but i explained that it's been raining a lot and her garden is fine. her daughter, who lives in america, has been in touch and Brian, her friend, visits every day.  he's a gem. 

Monday, 17 June 2019

pigeons and Margaret

we have a lot of pigeons around our unit block.  there's always dozens on the roof above my bedroom and i can hear them most mornings.  noisy as they are.  i thought about getting my grandson to throw a rubber snake up there to see if it will deter them but i probably won't.  Margaret, an old lady who lives on the corner, feeds them, as does another neighbour, and there are lots of young ones around.  i usually don't mind them too much.  an old work friend had terrible trouble with them on her fence as they pooped everywhere and her young daughter played in the back yard.  never mind.  talking about Margaret, she's 89, i was at the letterbox the other day when she got a visitor.  i actually hadn't seen her and her gates were shut so i assumed she was out with her friend who calls almost every day.  the visitor rang the doorbell three times and i called her home phone.  no answer.  later that day i noticed that the house was dark.  most unusual.  she wasn't there the next day and i got worried.  i didn't see her friend's car either.  i used to have his number but it didn't transfer to the new phone.  note to self, write these things down. anyway, i didn't see her all morning so called the police.  they came and said an old report mentioned her friend's family name so i looked in the white pages online and found an address that might have been him but when i rang no answer.  i gave the address to the police and they said they'd check.  luckily it turned out to be him and he rang me soon after to explain that Margaret had fallen in the garden again and broken her arm.  she's in the hospital and they are talking about respite after hospital.  she's got dementia and is getting so frail.  it's unusual to not see her in the garden when i go down there and there's always a light on at night.  so i rang her yesterday and will go and see her today after old people's exercise.