Saturday, 30 August 2008

dinner last night

some friends from work and i went to pondok bali last night for dinner. i think it's the only balinese restaurant in adelaide but i may be wrong. we had the banquet which is so delicious. started with lumpia (spring rolls) and satay chicken. then the mains. sanur chicken, fish, beef rendang, gado gado and rice. followed by coconut pandan pancake with icecream and toffee sauce. omg. devine food. a little expensive i suppose but a lovely treat. we went straight from work so i got home about 9.30 pm which is good coz i was exhausted as it's been flat out at work this week. it's my g/son's b/day today so i'm going up there later. it's nearly seven and i woke at 5.45 am for no reason that i can see. bloody disgusting that i can't sleep. i can hear the woman next door banging around. she's an inconsiderate cow. also, it's raining so when i do the washing later i'll have to hang it on the airer thingy in the kitchen again. at least we had some lovely sunny days through the week. glorious. have a great w/end

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

a love poem 2

If I could have just one wish,

I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck,

the warmth of your lips on my cheek,

the touch of your fingers on my skin,

and the feel of your heart beating with mine...

Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.

Courtney Kuchta

Sunday, 24 August 2008

the sun is out

and it's quite a nice day here. i found an earring i lost so that's good. made another blog. link is somewhere on the right. i'm going to lunch today with my son and family. should be nice.

i tried to fix my shower as it was spurting out to the side and annoyed me. took it apart thinking it needed cleaning but no, it's the washer thingy. it's rotten. went to the hardware store but they don't make them anymore. dayam. i had a shower and it was like standing under a hose. the gas co. sent me a free shower head but i can't get the other one off to put it on. oh well. i'm sure my sil will help.

have a lovely day where ever you are. ;)
pic is of a typical temple in bali.

Friday, 22 August 2008

i swear this is true

this morning i drove down my street on my way to physio/hydro. there on the very edge of the kerb was a young woman sitting in a very nice chair playing a cello. i was going quite slow but still didn't get enough of a look. i couldn't believe what i was seeing and of course i couldn't hear anything coz the windows were up and cd player was on. now you don't see that everyday in my suburb, i don't know about yours. :) i also saw two ambulances and further along a gorgeous big siamese cat. i'm partial to siamese cats. so elegant and beautiful. i still miss my vincent every day. but i could write a whole blog about that.
i broke one of my fave cups tonight. bugga. never mind i have others.
i'm watching a video of the food safari. love that show. i should be watching a movie as i brought a few dvds home tonight.
my daughter is coming for lunch tomorrow and my son is taking me out to lunch at his friend's house on sunday.
i had a reasonable sleep last night so feel heaps better than yesterday. i was in bed at 9.30 pm. unheard of usually. i'm a late to bed person. i don't have to get up until about 8.00 am but am usually up around 7. it's all good.
have a lovely weekend. enjoy whatever you get up to and stay warm if you live in the southern states of oz coz it's freezing here. :)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

i'm tired

the pic is labelled 'how rainbows are made'. cute hey?
so busy at work and since my op i flag about thursday arvo and that's that. i'm pooped. i bought a piece of chicken for tea coz can't be bothered cooking and even though i cooked chicken korma the other night and froze some i couldn't face it three nights in a row. besides it tends to repeat a little if you know what i mean. anyhoo, i got a piece of chicken and some yoghurt. not just any yoghurt but moo brand mango. omg it's orgasmic. yum yum. i've just had a nice coffee and because i didn't sleep much last night i'm just about ready for bed. it's 7.00 pm. hahahaha. it's also absolutely freezing tonight. really cold. my little unit was like an icebox when i got home. oh well better go. i wonder what's on the teev tonight? enjoy your friday :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

i'm trying to diet again

i went off my diet a few months ago. you know how you just get bored/over it? well i'm back on it. i'd like to lose a bit more weight before i go back to bali in october. that's if my TA ever gets back to me. i'm starting to put stuff in a suitcase already and making lists. i'm planning on going via singapore as it's much easier (also more expensive) for me.

Friday, 15 August 2008

now why did i go and do that?

bra shopping that is. unbelievable. how can i possible look like that i ask myself. bad, very, very bad. nasty. maybe it wasn't as bad as i thought, maybe the lighting had something to do with it. maybe and maybe not. maybe the bra was too small. maybe it was just a bad fit. maybe maybe maybe. next time i'm wearing dark glasses and refuse to look in that mirror. ah the mirror, maybe it was the mirror. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh oh yeah, the pic is of one cute bali boy who although cute may be a horrible person who kicks his dog. maybe and maybe not. i'm in a mood, can you tell?

Saturday, 9 August 2008

the divine miss audrey hepburn

how gorgeous is this woman? divine creature although in this movie she's terribly thin. she wears clothes so beautifully, yes i know they are designed just for her and cost a bomb. i'm watching a movie i've never seen before which is amazing as i thought i'd seen all of her movies. this one is on abc2 and titled paris when it sizzles. it's very cute. i had pizza tonight so there goes the diet although i've been fairly good this week. it's rotten weather here, so cold and wet. i may go to the market with my son and his family and then breakfast tomorrow. not sure yet. we'll see. i spent the afternoon cleaning my room, going through my clothes and then my jewellery boxes. untangling all the chains, sorting and just pottering around basically. i visited Kim this morning as i haven't seen her for ages. she was so lovely bringing me food and visiting when i was sick. oh well, back to the movie. enjoy your sunday. <3

Monday, 4 August 2008

remember when i killed the stereo

well it's come back to life. haleloojah. :) i thought i'd get the discs out of it so naturally had to power it up to do so. well you could have knocked me over with a feather when it lit up like the proverbial christmas tree. it's a miracle if a minor one. works perfectly. i'm rolling on the floor etc etc
btw, is this ancient egyptian statue of a woman really michael jackson? eerie yes?

i knew she would

well well well. she did it. she changed her blog back to 'everyone and anyone can read'. i'm very happy of course but feel a bit like i've got bi-polar or something. up down, happy sad. it's freaky. ok, not freaky but if she changes it back again i'm in trouble. i can't stand the tension.

first day back at work today and i went quite well. bit of pain. went to the physio for an assessment for hydro and start that on wednesday.

friends came over last night for pizza. di is moving to cairns. i'll miss her. other friend is crazy about garth brooks and drives me insane with his dvd. she talks with a western accent now and i can't take much more. he's kind of cute but at the same time not. like robbie williams. sometimes hot and sometimes not. not like steven tyler who is hot all the time except that he's getting old, but still hot. :) most people wouldn't agree with me.

i'm definately going to ring the TA this week and check out Bali in October. it's time. i need a bali holiday. i wonder what the weather is like in october? it's the dry season and hot, i wonder how hot?

oh well gotta go, border patrol is on. :)

Saturday, 2 August 2008

a really cute pic

how cute is this pic? bat baby. :)
the blog is still invitation only but i just know that any day now she's going to change it back to the way it was.
i just came back from a visit to the g/kids and my daughter. we went shopping and had a nice lunch. all good. i meant to take some stuff and dye my hair but didn't get around to it. next time.
i'm having a night in tonight. my son has a gig in town i would like to go to but it's cold out there. i might watch an audrey hepburn movie on abc2. have a good one :)