Thursday, 30 June 2011

i have to have a cat scan

just to check that my kidneys are ok.  i went to my local dr today and asked for a mask.  they didn't have any.  pmsl.  you gotta love that.  didn't have to wait long either.  :)  also had a nice visit with my son whom i haven't seen for over a week. bless him.  everything is ok.  :)  that is not my leg in the pic, unfortunately. i want to go on a cruise.  Sarah from work is going on a week long cruise to noumea next week.  sounds gorgeous doesn't it?

Sunday, 26 June 2011

back to work tomorrow or a bit of a rant

i've had a week off work.  pity i've been too sick to enjoy it.  no mind.  on top of the kidney infection (which is much better, thanks for asking)  i was struck down by a chest infection.  still have it but i'm almost starting to feel better.  well sort of.  i blame sitting in a clinic for an hour amongst thirty people who coughed the whole time i was there.  i should have asked for a face mask. i was worried that Jourdy would catch something as she was with me. the worst offender was a two year old who sounded like he had whooping cough and whose veiled from head to foot mother (she was probably the only one safe from the floating germs) ignored him and let him run around the entire space the whole time i was there. didn't move an inch.  bloody germs.  well, i suppose a clinic is where you go when you are coughing like that but still. i love my local doctor's surgery where signs are everywhere telling people that if they are coughing or sneezing to ask for a face mask at reception. everyone is coughing and no one is wearing a mask. drrr. the other day at work a woman came in with her two year old daughter who was also coughing like she had whooping cough. it's a very distinct cough and hard to ignore.  honestly, stay home people.   who takes a kid to a library with a cough like that?  ok, i've had a rant, i'll shut up now. except to say how much i hate that commercial on the teev atm with the woman who sneezes in slow motion. yeah that really makes a difference. not.  thanks for listening. at least felix the cat is happy :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


iv comes out today.  last one.  yay  :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

much improved today

the lovely home hospital ladies have just left.  i'm medicated. :)  managed to do the dishes one handed.  how clever. all good.  bit wild and wooley here again, the roof stayed on last night which is good as it sounded like it would come off with all the wind.  it's a good day to watch tv in bed.  pic is of an ancient banyan tree in bali.  it's sacred and nearly takes up most of the road. gorgeous

Monday, 20 June 2011

i'm sicky poo

i have a rather serious infection.  spent most of today at the hospital on a drip and i think that i've improved as a result.  i have to have the 'home hospital' peeps come for a couple of days and give me iv antibiotics.  i've got that shunt thing in my wrist to make that possible.  i can't get it wet so can't do the dishes.  i am taking a bath instead of showering.  it's not easy but could be worse.  they wanted to admit me. pic is of kuta beach looking north toward mt agung which is not usually visible. you can just make it out in this photo.  it was taken in the early morning

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


saw pirates 4 last night and enjoyed it very much.  i've heard some terrible reviews.  dinner after work with friends and a movie.  all good

