Wednesday, 31 August 2011

spring is here

some garden photos inspired by Matthew's blog
the jasmine is chockers and came out in the middle of winter this year.  bit early but is smelling divine
some blossoms in the car park

happy daisies
lovely lavender.  the bees love it
i've had lots of violets this year
one of my faves.  purple bearded iris
nasturtiums. i got them really cheap coz they were practically dead. they are thriving now
orange and yellow
this is a scottish kilt.  i don't know what the proper name is.  my dil gave me a cutting from her plant which is huge and after a while this one has come out in flower and is doing well.  they are quite unusual and very pretty.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

new toy = happy son

son and his partner sharlene
michael, sharlene and adina

i just came back from a trip to happy valley (other side of adelaide, you practically need a cut lunch it's so far) with son's new volksie.  well it's hardly new as it's over 40 years old.  he's very happy as you can see from the photos.  his partner has the white one.  i have to sit in the back, which is surprisingly comfy, if a bit cramped, coz Adina refuses to sit in the back.  it needs a bit of work (not surprisingly) but it's not in bad condition.  i quite like the colour

Monday, 15 August 2011

seriously weird

i love reading the post secret website.  weird, sad, funny. it's got it all.  this one is particularly weird.  why wednesday?  why not?
there's a link to it somewhere on my blog

Sunday, 14 August 2011

ebay. i'm kicking the habit

i really am.  i've been so good since i got back from bali.  i've only bought a handful of things. my friend is much worse that i am.  he's got to pay for 14 items.  the other night he gave me some hints about bidding on ebay.  he said practice by buying something else.   we were interested in the china snuff box i put on here recently.  it grew on us ok?  hahahaha.  anyhoo, i ended up buying three bracelets.  very nice bracelets.  above is a pic of SOME of my bracelets.  i don't really need more.  they didn't cost much so i suppose it's ok.  bloody ebay  :)

Friday, 12 August 2011

a new friend

yesterday i was on my way back to the car after training at port adelaide when i passed a pet shop.  there at the front exploring the guinea pig cages was the most divine ebony oriental puss cat that i've ever seen.  we made friends and talked for a few minutes before he went off to test out the pet beds.  he had a name tag on his collar.  in rather fancy writing it said 'Ming'.  i wish i had my camera.  

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

an armchair tour

i found an amazing travel website with lovely photos from around the world.  these are just a few of them.  check it out if you have time.  a nice way to wile away some time.  i find it very relaxing

and totally unrelated a teapot from tibet.  i like it.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

some images that cheered me up today

i'm very tired and sick of work. i know, me and everyone else who has to work for a living.  it's so busy lately.  ahhhhh.  i am about to settle down and start the census.  i won't tell you what i think of it and the millions of $ it is costing.  blah blah blah.  i am annoyed because on thursday, which is supposed to be my day off, i'm doing some useless training and have an appointment in the afternoon.  oh well, c'est la vie. i asked if i could have the wednesday off instead but we are too short staffed.  yes, it's unanimous, i hate work  :)

lovely sea view
 fabulous wardrobe.  it wouldn't suit most homes i guess.
 teacup rings.  oh, i love these.  they are on etsy but have been sold :(
 my sister gave me one of these fantastic bracelets made out of old forks.  mine isn't quite as fancy as this one and don't tell anyone but it's not really very comfy to wear
a lovely painting entitled china rose

and last but not least is this cute little snoopy ring.  i like :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

it's the weekend

 China snuff box found on ebay. you'll never guess where the stopper goes.  #220823972038
 Indian man made up for festival
i'd like to be here.  love the surfboard.  :)

nothing much planned for the weekend.  expecting kids for lunch and ants is staying over.  i have to work tomorrow.  kill me now.  i've been on the council desk all this week and i'm over it.  crazy, hectic, busy and stress filled days.  i just came back from a walk.  it's freezing out there but i'm nice and warm now.  enjoy your weekend :)