Thursday, 25 October 2012

*shock *horror *scream *scream again *swear (a lot)

omg  the other morning i got out of bed and opened the curtains, as you do. i was shocked and horrified because when i opened the curtains i could see far and wide.  the large tree that has shaded my bedroom for the past twelve years was ... GONE.  yes, there's only a stump left.   my privacy has also GONE.  the tree was in the park just outside my boundary and there's not enough room to plant a tree out there otherwise i would have done so years ago. it's the only shade i got from the afternoon western sun, esp. in the summer.  firstly, my room is super light now.  all the time.  secondly, i can feel the temp. difference even with the small amount of warmish weather we've had lately and thirdly i have to have my blind down most of the time.  the only good thing, if you can call it that, is that the tree lost a lot of it's leaves and made a mess of my back yard.  i suppose that won't be a problem now.  the tree was an australian native and had blossoms on it some of the time. it was quite old and not a really attractive tree but it was there.  i'm yet to ring the council and ask if they are going to replace the tree.  it didn't look 'sick' to me.  when i first moved in there were three large trees on this end of the park.  they've all gone now.  the trees at the front of the park are just wonderful.  deciduous and huge, they are similar to an oak but i don't think they are oaks.

goodbye tree

you can see how big it was

Saturday, 20 October 2012

the market

my friend from work, Lan, and i went to the central market today for shopping and lunch.  lots of bargains to be had.  i got four packets of my indonesian coffee and a new mop.  the old one died.  we had flat noodles, chicken and vegies for lunch which was oh so delicious.  jasmine tea to finish.  gorgeous day in adelaide again.  quite warm.  the market was crowded.  we got a free park not far away.  Lan's mil was there visiting and lunching with her sister so we brought her home.  she also bought some vegies and we managed to get both of our shopping trolleys into my very messy car boot.  i've been going through my cupboards and have stuff for the second hand shop in there.  i must unload it tomorrow.  another fab day with food and friends.  life is good.  :)  facebook page for the adelaide market.  quite a landmark in adelaide.  it's been there forever.  enjoy your weekend wherever you are :) 

we called into the grote street library before heading home coz we couldn't help ourselves.  it's relatively new and i haven't been there before.  here are some pics

adelaide central market. 

grote street library

my coffee

Sunday, 14 October 2012

lunch at the seaside

a gorgeous day weatherwise in adelaide today.  i took the new tram system for the first time to glenelg to lunch with my friend from perth.  we went to the glenelg surf life saving club,  upstairs in the bistro.  very nice view and the food was delish.  there was a large group of us and we all had a great day.  the trip there was quite smooth and relaxing.  glenelg is a popular seaside tourist destination here in adelaide and was chockers today with people taking advantage of the weather and the numerous restaurants and eating places there.

a very busy mosley square at glenelg with one of our new trams

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

baked beans

i could have called this post lots of different things but chose baked beans because this morning whilst lamenting :) that i didn't have any tomatoes for brekky i remembered that i had a tin of bb in the cupboard.  i love cold bb on toast.  best brekky ever.  after tomatoes on toast of course.  i have gone 'off' eggs lately.  i don't like the smell.  weird i know. meat is smelly to me too atm.  i was taken to hospital with an infection tuesday night and they gave me a type of morphine for the pain.  ever since things have tasted and smelt amazing or really yuko.  i'm allergic to codeine so can only take panadol for pain.  not at all serious and i'm fine now.

i was also going to call this post 'good news' coz that's what i got on friday.  my new hours finally started on 1 october.  yay.  i'm so excited.  i'll work wednesday, thursday and friday with alternate saturday mornings. when i work saturdays i'll have a short thursday.  are you confused?  you should have seen my old roster.  absolutely hideous.

i was going to have my grandson for the weekend but he's got a nasty cold so we'll make it next weekend.  it's my daughter's b/day so i'm minding the kids.

it's my sister's 60th soon so i'll go up and visit and help her celebrate.

lastly, i may have a kitty.  because of allergies i'm going to try a devon rex.  the breeder has 3 queens who have given birth or are about to.  first litter was three girls and second litter was born on the 16th of this month.  a black and white boy was born.  i'd prefer a boy kitty.  trouble is they are in a small town on the york peninsular which is ages away.  day trip.  i'll have to go and see them first of course and they will be ready to leave mum at 12 weeks.  i'm hoping i'm not allergic to them.  i already have a name picked out.