Thursday, 24 August 2017

it works

i've been having computer problems.  who hasn't i hear you ask?  i've been in touch with acer who have been very helpful and i rang yesterday to get instructions of where to send it for repair etc. it was going to cost $100 to reinstall windows and clean it out which i didn't think was too bad.  the operator asked me to try something else and we reset it.  this has been tried before so i wasn't confident.  basically i had to have the external hdd inserted so that windows would work and a lot of the time i couldn't connect to the internet.  very inconvenient.  so we reset the computer and as you may or not know it takes hours.  so i had a nana nap and when i awoke the reset had finished.  but, it said it was unsuccessful and no changes had been made.  so i pressed ok and voila, it took me through the new set up process.  so it did work.  now i have a nice new computer, sort of.  i don't need the external hdd inserted.  yay.  it works nicely too, i haven't had any problems thus far.  nice

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

i'm back

from bali.  my son and dil enjoyed their holiday so much that they want to go back.  i went white water rafting and damaged my knees but i did enjoy it and they healed quickly.  i took them to tanah lot, the sea temple, the botanic gardens, bedugul and lots of other places.  they went on an elephant tour and enjoyed that.  we had lots of relaxing sunset drinks at the beach and released some turtles.  we also went to the turtle rescue place which was good.  the trip home was much shorter and very smooth but getting onto the plane is a chore as it takes forever. the two hotels we stayed at were very nice and all in all we had a great time.  

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

another move

i haven't blogged in forever and my excuse is that my daughter has moved house and i've been very busy but in reality i'm just lazy.  she has moved to the other side of adelaide so that instead of being near gawler in the north she is now near the marion shopping centre in the south.  it is slightly closer to me but takes much longer to get there as before i had a three lane road with an 80km speed limit and now i'm forced to take south road which is two lanes and a 60km limit applies.  there are numerous ways to get to the new house but they all seem to take the same time.  i try never to go in peak hours as it's horrendous.  anyway, she's all but moved in.  she has gone from a 4 bedroom large house to a smaller 3 bedroom house to an even smaller 3 bedroom unit.  it is my wish that she'll move closer to me before i die but who knows?  the travelling wears me out quite frankly and i've been babysitting a lot lately too which is lovely but also tiring.  it's been a difficult time for all involved but i'm sure it will even out soon.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

pom pom mystery

coming home this afternoon i looked into the park next door and saw this -

pom poms, large, small and in lots of colours.  i don't know who put them there but they look lovely.