Wednesday, 23 November 2011

new family members

i bought four fish today.  and a snail.  and some fish tank plant.  i will give 1 fish to cookie for her room.  i hope they survive a while.  the snail is supposed to eat the left over food from the bottom of the bowl.  they can eat Dustin's food so i didn't have to purchase more food.  they are quite active atm.  we will see.

yucky photos and please excuse the clothes peg.  it's to stem the flow of air as it's too powerful for the little bowl.  i'll get a proper stopper thingy soon.

My friend Mazzy just got back from a weekend away and is sick with asthma.  she asked me to buy some binoculars from ebay the other day so i did.  no problem.  she posted the money monday and posted it to the wrong address.  dayam.  it may go back to her coz she put her name and address on the back.  it was in a christmas card.  let's hope so.  too much money to lose.  i went down to the number she addressed it to but there are units there.  hopefully it will all be ok. i know about sending money in the post.  never a good idea.

i was standing at the sink tonight peeling vegies and all of a sudden a lovely bowl with lemons in it fell from on top of the microwave onto the stove/bench.  it was a very nice bowl.  blue chinesey pattern on it and it was quite thick. broke into a hundred little pieces.  another dayam.  oh well.  a tiny little bit spooky.

 i've been closing the bathroom door at night now and haven't seen any more 'lights' on the ceiling. so that's good.  Mazzy said it's a ghost.  a visitor.  omg.  my sister is logical like me and thinks that it's the security lights in the cemetery yard.  no problem.  i'm back at work tomorrow after five days off.  that's going to be hard but it's a short day.  :)   my sister is coming tomorrow arvo.  she's having an mri on her back at the hospital tomorrow and going back to the pain clinic friday.  she's also coming to my work dinner friday night with me.  all good.

Monday, 21 November 2011

i was scared. very scared

i was trying to sleep and turned over in bed to face the upstairs landing. there were lights on the ceiling as if someone was moving a torch around.  maybe downstairs.  omg.  this is my biggest fear (except for snakes, sharks, mice, rats and celine dion's voice (kidding).  i live alone and always think about stuff like that.  anyhoo.  it lasted a few (probably) seconds and i sat up and put the light on.  i didn't hear anything.  my little heart was beating like a drum.  the pulse in my ears was deafening.  i went into the landing and didn't see or hear anything.  for some reason, i don't know what, i went downstairs.  brave or stupid.  the later i think.  nothing looked out of order.  doors were locked, windows were locked.  curtains looked as i left them.  tv wasn't missing :).  so i went back upstairs and called my son.  we talked for about half an hour and by now it was 1:30 am.  he rang off and i laid down again thinking i'd keep the light on.  i turned it off after a while and laid there hoping it wouldn't happen again.  eventually i fell asleep and woke up way too early feeling like death warmed up.  i finally went back to sleep and slept till 9.  i rang in sick today.  i didn't want to but i felt awful.  my thoughts are that it may have been the security light in the cemetery yard outside the bathroom window.  i can't explain why the light was moving around.  that's my only explanation except that it could have been someone in the backyard shining a torch through the glass door.  i hope that wasn't the case.  the only thing out of sorts outside this morning was a planter near the hole in shade cloth out the back was slightly leaning over.  this could have been like it before or not.  i don't know.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

kd lang and me

words don't describe how fantastic kd lang is in concert.  wow.  her voice alone would be enough but she dances, she plays banjo and guitar,  she jokes and talks a lot which i like.  bob dylan didn't open his mouth except to sing which i found rather rude.  i had the most wonderful night.  her version of hallelujah by leonard cowan is sublime.  almost a religious experience.  it gave me chills.  of course she sang lots of old favourites (with a new twist) and stuff from her new album.  the siss bang boom band behind her were fantastic too. she was dressed in black pants, red shirt and a very nice black jacket with a white scarf.  she looked very swish (almost like she was channeling elvis but better). the band were in red shirts and black pants. halfway through the night she sat down and kicked off her shoes and socks.  she used to perform in bare feet way back then.  i was not familiar with the opening act of two blokes from cattle country in queensland but they were quite good.  they recorded cindy lauper's 'girls just want to have fun' for triple j's like a version.  it was good.  i took some photos with my phone coz i didn't realize that i could take my camera so i apologise for the quality of them. look hard, she's in there somewhere. when i went to ac/dc they frisked me for drugs and weapons.  that didn't happen at kd lang.  lol.  all in all a wonderful night.  front row seats are really spesh and it was the best birthday present ever.  thank you lovely son, dil and adina.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

a concert

my son and family gave me front row tickets to see k d lang tonight.  wow.  she's wonderful in concert, we went to melbourne on a tour bus (small) to see her many years ago.  i have to work until five and then will come home and change etc etc.  i'm excited  kd lang in adelaide tonight

kd lang

Friday, 11 November 2011

well really

i've been doing the usual stuff.  work.  kids.  a little bit of gardening and sorting. i pulled a few weeds and planted some easter/christmas lillies.   i changed my lounge room around and decluttered a bit.  that's good. what really p&ssed  me off this week was the fact that i changed the colour of my glasses and not one person noticed or remarked on it.  the glasses are exactly the same except for the colour.  i usually wear the red ones and changed them for the blue. i feel like the older i get, the more invisible i become.  hmmff.  i'm working on sunday.  you know that's not my favourite thing.  enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to.

Friday, 4 November 2011

we went to the playground

Ants in the swinging hammock.  i'd like one of these in the backyard. 

daughter and cookie in the seesaw.  huge

Ants in the cubby house

gorgeous Cookie on the twisty thing

Ants and Cookie on top of the world

Ants and my shadow  :)

Lovely day here yesterday.  Michael (son) hennaed (?) my hair which was long overdue.  he also sorted out my tv connections as i've moved the lounge room around.  i bought Dustin a new bowl which i hope will be big enough after i destroyed his tank the other day.  i went to see the kids and we went to the new fangled playground at the wetlands.  how modern is this area?  nothing like the playground next door in the park which is quite ordinary in comparison.  they had a lovely play in the eucalypt scented fresh air.  it was a very nice day.  i took the tablet to show them and they played a few games.  back to work today then i'm off for the weekend.  yay