Tuesday, 6 October 2015

cookie's op

cookie had her cleft palate op today.  she was first on the list and it was a fairly shortish op.  she went to recovery and then to the ward afterwards.  daughter came home about 2ish and i went in about 4.  i bused it in and i was going to stay overnight but the cookie monster is very tired and sent me home.  it's bitterly cold out there and i was pleased to get home.  we didn't get any sleep last night and were up at 5am.  i got home about 2 and had a nana nap and a shower and went into the hospital.  luckily it's only about 10 minutes away.  they told cookie that she'd have pain but luckily she doesn't.  she had one as those pump things for the pain and only used it once.  she's had soup and jelly and has been out of bed.  she's hooked up to numerous machines and needs help to get to the bathroom.  all in all the op went well but we'll have to wait a few weeks for more tests to see how successful or not it's been.


  1. A tiring time. Won't be long and she will be all better..hope you are ok...xx

  2. A worrying time for all. Hope she recovers quickly, Take care.


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