Thursday, 23 June 2016

rain rain and more rain

rain is good, i love rain.  thunder and lightening when i'm nice and cozy at home is good too.  but my washing is still wet from yesterday and that's not good.  unlike most people i don't have a dryer.  i know, i know.  how on earth do i cope you may ask but somehow i do.  if it's too wet outside i just put it on a clothes horse inside.  i don't usually have more than two loads of washing.  atm it's outside on the veranda.  yesterday i thought about buying a dryer.  a dryer from aldi which is quite cheap compared to other stores.  i did the right thing and looked at product reviews on the internet and i'm very glad i did.  they were not good.  the forecast said it might snow today but i doubt it. oh well, never mind, there's always the laundromat.  lol

Monday, 20 June 2016

a drive in the country

i went to see my daughter and g/kids yesterday and we went for a drive.  normally if we go to gawler we go up main north road but yesterday we took the long way along hilly country roads.  we had a lovely time.  we got there a little late to go shopping but had a nice late lunch.  Caiden is better thank goodness.  he is talking so much now.  the car is back on the road thank goodness.

Monday, 13 June 2016

bubs is better car is broken

yes, Caiden is a lot better thank goodness.  i was a bit worried about him.  it was my son's birthday the other day.  he's 45.  imagine how old that makes me feel.  we went out to dinner and had a lovely evening.  meanwhile, i started the car on saturday morning to go to aldi and the car was running so rough.  then the exhaust warning light came on and started flashing.  i rang the mechanic who said he can't see me until next week.  ahhhh.  i asked if i could drive it and he said he advised against it.  my son came over and took me to the shops which was so nice as i needed a few things.  i have to go back to the eye clinic on tuesday so when i get home i'll ring the raa and see what they think it is.  i might be able to get towed to the mechanic.  oh well.  it's the long weekend here and it's cold but lovely and sunny.  i've got a load of washing in.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Caiden is sick.  he has strep throat and he's not a happy little boy atm.  his mum said he was a bit better today so hopefully he is on the mend.  i bought him a wheat bag and some toddler milk.  poor little thing.  it's awful when our kids are sick isn't it?