Thursday, 27 March 2014


i keep all of my receipts, except the ones i need.  i bought a top on sunday.  i didn't try it on.  it doesn't fit terribly well.  i wanted an exchange.  it still has the price tags etc on as i haven't worn it.  i didn't want my money back.  the answer is no.  no receipt, no exchange. which is fair enough i suppose but i'm not a happy customer.  why do i always lose the receipts i actually need?  usually i'm so careful about keeping them.  i have a nice blue and white planter that i keep on the fridge and put all of my receipts in it.  except the ones i actually need.  recently i bought my daughter some reusable coffee pods and promptly lost the receipt.  they didn't fit her machine.  :(  i bought my dil a skirt for work the other day.  she doesn't like it.  and what do you know??????  i have the receipt for that one.  sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. 

my franjipanni had two flower heads this year.  usually there's only one.  they've nearly finished flowering.  my favourite flower

Saturday, 22 March 2014

happy birthday

it was cookie's 14th birthday yesterday and we had a lovely day.  presents and icecream cake.  she's a gorgeous girl and such a big help to her mum with caiden.  cookie is enjoying, i hope, her performing group's camp this weekend.  it's past victor harbour which is about 2 hours south of adelaide.  she found her snow white costume.  i hope she takes some photos.  i'm sure she'll have a fab time.  they are coming home tomorrow.

Monday, 17 March 2014

mornings, coffee and snow white

i've always been an early riser, well, since my husband passed at least.  before that i slept like a log and i liked to sleep in.  these days, as you know, i'm almost retired so i don't have much to do in the mornings.  nowhere to go, no-one to see.  :)  not every morning of course, but most.  i'm really starting to enjoy these slow mornings.  i don't have a coffee straight away and just wait until i feel like one.  i don't eat until i feel like it.  great stuff. graham came over yesterday and we mucked around on the computers swapping movies and ebooks.  he really likes his ebooks.  we booked our next trip to bali because jetstar had the most amazing prices/specials going.  it's the cheapest i've ever seem them.  i got return flights with fees and luggage far cheaper than i've paid for one way tickets in the past.  to say we were chuffed would be an understatment.  well done us. 
i weighed myself the other day and was pleasantly surprised that i've only gained a very small amount since i've been so slack with my fasting etc.  i must try harder.
my daughter may call in this arvo, i hope so at least.  she's got a hospital appointment for cookie this arvo at the heart clinic and is taking bubs as well.  i hope she will be able to call in on her way home.  i suppose it depends on the baby and if he is happy to be out and about or needs to get home for feeding etc.  i haven't seen him for nearly two weeks i think.  i will go up there if they can't call in as i miss him.  cookie needs a snow white costume for her performing group.  they are going away to a camp on the weekend and i may pick the girls up (cookie and her friend) to bring them home.  it's about a two hour trip but that's ok.  i will go to the library later on and i also have to buy milk.  the needy coffee machine  goes through copious amounts of milk.
there was a coffee festival on the weekend for the fringe that i managed to miss.  this is a pic of the coffee kombi.  i would have liked to see that

Thursday, 13 March 2014

armchair traveling and a blast from the past

i'm sitting here enjoying my morning coffee and catching up on the internets.  :)  so far this morning i've been to indonesia, far north queensland, victoria, png, japan and tassie (tasmania).  i love reading new posts from my blog friends.  i've read my emails and caught up on the news.  i have no plans for today.  maybe some cleaning.  i've been meaning to scrub the tiles in the wet areas for a while now.  ahhh there goes the coffee machine.  i'm descaling it as i type.  i love my coffee machine madly but it's very, very needy.  fill the tank, empty this, empty that.  descaling is one of the many messages that pops up on the screen.  i don't like that bit.  it takes a while but really all i need to do is fill the tank and add the descaling stuff.  the machine does the rest.  this is a pic of my sister and me taken way back in the 60s.  i think it's my room coz the desk and typewriter are mine.  there's posters on the wall and a pic of my boyfriend, our next door neighbour, on the bed.  the dolls are my sister's.  she had a thousand of them.  i only had two.  one was named susanne but i can't remember the other one's name.  my mother was extremely houseproud and we weren't allowed to do anything that would make a mess.  the pram belonged to our cousin before my sister got it and  it was really old then.  it would be worth a fortune today.  the walls were painted different pastel colours.  yuk.  it was all the rage at the time. i scanned the photo from an old slide. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

sleep evades me

it's 2:30 am and i cannot sleep again.  it's quite hot and sticky tonight so that may have something to do with it.  also, i've been drinking more coffee than i used to when i was working.  i also had a nana nap this arvo.  add these up and you have insomnia.  i'm watching tmz on tv.  such quality television late at night.  what am i saying, with all of the new free to air stations lately there is very little to watch.  so many shopping channels.  all crappy.  oh well, i suppose i should go to bed and try again. 

a very cute pic of caiden.  awwww