Wednesday, 27 January 2016

another musician in the family

we had a nice time at ikea and stopped in to visit my son on our way home.  my son the musician.  lol.  he's just finished making a bass guitar and it's pretty specky if i do say so myself.  i am biased of course.  the baby kept pointing and asking for the ukulele on the couch.  it's adina's and it's pink.  of course there are instruments all over the place.  he's made the top room into a sort of studio.  so we gave bubs the uke and were cautious about how he would treat it.  although he wasn't as gentle as we hoped he loved it and got cross when we had to go and leave the uke behind.  i've been on ebay and bought him a toy one.  i hope he likes it.

Monday, 25 January 2016

a day out

i'm taking the daughter and grandies to ikea today.  my daughter has never been.  it will cost a small fortune i'm sure.  all i really need (and i don't really need it at all) is a frypan lid.  i bet i come home with more than that.  lol  we are still enjoying nice weather

Sunday, 24 January 2016

air con

my son came over the other day and replaced the old air conditioner in the lounge room.  the difference is hard to comprehend.  it works.  it's lovely.  it's also very quiet.  i don't have to have the teev volume on 50 anymore and i should notice the difference in the power bill.  we had a week of very high humidity and lots of rain last week along with a few storms, lovely if you are safe at home. before the storms there was not a breath of a breeze.  still and heavy and hot.   the last few days have been such a lovely relief, so nice and cool but it's early days yet and i expect lots more summer heat. at least i will be more comfortable now.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

before i forget

let me belatedly wish you a very happy and healthy new year.  i hope it's a good one.  once again i've been a bit slack re the blogging.  what with christmas and new year,  so many of my daughter's possessions filling up my small house and my grandson staying with me for nearly a month, it's been go go go.  firstly, my daughter finally got a house.  it's a small three bedroom which is a little difficult because the house she came from was a large four bedroom with two living rooms.  as you can imagine there is stuff everywhere and she is in a bit of a mess.  things have been busy and i've decided that although i don't make new year resolutions this year i've decided to spend more time on me.  look after myself more and be nice to myself.  easier said than done no doubt.  i just came back from my daughter's place.  we went out to lunch and i saw the kids.  they went shopping yesterday and spent their christmas money with their grandmother.  they bought mostly clothes and got quite a lot for their money.  so let 2016 begin, i'm ready.  :)