Saturday, 28 March 2015


i'm going to Maz's for lunch today.  she makes the best roast chicken ever with roasted garlic which is delish and potatoes.  she does a greek style chicken with lemon and herbs.  i will take some wine.  her dog has a lump on his chest that the vet was worried about.  he did a biopsy and said it's ok but to keep an eye on it for any changes.  poor little thing.  of course Maz was very upset as he is her fur baby.  he is nicer than her other dog, snoop, who used to bite my ankles and had an attitude problem.  he had health issues and was in pain apparently so that would explain his growling and biting i suppose.  just before he passed he was so loving to me.  it was amazing.  cookie is away at camp and i hope she is nice and warm as the weather has changed of late and it's been quite cold.  the sun is out today :)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

lazy bones

that's me today.  i haven't done a thing.  well hardly.  i made coffee and ate some birthday cake left over from annie's birthday cake and i did the dishes from last night.  i went to our local chinese last night to dinner with ann and shauna for annie's birthday.  we had a lovely meal and really enjoyed it.  then we came back to mine for cake, coffee and pancakes.  annie wanted pancakes so i made them.  i don't make the best pancakes but they went down well and there was enough room for cake too.  oh dear!  i didn't indulge in the pancakes let me add.  not my favourite dessert really.  the girls liked them though.  then we rang liz and had a chat to her for a while.  we then played games.  birthday games.  :)  firstly tri onimoes.  dominoes with 3 sides that you keep adding on to.  we didn't like the rules so made up our own.  not a favourite game i must say.  then we played spoons.  not the musical ones although annie is a musician.  no, this game involves a spoon for each person playing minus 1.  each player is dealt 3 cards with the goal of getting 3 of a kind.  the first person keeps the deck and picks up one card at a time.  they put it down again if it doesn't make a pair or 3 of a kind.  it goes really fast.  the first person to get 3 of a kind picks up a spoon.  when that person picks up a spoon the others have to quickly pick up a spoon and then everyone has to pick up a spoon. the person who is last (without a spoon) loses.  it's a really simple game and i've never heard of it before.  sarah and a few work mates came over friday night for pizza and games and sarah taught us spoons.  she learnt it at camp years ago.  it was much fun.  i had cookies birthday yesterday too.  i went up there with cake, lunch and presents.  she loved her presents.  a care bear onesie she asked for ages ago.  she looked so cute in it.  her parents gave her an olef (from frozen) pendant and we had wraps for lunch.  then a delish rich chocoate cake.  so, with all that going on i am having a rest day today.  i'm listening to the wonderful shirley bassey and singing along, i know all of the words lol.  i suppose i should do something but i really haven't got any get up and go in me today.  as i said, lazy bones

Sunday, 15 March 2015


no, not the little annoying black things that invade kitchens but my g/son anthony has been staying with me for the last few days.  he came down to help me move my bedroom around and do a few other household jobs that i can't do on my own.  we have had a great visit and i'm taking him home today.  he would have come last week but the family had colds and coughs so i kept away.  we moved my bedroom and spare room around the first day and i thought i wouldn't be able to walk next day but after a very good sleep i was fine.  the second day we did some more cleaning and went for a nice walk.  over an hour along the river and i was exhausted afterwards. we saw a huge water rat and i nearly died and a kookaburra.  he came with me to do roadie duties friday night and we didn't get home until very late.  yesterday we went to see a movie and took another walk when we got home.  not as long as the other day but very nice.  i'll miss him when he goes home.  he's great company

Sunday, 8 March 2015

food food food

i went into the city on friday and had lunch with graham.  the meditation group we go to has a vegetarian cafe and we've been meaning to visit.  we were not disappointed as the cafe is lovely and the food delicious.  graham had the curry with dahl and i had the frittata with salads.  we splurged on mango lassies.  we haven't had one since bali in august.  hmmmm.  i also splurged on avocados the other day when the girls came over for lunch.  i made chicken salad and they said it's the best salad they've ever had.  high praise indeed.  it was delish and the girls made a fruit salad for dessert.  my son and dil came over and joined us.  ann, who is into music, and michael, who is a musician, get on like best friends. they jammed and had a wonderful time.  we are trying to plan a trip to cairns to visit liz.  we are waiting for the wet season to subside.  check out the website for the cafe here.  it's well worth a visit if you are in adelaide.  all this talk of food has left me hungry.  i'm having sardines on toast for lunch the way my mother used to make them.  drain, mash, add a bit of finely diced onion and some lemon juice or vinegar and mix.  i haven't had sardines for years so i hope it's nice.  i bought them yesterday and instead of being in oil they are in spring water.