Friday, 30 October 2015


liz went to her sil's last weekend and when at the bus station to come back she fell and broke her arm in two places.  they are hairline fractures and it didn't need a cast.  she has a strap type sling.  she's in pain but usually manages to sleep quite well. she managed to wash her hair and shower yesterday so that's good.  she is going home on monday next so at least her travel arrangements haven't needed to change.  she has a lot of luggage and will pack sunday. i'll help her with it up to the desk and her husband will meet her at the other end.  it should be ok.  we went to the beach for lunch yesterday and had a nice afternoon.  our friends are coming over tonight for toasted sandwiches and a movie.  we are going to see 'the dressmaker'.  tomorrow liz is going to our friend's place for a sleepover and halloween party.  i'm going to see my daughter and babysit if she goes out.  she's still not doing well.  we have no plans for sunday at this stage except packing.  i have numerous appointments in november, my diary looks like a novel.

Monday, 26 October 2015

a lazy sunday

i did very little yesterday except have a nana nap and eat stuff.  i repotted a few plants.  nothing too strenuous.  liz went to stay with her sil on friday and is coming back today.  i saw the kids on saturday and that's about all really.  my daughter is a bit better but not much.  kids are ok and bubs is talking so much lately.  he's been saying thank you for ages.  and ta.  he's adorable of course.  :)  i have a health assessment tomorrow and liz has arranged outings and visits for the rest of her stay.  she goes home on the 2nd of november.  she bought extra baggage as usual and i think she'll need it.  she loves to shop :)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

a houseguest

liz arrived on friday.  i picked her up from the airport, came home, had lunch, took margaret to a dementia assessment, (she does have dementia) came home again, went to dinner, came home and partied/jammed until the wee hours and collapsed into bed.  we all went to ikea (i like ikea) yesterday and then to dinner.  i woke up far too early this morning and am getting ready for my daughter and the kids to visit.  it's all go go go.  lol.  we might go shopping.  my daughter is talking of moving further away.  i am not happy.  i suppose the good part is that they won't be in another country.  another state?  hardly likely but never say never.  god forbid she should move closer to me. no mind.  i will cope.  they will cope.  all is well.  it's a lovely sunday morning here, i hope it's one for you too
a cat who looks very similar to my vincent and who i miss every day, and who the kids accuse me of loving more than them.  no comment.  i saw my grand cats the other day.  that was nice, i haven't seen them for ages

Sunday, 11 October 2015

a cookie update and a day at the beach

cookie is feeling much better, has no pain, and ate a biscuit last night.  she has been on a soft food diet since the op and is doing really well.  yesterday they went to the beach (semaphore). they took some photos and the baby really enjoyed it by the look of it.  excuse me if i indulge in some proud nana photos of cookie and bubs.  :)  ants is spending the weekend with me and the girls are coming over this arvo for pizza :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

cookie's op

cookie had her cleft palate op today.  she was first on the list and it was a fairly shortish op.  she went to recovery and then to the ward afterwards.  daughter came home about 2ish and i went in about 4.  i bused it in and i was going to stay overnight but the cookie monster is very tired and sent me home.  it's bitterly cold out there and i was pleased to get home.  we didn't get any sleep last night and were up at 5am.  i got home about 2 and had a nana nap and a shower and went into the hospital.  luckily it's only about 10 minutes away.  they told cookie that she'd have pain but luckily she doesn't.  she had one as those pump things for the pain and only used it once.  she's had soup and jelly and has been out of bed.  she's hooked up to numerous machines and needs help to get to the bathroom.  all in all the op went well but we'll have to wait a few weeks for more tests to see how successful or not it's been.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

one last chance

i bought a tomato plant yesterday and planted it today.  here's hoping i don't fail again as this is the last time i'll plant tomatoes if i do.  i buy a tomato plant or two every year and every year i have little or no success.  the fact that i get very little sun in my yard has everything to do with it i feel.  i use to grow tomatoes at the old house and had moderate success.  my bil grows the most amazing tomatoes ever.  such flavour.  delicious.  i think tomatoes have to be in my top ten favourite foods.  fresh tomato on toast with pepper and salt are one of my simple pleasures.   yum.  wish me luck  :)