Monday, 29 September 2008

bay to birdwood

i was in the bay to birdwood yesterday. for those who don't know it's a motorcade of vintage cars that travel from the beachside suburb of glenelg to the lovely little town of birdwood sort of in the adelaide hills. i wasn't really 'in it'. i went to my local shops via north east road and just happened to join in. there were hundreds of people along the route sitting with picnic baskets and drinking wine, they were waving and had chairs and blankets.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

silver clove

is an ointment i bought in bali. it's supposed to be really good for arthritis and muscle pain. i've never used it much so the tin is a few years old and nearly full. my knee has been so swollen and painful lately i can hardly get up the stairs. i read on the forum the other day that someone's parents swear by it so i put it on my knee yesterday and went shopping. no difference really. i came home and pottered around and then had a nana nap for an hour. well, when i woke up i had hardly any pain in my knee at all. i came downstairs and noticed it straight away. a little bit of pain but so much better. amazing. the ointment comes in a little flat tin and holds about 20 grams. guess what i'm buying when i go to bali? apparently you can get it here but it's madly expensive. in bali it costs approx. $3.00 or something like that. i applied it again last night before bed. it smells like the typical pain ointment. clears your sinuses too. actually i think it says something about headaches on the tin. i'm amazed but have to laugh coz now i smell like an old person. my mother in law always smelt of one kind of balm or another.
my daughter and kids are coming today. that's always good.
ac/dc's new clip is on video hits and i like it. love me some ac/dc

Saturday, 20 September 2008

thank you sir richard

hooray. adelaidian bali tragics, like me, are celebrating today because virgin blue now have direct flights to bali. yay. about bloody time. we used to enjoy direct flights with garuda but they cut them ages ago. too bad i've booked and paid for this trip but next time. and the fares are super cheap atm. i suppose that won't last but you never know. this is an article about my dear friend in america. he's the most amazingly gorgeous human being and also so charming. i adore him.

enjoy your weekend. if it stops raining it will be a good one. ;)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

a new post

i don't really have anything to blog about but i will anyway. i'm watching the travel show on nine and they are in mexico at the butterfly sanctuary. there are millions of them. very nice. i have washing on the line and i think it's supposed to rain tomorrow. i'm tired and hope to have an early night. i hope to see my daughter and the kids on sunday. my sil is going to put a shelf up in my kitchen for me. my jasmine is out on my front fence and it's glorious. it's just a mass of flowers atm. pity that it comes out so early really but it's lovely when it does. that's about it really. bye for now

Saturday, 13 September 2008

i watched charlie and the choc. factory again last night

i love that film and of course how gorgeous/cute is johnny depp? he's great in that film. so black. i'm going to visit daughter and kids in a while, might go shopping. shock horror. i've got washing on the line (instead of in the lounge room) and i've gardened. it's lovely out there. my friend from perth sent me a recipe for chocolate cake in a mug done in the microwave. i might try it today. if it works i'll post the recipe. i got some new zealand green mussel extract for my aching knee that other day. i hope it works. it was on the telly so has to be good. hahahaha NOT!!!!! i've got to take a whole lot of clothes to goodwill coz they don't fit which is a shame really coz my favourite pants are in the pile. maybe i should get them made smaller. i'd do it myself but sewing and i are not best friends. i love sewing but unfortunately it doesn't like me and i get stressed and say bad words. much better to get someone else to do it for me.

pic is by klimt. my favourite artist. i love his stuff, i've just added a gadget on my blog. the art of gustav klimt. lovely

have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

bondi rescue - bali

i just happened to watch this program last night (i taped it) and i must say i'm impressed. all of those bali boys in togs. oh dear. it was almost too much to take. hot flush coming on :)

i don't know why i have such a thing for (some) balinese/indonesian men but i do.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

the weather

yesterday was the most gorgeous day weather wise. sun was out and nice and warm. i sat in the sun and had coffee. the sky was blue, no clouds. i could see all of the new growth on the plants (actually i noticed how neglected my garden is and badly needs some attention), the birds were singing in the trees, the planes were passing overhead. all was good. i even mowed the lawn. THEN, i woke up and it's a bit grey, but it was way early so never mind. it's quarter to nine now and it's been raining and it's cold again and dull and dreary and grey. washing is drying inside yet again. oh lovely sunny day where did you go? i miss the sun. of course, having said that, you can have your 35 plus degree days. i hate the heat waves we get. i did think that the nice weather would last a bit longer though. my friend in louisiana in the us is having hurricane warnings and it's dire over there. when i go to bali in october it's going to be hot. not too hot i hope. my friend rang the other day and said it's hot over there. if he thinks it's hot now how will i cope? although it's always hot over there, even in the wet season. we got stuck in a rain storm once and i was actually cold. hahahaha you can't win with weather can you?

Friday, 5 September 2008


yay, it's the weekend. about time i say. better homes and gardens isn't on tonight so i'm watching a kylie kwong dvd. i love cooking programs. so relaxing. actually i'm going to watch a movie later. i paid for my trip today and am getting excited. must start packing. i'm making lists as i type. nothing much else to blog about really. it was an amazing day weather wise today or so i'm told as i was inside for most of it as usual. i brought some seeds last night, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. mandy has been inspiring me to grow stuff. i hope they are successful. last season was a bad one for tomatoes apparently. if my bil can't grow them, no-one can. he grows the best tomatoes in the world. he says it's the sheep poo. ;) i may see my daughter and g/kids tomorrow for a little while. i've got to cook and clean for sunday. it's all good. :) have a good one

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

a bit of this and a bit of that

i got my phone bill. it's in credit. how that happened i don't know but it's good. i went to the bank today and the teller suggested i change my account to an over 55 one. lots of benefits etc. no excess on my insurance and more interest. more free atm and withdrawals etc. sounds good. but... who the hell said i'm over 55? oh, ok it's on the screen when they bring up my details. snort. also, saw the specialist who is pleased with my progress. di is coming back on the w/end so we will catch up. i'm having lunch on sunday with her ex and his new 'lady'. she's a control freak and very very jealous. apparently she doesn't even want the ex to see di's daughter who he helped bring up since she was three. hmmm bit sad really isn't it?