Tuesday, 26 January 2010

lizard poo

at least i hope it's lizard poo. i've searched the net and i think it's the lizards. i'm hoping it's not a snake. it's on my veranda and in the garden. Maz told me the most horrible story the other day. apparently, a woman who lives a few suburbs away went to her wardrobe to get some shoes as they were going out to dinner and discovered a baby brown snake. long story short, she called snake catchers and they took it away and charged her $250. she didn't want to go to the wardrobe after all that so thought she'd wear the pair of shoes under the bed instead. that's when she found the mother. ahhhhhhhhhhhh return of the snake catcher, another $250. what i want to know is? why didn't the snake catcher look around a bit and where are all the brothers and sisters? as everyone knows snakes don't just have one baby. and the babies can kill you if they bite. omg i've been freaked out ever since. she loves to put the wind up me so to speak. so you can see why i feel a bit apprehensive about the lizard poo. is it or isn't it? maybe i could take it to the zoo or the museum or something.

happy australia day everyone. hope it's a good one for you. ;)


  1. A very apt story for Australia Day. Lizard pooh usually has a whitish blob on the end of it, but not always. It is not usual for mother snakes to rear the young. They usually lay eggs and the shoot through leaving babies to their own devices. It might have been a mating pair but what a fright for her and the bank balance..I heard a radio article stating that 1 in every 10 houses in Oz has a snake in it.(creepy) We have had them in all our 3 houses.

  2. hi Diane, it does have the white bit on the end which i have found out is urine. noice! i don't want to know about the snakes. 1 in 10? omg. i saw a youtube video of a snake relieving itself. that was gross. how did you cope with a snake in your house? i'd have to leave. i can't cope with a mouse in the house let alone a snake, although if you had the snake you wouldn't have the mouse. i'm grossing myself out here. have a lovely oz day. :)

  3. OMG i`m glad I have a cat now and the dogs too...I would just die knowing that there was a snake in the house....Hope for your sake it is a lizard....

  4. hi mandy, i think it's lizard poo coz i saw another one in the garden today. let's hope so anyway. lol i'd die if i saw a snake too. Fran

  5. Fran, even when we find snakes outdoors I worry.
    The worst I have to contend with, at the moment, is the big green frog that wants to make our house home. I have come to recognise the poo as my son Damian took a pic of it actually doing it while clinging to the French doors. Now we are out cleaning up each day..


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