Wednesday, 25 March 2020

those poor horses and other warm blooded mammals

something bit me recently on the sole of my foot.  i woke up with a very sore foot and there is a hard and extremely painful lump beneath the ball of my foot about the size of a small marble.  the next night i was getting into bed when i noticed a march/horse fly on my bedside lamp.  i didn't know that they bite but it is the most plausible reason.  i sprayed the house liberally and went outside but haven't noticed the corpse anywhere so i hope it's dead.  my dil told me she is allergic to them.  i showed my foot to the doctor the other day when i went in for something else but she showed little interest in it so i rang the podiatrist.  he's going to look at it tomorrow for me.  maybe lance it if necessary.  apparently they have serrated jaws and can tear flesh.  it's not red or itchy which baffles me.  maybe it's something else entirely.  let's hope Paul can help. 

Friday, 21 February 2020

it's an alpaca

i thought it was a lama.  i don't know the difference so had to google.  this one was walking along the street with mum and dad.  mum had a black dog on a lead.  i had to go back and check it out as did most of the neighbours.  when asked why he had an alpaca on a lead he shrugged his shoulders and said 'why not?'  fair enough i suppose.  such a little cutie she was.  beautiful eyes.  we were chuffed.  there is an alpaca in a very nice garden centre on semaphore road called audrey.  she goes home to the adelaide hills each night.  she was on telly recently.  she's also gorgeous.  so there you are, the saying 'you never know what you'll see' is true.  lol.  

Tuesday, 18 February 2020


i am getting a 'this site is suspicious' warning when i open my blog.  anyone else? 

the shed roof still leaks

and i am not happy