Saturday, 23 July 2016

shitty first world problem day

i don't like to complain about things to graham because he looks after his elderly mum who has dementia and my problems are insignificant in comparison.  but i'll share with you,  last night i got left over spag bol out of the microwave, burnt my hand and dropped two of my lovely old bowls.  and then there was the mess all over the floor and mat.  you probably don't remember me mentioning my new handbag that i damaged the zip on recently.  well, anthony picked it up for me and closed the zip good and tight.  of course it wouldn't open again and now it's broken.  little problems.

Monday, 18 July 2016

that was close

i am starting to feel better thank goodness and the roof is all fixed.  i just had a shower and came down and put a load of washing in.  i went back up to get my mobile because i took it into the bathroom with me and shock, horror and more shock i couldn't find it.  the machine is a front loader so difficult to stop once started on it's cycle.  i rang it and rang it and couldn't hear it.  i searched everywhere and felt extremely upset.  the cycle finally finished and the phone wasn't in there.  so where was it?  oh yes, it came back to me.  i put it in my dressing gown pocket when i got out of the shower.  phew.  i can't tell you how relieved i felt.  you hear about it happening all of the time and i will try to be more careful in future and make sure i can see the phone before i start the machine as i've had a few close calls before.

ahh nokia.  the holden of mobile phones.  it would have survived the spin cycle.  mine isn't a nokia :(

i have heard of so many people ruining their phones like this.  i was so lucky. 

Thursday, 14 July 2016

all fixed now

the roof and veranda were badly damaged but thank goodness all fixed now.  the yard is covered with bits of tiles.  i found a whole one hidden in the garden yesterday.  it was scary but my friend who lives in cairns has cyclones regularly and they, of course, would be far worse.  the wild weather has passed us by for now and there was sun for five minutes today.  with so much damage around the state i was very lucky. i had a blood test today.  my doctor is always sending me for blood tests, scans etc.  i suppose that's better than a doctor who doesn't investigate things further.  i have a nasty chest infection and my sinuses are also infected.  he thinks i'll be better to fly to bali on the 24th.  i certainly hope so.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

it's windy

i am unwell and was in bed when i heard the loudest noise.  it sounded like four thunder claps right on top of me.  even the earthquake wasn't that loud, that was more like a loud rumble.  i looked out of all the windows upstairs and didn't see anything amiss so got dressed and went outside.  there were broken tiles on the front lawn and broken tiles on the side path.  i looked up and saw tiles missing where  the roof meets.  then i went out to the car park and saw the damage.  all along the top of the roof the capping is missing or loose.  there are loose tiles all over the veranda too.  i can't get through to the ses so i'm just going to keep trying.  more strong winds, hail, snow and rain is expected.  oh dear, they would be flat out today with many worse than my small emergency.  at least i have electricity, many don't.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

a birthday lunch

it's my dil's birthday today and also lola's (my car).  i won't tell you how old my dil is but lola is 2.  i'm having trouble finding a mirror to replace the broken one.  anyway, we had a lovely lunch including salad and the most special ice-cream cake from 48 flavours.  we watched funny cat videos (one of my favourite things to do) and my son played the recording from the band's latest rehearsal.  it was just beautiful.  my dil bought an indian ensemble which is absolutely gorgeous.  there's a new indian clothing shop just opened near us and it looks very interesting.  i can't wait to check it out not that much will fit me i suppose.  i'm going up to see my daughter and the kids tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

hit and run

i was parked on unley road today after leaving the family history library early.  i went into a deli to get some water and came back and got into the car.  a man came out of a cafe and picked up something from in front of my car and then he came around and handed it to me and then i saw the mirror.  it was trashed and hanging from a wire.  someone had hit me and driven off.  so i've been spending a few hours today ringing around trying to find a replacement.  dave the mechanic will put it on for me when i find one. believe it or not the same thing happened to graham recently.  same road.  ahhhh  i broke the zip on my new handbag too but managed to fix that and my daughter finally went to the dentist and feels a lot better.  the tooth was badly infected and she's been suffering with it for ages.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


my friend graham came over yesterday after they voted and we took his mum to lunch.  i was lucky when i voted and went straight in.  except for that ridiculously long white ballot paper it went smoothly.  we went to bunnings after lunch and i bought another venetian blind which was on special. it's for the spare room as the one already there has seen better days.  my son will help me put it up tonight when he calls in.  today i'm going up to see the kids and take them to lunch.  my daughter had another setback but when she rang yesterday she seemed a bit better.  i've been particularly lazy of late and haven't been to the gym for a while.  i did return to the family history library last week and had a little bit of success.  i rang my cousin in perth, whom i've never met, and finally posted off a report of the descendants to him.  he said he'd post some photos over to me.  my dil has grave's disease and has started medication and had a ct scan last week.  the medication isn't agreeing with her atm which is unfortunate.  hopefully the doctor can sort it out.  we went out to an indian restaurant friday night and it was the best meal i've had for ages.  absolutely delicious. it's her birthday next week and also my car's as i bought it on her birthday.  my son has another two festival gigs in september so that's something to look forward to.

Friday, 1 July 2016

fresh air and grave's disease

my dil has grave's disease.  she had a cat scan yesterday and unfortunately the medication she has to take makes her sick.  she has an overactive thyroid and her sister has an underactive one.  their dad died of thyroid cancer.  i don't know if the disease is life threatening but i'm hoping that the medication is sorted out soon and she improves.