Friday, 30 October 2015


liz went to her sil's last weekend and when at the bus station to come back she fell and broke her arm in two places.  they are hairline fractures and it didn't need a cast.  she has a strap type sling.  she's in pain but usually manages to sleep quite well. she managed to wash her hair and shower yesterday so that's good.  she is going home on monday next so at least her travel arrangements haven't needed to change.  she has a lot of luggage and will pack sunday. i'll help her with it up to the desk and her husband will meet her at the other end.  it should be ok.  we went to the beach for lunch yesterday and had a nice afternoon.  our friends are coming over tonight for toasted sandwiches and a movie.  we are going to see 'the dressmaker'.  tomorrow liz is going to our friend's place for a sleepover and halloween party.  i'm going to see my daughter and babysit if she goes out.  she's still not doing well.  we have no plans for sunday at this stage except packing.  i have numerous appointments in november, my diary looks like a novel.


  1. Oh dear me. Liz was lucky to not have a plaster on...
    Do hope your dsughter will be alright, takes time i expect..

  2. That would be annoying taking a dive on holidays and break your arm.Hope she recovers quickly. We saw the "The Dressmaker" tonight (to avoid trick or treat revellers.) It is a good movie, funny and sad.


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