Tuesday, 26 January 2010

lizard poo

at least i hope it's lizard poo. i've searched the net and i think it's the lizards. i'm hoping it's not a snake. it's on my veranda and in the garden. Maz told me the most horrible story the other day. apparently, a woman who lives a few suburbs away went to her wardrobe to get some shoes as they were going out to dinner and discovered a baby brown snake. long story short, she called snake catchers and they took it away and charged her $250. she didn't want to go to the wardrobe after all that so thought she'd wear the pair of shoes under the bed instead. that's when she found the mother. ahhhhhhhhhhhh return of the snake catcher, another $250. what i want to know is? why didn't the snake catcher look around a bit and where are all the brothers and sisters? as everyone knows snakes don't just have one baby. and the babies can kill you if they bite. omg i've been freaked out ever since. she loves to put the wind up me so to speak. so you can see why i feel a bit apprehensive about the lizard poo. is it or isn't it? maybe i could take it to the zoo or the museum or something.

happy australia day everyone. hope it's a good one for you. ;)

Saturday, 9 January 2010


i don't like the heat. 41 today and 43 tomorrow and monday. i've just put the aircon on in the lounge room. it's ancient but seems to be working atm. of course having the bedroom upstairs is a major prob in the summer. if it's 43 outside at the end of the day it's about 5 degrees hotter up there. i shut it up all day and it's insulated but doesn't make much difference. usually i bring down the flipout sofa thingy and sleep down here but i haven't done that yet this summer. i have a fan on all night and put the aircon on for about an hour before i go to bed. can't sleep with it on coz it sounds like 10 tractors going full pelt. oh well bring on the change on tuesday i say. on another note completely i've just installed utubu on my son's computer. it's linux based and completely free to use. it's so different from windows but i like it. finding my way around it. uses firefox as the browser. and finally happy 75th birthday elvis. hahahaha

Friday, 1 January 2010

happy new year

hope it's a really good one for you. i was lucky enough last night to have a lovely meal with great company at my fave restaurant. pondok bali of course. my friend from perth and her family were over for Christmas and although we've never met before we had a lovely time. i know that sounds a bit strange, let me explain. years ago i contacted a woman from the bali forum i go to about a hotel. she was staying there at the same time we were and said we'd meet up and have a drink. very nice hotel btw. anyhow, as it turned out we missed each other although we must have been in the next room and had breakfast each morning at the same place. obviously at different times. to cut a long story short we have kept in touch by telephone and email and of course facebook and we finally met face to face and she's just as lovely as i thought she'd be. she's back home in perth now, they left very early this morning. after i left them at their hotel i called in to see my son and his partner and watched the fireworks with them as well as checking out the blue moon through their telescope. wow! what a site that was. gorgeous. so again, i hope your 2010 is filled with luck and joy. X