Sunday, 28 February 2016

a night out

not for me though.  i babysat Adina (well sat with Adina as she's hardly a baby at 27)  while my son, dil and a friend went to a fringe show.  they said they'd be home by midnight but were later as they went to the casino afterwards and actually won some money and then had trouble getting a taxi.  adina put herself to bed about 11.30.  i'm off for coffee with friends this afternoon and have a relatively relaxed week ahead so far.  only two appointments.  one is for a skin cancer check as it's been a year since i had it.  i might go back to the gym too because my foot although still sore is feeling much better.  i will make an appointment with the doctor soon.  i'm sure it's not broken just damaged.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

my foot

i am having a foot xray tomorrow because i had a small accident yesterday.  a cupboard i have on the veranda fell on my foot when i was picking it up.  it's on the veranda waiting for me to restore it.  it's a very nice cupboard.  the doctor thinks it's not broken but i have tendon damage.  it is extremely sore and i am allergic to codeine.  :(  never mind, it's a small problem compared to all that's going on in the world.  and it's curable.  the cupboard is in terrible condition but i thought it would give me something to do to try and restore it or at least make it more presentable.  i forgot to say that if i were wearing my crocs it wouldn't be a problem but i had my thongs (read flip flops) on.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


last week i bought a whiz bang microwave bacon cooker.  i don't eat bacon of course but my son and the rest of the family does.  i don't cook bacon very often and love my kitchen gadgets so i brought it home and invited my son over for bacon and eggs.  imagine my disappointment when the whiz bang bacon cooker thingy didn't fit into my microwave.  i didn't give fit a thought.  i just assumed.  today i took back the bacon cooker and bought instead a toast rack.  i must explain that i like my toast/muffins/crumpets etc slightly cool.  just so the butter doesn't soak in.  i am not alone with this as my friend from perth likes hers the same way.  snap.  anyhoo, i usually make a 'toast tent'.  my dad used to do it.  it's simply leaning each piece of bread/muffin etc against each other to cool.  sometimes the pieces fall over and it's difficult to get them to stay upright.  i can't wait to try it out
the bacon

my toast rack

a toast tent.  i was surprised to find pictures on google.  everyone laughed at me at work when i made one.  my dad did it every time he had toast

Saturday, 13 February 2016


my son had a gig at the pub last night and as it was his and his wife's 20th anniversary (since they met) he asked me to sit with Adina.  i picked her up from the pub and took her back about 12ish.  the drummer and my son need to get a large taxi home for all of their equipment and weren't packed up so i took the girls home.  i didn't get home until late but that's ok.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

a bit of colour

my hair has been natural for a while now.  so...  yesterday my friends came over and we had lunch, put some vintage books on ebay to sell, mucked around with a few other things and coloured my hair.  there were some packets of henna in the cupboard so that's what we used.  the colour turned out quite well, the grey in my hair, and there is more than ever these days, is brighter than the rest.  henna is a mess to get out, the shower looked like a murder had been committed.  red henna everywhere and it's gritty and plant like.  it came out eventually and the shower is clean again.  i had to change my white pillow case for a darker one as the colour comes out for a few weeks and there is a definite smell.  not unpleasant really, sort of plant like.  henna is supposed to be very good for your hair too by the way.

Monday, 1 February 2016

chinese herbal medicine

lan, meredith and i went to the market for lunch on saturday and had a lovely day.  lan takes a chinese supplement regularly so whilst we were at the herbalist i decided to ask about my sleeping, or lack of.  i got some tablets and although i've only taken them for two nights i have noticed a small difference.  i went back to gym today and it was hard.  i haven't been for ages and i thought it was time.  i also have a meeting tonight for the family history group.