Saturday, 30 April 2016

i'm tired

i had a lovely day with the girls and miss Lan.  we went out for lunch, came back and planted some plants the girls brought over.  then we went to an open house inspection around the corner.  modern house, 3 bedrooms on a small block.  they managed to fit everything in beautifully.  i loved it.  after that we went for a walk through the cemetery.  we often do this.  it might sound strange to some i suppose but we like it.  it's a peaceful walk and nice gardens in one of the oldest cemeteries in adelaide.  oh well, everyone has gone home and i'm just about to have a shower and heat up some of the pumpkin soup i made yesterday and go to bed.  i have a few movies to watch and might catch up on some downton abbey episodes.  i'm up to series 4.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

it's all in the eye

i spent yesterday at the hospital waiting.  lots of waiting.  i went to my optometrist yesterday morning because i have a 'floater' and have been experiencing flashes of light.  the optometrist sent me to the hospital straight away as he was concerned about a detached retina.  as i have cataracts it was difficult for him to see into the back of the eye with the equipment at hand.  well, thank goodness, i do not have a detached retina but a condition caused by age.  the jelly inside my eye has thinned and is causing the problem.  i go back in six weeks which is good because i was too braindead yesterday to ask many questions.  i waited four and a half hours to see the specialist.  it was a very upsetting day all round but i feel much better today.  onward and upward.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

thongs for my 'special' feet

i recently bought a pair of slappas.  they are thongs which are orthotic and supposed to be very good.  my friend from perth recommended them.  i can't remember if i blogged about them,  i think i did.  i've been trying to wear them in but my feet are 'special' and it's never easy to buy shoes let alone comfortable ones.  i had to soak them in hot water and then put them on to 'mold' them to my feet.  i must say i don't find them terribly comfy.  i have a pair of croc thongs that i've hardly worn.  they are more comfortable but still not the best.  i got a pair of rivers thongs and they were ok.  the best thongs i ever had/have are flojos.  they are very good quality and have a nice thick sole while the straps are leather and nice and soft.  i wore them in a muddy paddock once and i thought they'd be ruined but they washed up beautifully.  they were on special at harbour town years ago.  a lot of people can't wear thongs on their feet because of the bit between the toes but i have a huge big toe and the gap is wide so i'm good with thongs.  when i say my feet are 'special' i am not exaggerating as that's what my podiatrist calls them except that he is not as polite.  i wear orthotics in my shoes normally.  my daughter in law loves havaianas which are also expensive.  apparently in ubud, bali when the yuppies (is that still a word) go into their yoga classes and leave their shoes at the door the havaianas often get stolen.  then they put a post on fb and ask for them back which i suppose for the price they pay is understandable. 
rivers thongs 


my favourite flojos

Thursday, 14 April 2016

24 hours of hell

no internet and no home phone.  how did i survive this terrible ordeal?  i'm joking of course.  although i did feel a little cut off from the world.  i have unlimited calls on my mobile so it was all ok.  the technician just left and it was a fault at the exchange.  what did i do before the internet?  oh yes, i had a life.  i've just started watching dowton abbey.  i'm up to series 2.  i now see what all the fuss is about. it's great.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

coffee times 3

i joined my son, dil and a friend for coffee this morning and had a nice visit and then i met the girls for more coffee.   i try to have less than 3 coffees a day and i've been drinking decaf after 2pm in the hope that i'll sleep better.  i think it's working as i'm having less nights when i can't get to sleep which is good.

Monday, 4 April 2016


or lack thereof.  i have just had the plumber here to replace my hot water service.  it's one of those new fangled energy saving ones so that's good.  it took a while and i won't have any hot water until around midday.  that's ok, except that i pulled the fridge out and need to wash behind it.  it's ok.  i can wait.  i went to the cemetery yesterday and they don't have a computer or a directory (not that i could see) so i'm on hold with the council to see if they can help.  we all had lunch afterwards and had a lovely day.  the weather was good too which is a bonus.

Friday, 1 April 2016

lunch, shopping, friends and lunch again

the girls and i tried a new pub for lunch yesterday and were pleasantly surprised.  lovely lunch and a fun day.  they came again today for lunch and afterwards we went to aldi.  i've been dying to go and have a look.  aldi hasn't been in south australia long and the nearest one to me opened yesterday.  it was a bit crowded as expected and i was surprised that the shop was not as big as i thought it would be.  lots of different brands to chose from and the prices were good.  i'll probably go again.  then we finished our day out with a coffee and i'm finally home.  on sunday i'm going to brighton to check out some new fangled thongs.  they are orthotic and supposed to be very good.  my girlfriend in perth recommended them.  whilst in brighton i'm going to the north brighton cemetery to see if i can find my great grandmother's grave.  i hope you enjoy your weekend