Saturday, 27 September 2014

new things

did i tell you about the fiasco with the lounge suite Maz gave me?  perhaps it's better you don't know the details.  anyhoo, i sold it the other day for a fraction of what it was worth but sometimes you have to suck it up.  yesterday i got another one.  it's a three seater with a chaise and a pull out bed.  i hope it's going to be ok.  it's a neutral colour and not too big for the room.  we will see.  my internet connection has been a nightmare lately.  i should touch wood coz after being on the phone with them for a lot of yesterday and running up and down the stairs a hundred times it's working well today.  i'm even able to stream music from youtube.  i only hope that it lasts.  i have a sore back from lifting and running around but nothing that time and a rest won't fix.  now i have to move furniture around a bit and i'm not sure where.  i have to get rid of a few things i think.  i have two nice cane chairs that take up room and one too many dressers.  oh dear.  i'll think about it.  it's quite warm here today which is nice and after ages one of my basil seeds has shooted.  :)  i hope the others follow suit and they survive.  i'm doing some washing and i cleaned out the coffee machine which was in a terrible state.  nothing much else on my agenda this weekend.  i might go and see the kids tomorrow.  enjoy your weekend wherever you are.
the chaise lifts up for storage which is always handy

i didn't get this chair but would have liked to.  it's a rocking, swivel and recliner in leather and it was on special.  it came in black as well and it's small enough for my room.  i'm tempted :)

Thursday, 11 September 2014


i am going to perth at christmas time to housesit for my friend who will be away in bali, kl, cambodia and a few other places that i can't remember.  laos maybe. i have only been to the perth airports and don't know my way around.  my friend Carol is coming too.  we will be about an hour from perth near rockingham.  Sue doesn't have animals to look after and two of her neighbours are close friends and know where things are, both in the house and in the area.  we are excited and plan to go to lots of places both in the city and surrounds.  Sue is near the beach and from what i've seen it looks like a lovely part of the country. the house is not far from penguin island so that sounds like a nice day out. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

a reunion dinner

18 months ago the parks library shut it's doors for the last time.  it's supposed to be in the process of being rebuilt but i won't go there.  we have been having a dinner every six months or so to keep in touch.  this time we met at a local cafe and there were more people than usual attend.  it was a great night and the food was really nice too.  bonus.  afterwards i traveled a kilometer or so down the road to the local pub where my son's band was playing.  i didn't stay long as it was super noisy and i was tired.  yesterday i went up to see the kids and we went to gawler for lunch and shopping.
 this pic is totally unrelated to my post.  it's a pic taken in bali at uluwatu recently showing an orca whale swimming near surfers.  it would have been an amazing sight

 cookie's lunch.  mickey mouse pancakes

of course i had lots of snuggles with caiden.  he's growing so fast.  what a little cutie.  he's enjoying his rusk

Sunday, 7 September 2014

happy father's day

to all of the dads today.  enjoy your day