Wednesday, 11 July 2018

i'm so brave

I am a very brave old lady if i do say so myself with my tongue firmly in my cheek of course.  I made an appointment the other week for the skin cancer clinic and was a tad surprised that i got an appointment for the following day as there is usually a bit of a wait.  I usually see a female doctor and was not concerned at all even though there was a mole on the back of leg that had changed recently.  My anxiety hit the roof however when they said my usual doctor was away and i was seeing a male doctor.  There goes my comfort zone.  I was going to make another appointment when dr female returned from leave but decided to be brave.  So in i went.  It went ok and i showed him the mole i was concerned about and he found another one on my face that needed removal too.  Ok, i can do this, make another appointment like last time and bring maz with me for support.  My son is not good with stuff like this and my daughter lives a way away and has the kids.  Then to my absolute horror he said he would do it now.  What?  Ok, so i sucked it up and went for it.  One on my face and the one i was concerned about on the back of my leg.  Well, it’s done.  All by myself, i’m so brave.  i waited the five days and went back for the results and thank goodness both were benign.  bandages are off and both well on the way to recovery.  

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

a tale of two cars

my golf has developed a problem with the central locking.  it locked everything except the back passenger door.  sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.  quite inconvenient when you want to leave the car in the car park or the shopping centre when the back door is open.  it's at the mechanics.  he got the part but it didn't work and i'm not hopeful.  he's keeping it again tonight.  wish me luck that it's all good by tomorrow as i have a physio appointment tomorrow arvo.  and the other tale is that i bought my daughter a car the other day, that sounds good doesn't it but it was a cheap car and my mechanic went over it and said it's ok and roadworthy.  let's hope so as her old car was a lemon, it's certainly better than the old one.  she said she'll pay me back.  yeah right :( 

Monday, 28 May 2018


i absolutely hate passwords.  i used to use the same one for everything, it was easy and simple.  everyone said not to do this and i can understand why of course but it's a pain to use a different one for everything and let's face it, every site you go to now requires the dreaded password.  i especially hate the ones where you have to include a capital letter and symbols.  ahhhh  i got myself a little book and i enter all the passwords in it but have scribbled in it so much when the password has been changed that it looks a mess.  a woman i follow on blogger once suggested to use the site name and then the same password after it or something like that.  i might try it.  it would save me forgetting what i changed it to last time i forgot and my little book lets me down.  i have a password reminder on windows and one on chrome which helps with most of them but there is always an exception. 

Monday, 7 May 2018

my whiz bang extra speky coffee machine is getting old

you may or not remember that maz gave me a second hand delonghi coffee machine that does everything except the dishes several years ago.  it's my favourite machine in the house.  it makes delish coffee but isn't easy to maintain.  fill this, empty that and do such and such are regular messages that appear on it's electronic screen.  it's been playing up of late.  the coffee instead of coming out in a nice clean 'puck' (that's coffee machine talk) and falling into the grounds container as it should has been falling in a wet mess all over the place.  i was lucky enough to find a video on youtube that was very informative and may or may not explain the problem.  it shows you how to take the whole machine apart and put it back together whilst identifying faults.  there's also separate videos of how to fix the 'brew unit' (another coffee machine phrase).  but, and here's the problem, it looks extremely complicated and i'm not sure if i feel comfortable carrying out these tasks myself.  there are tiny springs and little valves etc.  now, to get a service is rather expensive and that's not surprising considering the original price of the machine.  i am undecided whether to lash out cash for this or not.  my visitors seem to enjoy my coffee more than me.  perhaps they only like me for my excellent coffee and perhaps i should consider charging per cup.