Wednesday, 12 July 2017

another move

i haven't blogged in forever and my excuse is that my daughter has moved house and i've been very busy but in reality i'm just lazy.  she has moved to the other side of adelaide so that instead of being near gawler in the north she is now near the marion shopping centre in the south.  it is slightly closer to me but takes much longer to get there as before i had a three lane road with an 80km speed limit and now i'm forced to take south road which is two lanes and a 60km limit applies.  there are numerous ways to get to the new house but they all seem to take the same time.  i try never to go in peak hours as it's horrendous.  anyway, she's all but moved in.  she has gone from a 4 bedroom large house to a smaller 3 bedroom house to an even smaller 3 bedroom unit.  it is my wish that she'll move closer to me before i die but who knows?  the travelling wears me out quite frankly and i've been babysitting a lot lately too which is lovely but also tiring.  it's been a difficult time for all involved but i'm sure it will even out soon.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

pom pom mystery

coming home this afternoon i looked into the park next door and saw this -

pom poms, large, small and in lots of colours.  i don't know who put them there but they look lovely.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

what a morning

i was woken at 2am with severe stomach pain.  i was sweating and felt like vomiting.  oh dear.  i took a buscopan which is a stomach spasm medication and after about an hour it started to ease slightly.  i was going to ring an ambulance but thought i'd wait and see if the medication helped.   this morning it is delicate but much better.  i'll go to the doctor later.  then i came downstairs to charge the mobile and the little adaptor was missing.  the g/kids were here last night.  i eventually found it and the phone is charging.  then i turned on the laptop.  no internet.  great.  it was working on the phone.  after half an hour of trying to fix it i restarted it and guess what?  it is working again.  i hate technology.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

another eye post

a lot of people have dry eyes but i have the opposite.  tiny oil glands near the eyelashes produce oil to lubricate the eyes and mine produce too much. it's not really a problem at the moment.  some of the floaters i've been seeing are in fact tiny oil slicks.  i still have inflammation so the doctor prescribed more drops.  my eyesight is quite good and i have to put hot compresses on my eyes throughout the day.  it's the most beautiful autumn weather here at the moment it makes one feel glad to be alive.  my friend in perth went to the football the other day and it was 29 degrees which is amazing for may.  my daughter and the kids might come down today and i've got some painting to do.  good weather for it