Monday, 15 August 2011

seriously weird

i love reading the post secret website.  weird, sad, funny. it's got it all.  this one is particularly weird.  why wednesday?  why not?
there's a link to it somewhere on my blog


  1. I have to wear socks every day in winter there said it, it's now out there and everyone can know I have cold feet without my socks on.......if you could see me you would see me give a firm nod.....

  2. Will visit that site.
    Re eBay, I forget to go there, sad I guess.

  3. Jo-Anne, me too. i get cold feet without my socks. i love my nana knitted slippers too. :) Margaret, not sad. sensible. :) ebay is evil. Matthew, hi. hope you are not too cold in Melbourne. lovely day yesterday but today cold and wet. :(

  4. Can't sleep a wink without my bedsocks - even if it is sockless Wednesday!

    Hope everything is well with you!




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