Saturday, 13 January 2018

a bit more pain and hospital

my back pain has moved to my hip but is getting better slowly.  it's a pain.  lol.  my dil had her thyroid removed the other day and she was doing fairly well but was taken back to hospital today with chest pain.  it's her meds which are difficult to regulate.  something to do with her heart and calcium.  she had an underactive thyroid and her sister an overactive one.  or visa versa.  i'm not sure.  my cousin had the same operation a month ago and is slowly recovering. 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

it hurts

i've hurt my back and it's very painful.  i didn't want to go to the doctor because what can he do?  he said it's probably muscle damage and will take a while to heal.  i am taking an anti inflammatory and panadol because i can't take codeine.  it's doesn't feel quite as bad today.  i've wrapped presents for the last hour and a bit and have taken the turkey out of the freezer.  i'm about to go to the supermarket and get a few last minute things.  i am going to make a potato salad later. 

Thursday, 14 December 2017


i drove into my son's driveway last night and he asked me where my number plate was?  i didn't even know it was missing.  i went into a car wash last week and thought it may have come off then but i went back today and the man said no number plates have been found.  so i've had to order replacements online.  i tried to ring the police and the reg place today but no-one answered their phones.  i want to know where i stand legally without a front number plate.  speaking of the car wash you would not believe how disgustingly dirty my car is atm.  i park under some plum trees.  you know the ones with the hard small fruit on it?  i didn't think it was edible as we had some when i was a kid and mum always told me they are not for eating.  my friend Lan eats them so my grandson and i picked heaps the other day for her.  i also lost my medicare card recently and the replacement arrived today.  i went to my granddaughter's christmas breakup today and then to the podiatrist.  friends are coming for lunch tomorrow and it's Caiden's 4th birthday on saturday.  that's special.  christmas is such a busy time of year isn't it?  i was going to attach a pic of my car with all of the dried fruit on it but i just washed the car and forgot.  it was a mess

Saturday, 25 November 2017

it's too much

i have netflix and my son has stan.  if i live to be 200 i'll never get time to watch all of the programs that i would like to.  and, while i'm sitting on the couch watching i'm not outside gardening or visiting the kids or  whatever else i could be doing.  i'm a couch potato.  my very early new year's resolution is to be more active.  lol.  i hope it is more successful than last year's resolution to take more time for me.  i crack myself up sometimes.  i am planning to prepare some christmas cards today.  i seem to send fewer each year.  i blame social media.  it's probably got little to do with social media but i'll blame it anyway.  i have so many buds on the agapanthus this year i'm chuffed.  usually they don't do very well.  enjoy your weekend.