Tuesday, 20 March 2018

a special birthday

my granddaughter is turning 18 tomorrow.  we are going out to dinner and then back to mine for cake etc.  i got her a cheesecake as it's her favourite.  because it's a special birthday i've got some balloons, banners and other party favourites.  i can't believe she's 18, it seems like no time since she was born.  she was a prem baby with severe heart and other medical problems.  she had quite a few surgeries, the first when she was a tiny baby the last one a year or so ago on her palate.  that one wasn't successful unfortunately.  she's a gorgeous girl with a very kind heart and a loving nature although i have seen her put on a tantrum or two when she was little.  i'm sure we'll have a great day tomorrow

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

a very dirty job

my son came over yesterday to help me divide two massive elkhorns.  they belonged to my mother and she passed in 1982 i'm sure she had them long before then.  i didn't realize that i should have been feeding them more as i only gave them a banana occasionally.  of course i forgot to photograph them before we started cutting.  omg what a job.  it was more difficult than i thought it would be and a very dirty job at that but the best bit was when a gecko jumped out and ran behind some pots.  it gave me a heck of a surprise and i think my son was a bit surprised too and thank goodness it was a gecko and not something else.  then, we found a tiny egg and then another one.  we put them behind the pot on a large piece of old elkhorn hoping that the mum would find them.  probably not but you never know, and, of course i forgot to take a photo.  after all that my son put another solar light around the side for me.  he's a good kid.  :)  i am hoping they grow on their new boards.
this is an old photo of part of one of the elkhorns.  they were huge

Friday, 9 February 2018

i'm melting

we have been having another heatwave but it's only going to be 34 tomorrow. i took my friends to the airport this morning so that they can fly to melbourne to join their cruise to tassie.  sounds nice to me.  as my friend was returning home this morning after walking her little dog she saw what she thought was a long branch in the gutter outside her home.  it turned out to be a deadly brown snake that slithered off into the large school paddock across the road.  omg.  i would have died.  she rang the school to alert them.  whilst i was at the airport i called into the large aldi store nearby on the way home and did some shopping but when i got home and went to put it all away i had to leave an almost empty container of icecream out just to fit everything in the freezer.  my fridge is too small. 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

a haircut

we took caiden in yesterday to get his hair cut and the girl did a great job.  he was fairly good and sat still most of the time.  she used the clippers for the first time and he coped with that as last time he didn't like them.  too noisy i suspect.  his hair seems to grow quite fast and he starts kindy next week so it was needed.  he got a lolly pop when it was finished.  he looks super cute of course :) he went to the dentist last week and got a good report then he had his immunisation needles.  such a good boy