Monday, 14 January 2019

we're having a heatwave

which is not surprising as it's january in adelaide.  middle of summer.  i'm not a fan.  i went back to exercise this morning and i must say i didn't really enjoy it.  i had to force myself.  i have nothing newsworthy to report which is probably a good thing.  my friend whom i went to bali with is on her way to japan with her family today.  she's away for two weeks and it's freezing there.  my neighbour is going to new york soon where it's 8 below.  talk about a change :)

Monday, 7 January 2019


i am really scared of rats, mice, sharks and snakes.  not much chance of seeing a shark around here thank goodness and i haven't seen a snake either so that's really good.  i think i'd die if i did.  rats on the other hand do invade my space.  i was sitting on the couch once, just minding my own business, when a large rat ran along the fence.  i nearly died.  omg.  anyhoo, i was getting over the shock and horror of that when a few hours later it ran back in the other direction.  yuck.  yesterday i put some bread crusts on the lawn for the birds.  when i went to bed i looked out of the front door and i saw a small rat eating the crusts.  it saw me and ran off and set off the lights.  omg.  the crust is completely gone this morning.  i must have been a bit rattled because i came down this morning and the tv was still on.  oh dear.  they are plentiful in bali and i usually spot one or two.  years ago they were everywhere and one year i didn't see one. 

Friday, 28 December 2018

well I’ve done it again

did you have a nice christmas?  ours wasn't bad but ...  I lost a present for my son on christmas day.  I put my son’s family's presents in one big gift bag and my daughter’s in another.  They were in my bedroom for ages as I shopped early this year.  When my son went to bali last year he bought some pierre cardin after shave and when I went this year he asked me to bring him some back.  I told him I couldn’t find it and I was going to surprise him.  After all the presents were opened it was nowhere to be found.  There was such a mess in the lounge room with paper and wrappings everywhere.  absolute bedlam.  So of course I worried about the lost present but finally found it after much searching.  You’ll never guess where I found it.  In my suitcase wrapped in a towel just as I brought them back from bali.  I could have sworn I’d wrapped them.  Oh dear.

Monday, 17 December 2018

a new discovery or rather some very old discoveries

i don't know how but i came across a youtube video the other day titled nicola white mudlarking.  she is a mudlarker and an artist.  i've never heard of it before and i must say it's fascinating.  this site has lead me to more and more similar youtube videos.  amazingly interesting stuff.  most of the videos are along the thames which, let's face it, must be loaded with historical artefacts.  some of them use metal detectors in country fields and river beds. i'd love to do it.  another interesting site is uk historical finds.  you can find pics of the finds on this site old father thames