Sunday, 29 June 2008

i killed my stereo

OMG. this is serious. i had a whole pile of discs up against it for a week and now it's dead. i've had it for ages. it was a good one. the irony is that i've been wanting another one but couldn't justify buying one when this one was perfectly good. it was a sanyo 10 stacker. great sound. OMG. and to think it was my fault for being so slack. i've got enough discs to sink the titanic again. sooooo many. and i keep getting more.

i've been saving videos from youtube and converting them to dvd. hahahahahaha more discs.

i'm out of milk so have to wait for a coffee. it's shyte weather here. cold and wet. i'm glad i brought the washing in yesterday. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh have a nice sunday.
pic is of nusa dua in bali. very posh area with the big hotels. we go there to swim.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Door to Hell, as locals call it, is situated near the small town of Darvaz in Uzbekistan. Thirty-five years ago, geologists were drilling for gas when then encountered a very large cavern underground filled with a poisonous gas. They ignited the gas expecting it to burn off in a few hours. Thirty-five years later, the gas is still burning. more amazing internet stuff. :)

hello, i went to zapata's in melbourne street last night for dinner. it was really nice. one of my workmates loves mexican so we went just for her. delish. got home really late and actually slept in this morning till 9. had coffee and cake afterwards. we sat outside with one of those heater thingies. bit cold. cafe was crowded. feel ok this morning.

not seeing the kids this w/end coz they are still sick and i'm going to hospital soon. don't want to catch what they've got but i miss them. i'll ring them later to say hello.

need to tidy house. went into the garden for a bit to tidy. need to mow lawn.

other than that not much happening this w/end. it's nice to have no plans. i got a thai cookbook so might make something later. enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

ho hum

pic is jamaica i think. nice isn't it. such clear water.
well. what can i say. i didn't win the lotto. $800.000. bloody hell. i was stressing about finding that ticket and thinking how stupid i was to buy a lotto ticket and lose the bloody thing. it's been claimed. at least i know i haven't lost the ticket and have learnt from this experience and have vowed to 'do better' and be more careful and organised. that's the plan anyway.
i came home to a power blackout tonight. bummer. the house was so dark and cold. scary. thankfully had the candles handy. didn't bump into anything.
went to physio tonight and have missed my indo. lesson. i've been practicing like crazy. i have the cd on in the car. i am frightened i'm going to have an accident. i must focus on driving and not the indo. lessons.

the operation is getting closer and i'm scared. quite normal i suppose.
i'm a tad depressed lately. feel better today actually. i've gone off my diet mostly. just having a rest. eating fairly sensibly still. trying hard.
i got myself a nice little present for losing weight to remind me that i don't want to put it back on. i'm down two dress sizes. all good except that i don't wear dresses. hahahaha
must do something about my hair. let's just say i've embraced the afro. it's a bitch having curly hair. it's all over the place. i should wear a hat. ahhh hat hair. hahahahaha.
did you watch the corby show sunday and tuesday? i did. omg. now i think she's guilty but i suppose we'll never really know for sure. all too much really. innocent or guilty 20 years is a bloody long time for the crime. esp. when murderers over there get about 5. go figure.
have a nice thursday. i thought about taking a sickie but i suppose i'll go in. we are short staffed as usual so i'd better. oh well.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

it's cold outside

this is an amazing pic taken from space. it's labelled 'day and night' and shows just that. amazing. :)
hiya, firstly i must say that annie lennox rocks. i'm watching video hits on the teev. it's cold and i'm staying home today coz kids are sick and i don't want to get it. get well soon mandy btw. poor you. lots of bugs going around.

my local newsagent, where i usually buy my lotto ticket, has a sign up that someone won from their store and they haven't presented their ticket yet. now, i'm thinking i didn't check mine last week coz the kids were here. i can't find the ticket. did i actually have one? that's the big question isn't it? i'll keep looking which just makes me realize how unorganised i am and what a mess my stuff is in. oh dear.

i went to see the movie sex in the city on tuesday. i loved it. had a lovely time. except for twenty five minutes of commercials. wtf????? never mind.

keep warm and cozy. have a great weekend. i'm not doing much. trying to find that ticket mostly. hahahahaha

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


pic is from a bali blog i visit regularly. jummo
hiya, just a quickie before i go to work. i had the kids on the weekend. we had fun. they cleaned out my wallet. i'm broke. we ate junk food for breakfast. :0/ nice pasta for tea saturday night. organic dinosaurs yet.

got the stereo installed saturday morning. all good.

went for a healing on sunday with the girls and we went to the pub for tea on sunday night. that's when i found out i was broke. credit card was declined. how embarrassment. lucky i had cash.

going to the movies tonight with girls from work to see sex in the city. didn't go last week coz it was my son's b/day. he's on his way back from geelong today.

everything else is ok. had physio last night.

have a great week everyone. enjoy

Monday, 9 June 2008

sewing amongst other things

i found this pic on the net. what a colourful young lady she is. her outfit brightened up my day.
did you enjoy your long w/end? mine wasn't bad. firstly, sil couldn't put new stereo in car as he couldn't get the old one out. bummer. i have an appointment next saturday to get it put in at strathfield's. saw g/children so that's good. i'm minding them next w/end whilst mum goes to fancy dress party.
i had lunch today with maz who gave me a lovely buddha, candle, japanese sand garden thingy for my b/day. it's lovely. i'll take a pic and show you. she is doing well. we played pokies together and won $10 each. well done us.
rang my sister on saturday night. her son is going to bali tomorrow. i'm jealous.
i made pea soup and it's horrible. the peas are still solid. yuk. it's salty too. i used to make excellent pea soup. now i use veg. stock instead of ham bones coz they are usually so strong and salty. never mind. i've got some veg. patties in the george atm. they were from a packet and very greasy. diet is up the creek atm. i must refocus.
desp. h/wives final is on tonight. i'm sure it will be ott. over the top. just as i like it. ;0
i got the sewing machine out today and a) took up the tracky daks that were two feet too long and b) took in two tops that were way too big for me. after lots of swear words i got the job done. only just. i found out today that maz can't sew on buttons so i don't feel too bad about my dreadful sewing skills. i used to make all of my own clothes when i was a h/wife. two hundred years ago.
anyhoo, have a great week everyone. i hope it's a good one for you. :)

Monday, 2 June 2008

the weekend is over

first pic is of the handbag i bought on the w/end. it's green and black and the decoration is little spirals of seed beads. cool. the second pic is the kids climbing onto one of the sculptures in the park.
what gorgeous weather on the weekend. it was lovely. i had friends over for dinner on saturday and my gluten free pasta with chicken and tomatoes was fabulous. they raved about it. good considering i didn't use a recipe. just chucked it all in. very nice. di brought fruit salad and we enjoyed our evening. i saw the kids on saturday arvo. we went to a new shopping centre and there was a clown with balloons. cookie got a butterfly and i really don't know what ant's was supposed to be. looked like a blue poodle to me. nice park nearby for lunch. all good. did some washing and the usual pottering around. now it's back to work and the week looks like it will be a busy one. what's new. i've decided to have the op on my shoulder so must build up some muscle before that happens. i'm seeing the physio again on thursday. have a good one everyone. be nice to yourselves. :)