Monday, 13 June 2011

my sister

we are much closer since my husband and our parents passed several years ago now. our parents divorced and we were separated when we were kids.  her husband has a security business and she works along side him as she has all of the necessary licences.  their son also works in the family business but is leaving to work in roxby downs.  he plays footy and the football club there has offered him a job and accommodation if he plays for their club.  of course this is causing much angst firstly because he's an only child and has lived at home for all of his 25 years and secondly with the business. sis will have to take up the slack as most call outs/jobs require two people to attend.  my sister is a semi retired nurse.  she started nursing way back in the early 70s and has worked ever since.  she seriously hurt her back a few years ago and had to retire. she currently works in an aged care facility firstly working on their acreditations and is now also doing risk assessments, rosters etc. but it's 100 kms there and back.  she's doing two days a week but this constantly changes and her manager is going on leave soon and wants her to work more days.  she volunteers with a local charity two days a week. she is also going through a major home repair.  they are living in the lounge room as the front bedrooms are being treated for salt damp and are unusable.  the repair man has left them in a total mess while he undertakes  another job and won't return until next week.  she hasn't even unpacked properly from our trip yet as there's no where to put it as they are living out of boxes etc.  the front rooms were full of rubble and will need painting before the furniture goes back and the carpets cleaned.  did i mention that she's the tidiest person ever.  to the point of being a tiny bit compulsive, although she's better than she used to be.  she has a lot on her plate atm and to top it off the dr suspects she has legionaries disease. there have been reported cases in bali of late.  he didn't do a blood test last week when she was there just put her on antibiotics (two lots). wouldn't you think he'd do a blood test first? i thought that was something he'd have report the ama.  he said come back in two weeks but she can't get an appointment for three weeks which is the norm up there.  he's totally hopeless and she's going to finally find another dr.  she finally got him to prescribe a pain patch as the pain relief she's on has given her an ulcer.  she was taking mega doses of pain killers for ages and any dr in his right mind would surely try a patch or at least something else. he's finally booked her into the pain clinic in adelaide but there's a long waiting list. she's only been asking for about three years.  it's her own fault of course coz she should have given him the flick ages ago but that's easy to say and there aren't a lot of drs up there.

public holiday

pic is actually a cake.  very clever.  we have a lovely girl at work who creates the most amazing cakes.  everything from a prada handbag to a playstation. little cupcakes with baby faces for a recent birth.  she makes and decorates a cake for most of our birthdays and celebrations.
enjoy your day off if you are in oz.  i have no plans, just pottering around and i might go for a walk later. :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011


i just made my first tiramisu for my son's b/day tomorrow. did i tell you he's going to be 40?  omg.  hope it's a success.  i forgot to put the cream in.  oopps.  it tasted good.  a bit messy. i got the recipe from youtube.  i love youtube. i've got mascapone left over and the cream of course. i should make something with it.  i had lots of the cream mixture left over so made a little log thingy we used to make in the 70s when i was a housewife and threw the odd tuperware party.  lol.  basically you just get chocolate crunch biscuits and spread them with cream.  line them up upright on a plate and cover the 'log' with cream.  leave to set overnight or for a few hours at least and voila a delish little dessert.  easy peasy and not a lot different to a tiramisu really.  i don't know what you call it as it's just something we used to throw together.  i hope the tiramisu is nice

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


is an avocado shake as found and enjoyed in bali.  i've tried for ages to make it so that it's at least similar.  success.  tonight i did it.  perfection.  recipe:  1 avocado, 8 ice cubes, half cup of milk, 1 dsp condensed milk and 1 tsp sugar.  blend it until you can't hear the ice. add a little more milk if it's too thick.  run chocolate sauce down the inside of the glass (not too much) and fill the glass with the shake and put a tiny bit of chocolate sauce on top.  it's thick and creamy and oh so delicious.  not too unhealthy.  all that good fat and it's good for the skin and eyes too.  i forgot to buy straws again.  oh well, it was super delicious and makes an excellent dessert.  you can also mix it with coffee which is also delish but i prefer it with the chocolate. enjoy

first day back

at work today and it was busy busy busy.  i was too busy to think about it too much.  i had hundreds of emails to wade through.  luckily most of them were not important so delete, delete, delete.  i had soup for lunch.  i've been having a tin of tuna and crackers but it's a bit cold for tuna and salad. i found some nice stawberries and grapes which at $3.99 were a much better choice than the bananas at $12.99.  i love a banana every day, they are easy to carry around and tasty and good for me.  i hope the grapes taste nice as it's a bit late in the season for grapes. strawbs were nice.  i also have an aching back due to the rubbish i moved yesterday for a hard refuse pick up not work me thinks. oh how i'd love to retire.  my friend is going to bali in a month and Graham is still there.  he's back soon so lots of catching up to do.  all in all not a bad day really. boring but sometimes boring is ok.  better than dramas hey?