Sunday, 24 January 2016

air con

my son came over the other day and replaced the old air conditioner in the lounge room.  the difference is hard to comprehend.  it works.  it's lovely.  it's also very quiet.  i don't have to have the teev volume on 50 anymore and i should notice the difference in the power bill.  we had a week of very high humidity and lots of rain last week along with a few storms, lovely if you are safe at home. before the storms there was not a breath of a breeze.  still and heavy and hot.   the last few days have been such a lovely relief, so nice and cool but it's early days yet and i expect lots more summer heat. at least i will be more comfortable now.

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  1. Hope you are well.
    What a blessing to have a new A/C, that's wonderful. We have ducted and it's old but works very well, we had a new motor put in it the year before last. We've used it a lot this summer so far, the smoke from the fires is still about, but the sky is clearer but still smells.
    Enjoy your new A/C..


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