Saturday, 31 December 2016


i hope that the new year will be a happy, healthy and safe one for all of us

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

a massage

but not the relaxing and enjoyable kind.  yesterday miss lan and i spent the day together.  we went shopping and were surprised that lots of the shops were closed.  i bought some early birthday gifts for cookie that i'll put away.  lan made noodles for lunch and we had a massage.  lan had a head, back and shoulder massage which she enjoyed and i chose the foot reflexology.  well!  i've had it before in bali and it's painful at times that's for sure.  it started off nice and relaxing but then yang found sore spots everywhere.  apparently the feet correspond to parts of the body.  just about everything on me is broken.  lol.  but, i did feel great afterwards so that's something.  i've been tired a lot lately and am glad that christmas is over for another year.  we nearly had a fire on christmas day.  we finished lunch and went into play the wii.  my son went back into the room to get something and the serviettes had blown onto the candle that i forgot to blow out.  omg.  we got it out and learned a valuable lesson.  don't leave candles unattended.  we are experiencing tropical weather in adelaide atm.  it rained all night and there were more blackouts.  miss lan got sent home from work because they didn't have power.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

merry christmas

wishing everyone a safe and happy christmas

Thursday, 22 December 2016

kill me now

i couldn't get to sleep last night which is not unusual.  i was just dozing off when two people in the park below my window decided to cause a ruckus.  screaming, yelling and banging.  i don't know what they were doing.  i was thinking about calling the police when they stopped.  thank goodness, it was 2am.  i finally went to sleep only to be very rudely awakened at 5am by a man talking loudly just under my window.  omg.  i am very tolerant of noisy people in the park usually but i was so angry, and tired too.  my window was open coz it was hot last night so i got out of bed and screamed at him/them to shut up and closed the window.  it was still dark so i couldn't even see them.  how rude.  so now i'm awake.  i tried to go back to sleep and couldn't.  maybe a nana nap this arvo is in order.  i want to go to the library today and maybe, if i'm feeling brave, the shops.  it's crazy out there naturally.  i'm just about set for christmas and don't really need much.  maz is coming over tomorrow for lunch so i've got stuff for a platter.  when i came downstairs this morning i realised i'd left the fan on last night.  great

Monday, 12 December 2016

a birthday and travel

my grandson is three on friday next.  he's been quite sick but is well on the road to recovery now thank goodness.  he's adorable but full of beans and can be a handful at times like most three year olds.  but mostly he's adorable.  not surprisingly he likes dinosaurs so i bought him one and a few other things he likes.  the nbn has settled down and going well after it's initial teething problems so that's good.  i am about to go shopping as there is nothing much in the pantry/fridge, as it's a stinker today i've been putting it off.  i should have gone early this morning.  i am very proud of myself atm because i managed to thread the overlocker all by myself.  it became unthreaded last night by accident.  disaster.  my overlocker and i are not the best of friends.  when liz came down she was going to go over the basics again with me but she broke her arm and that didn't happen.  so i had to take it on all by myself.  it took quite a while (hours) but i managed it.  graham is in bali atm and if i said i wasn't jealous i'd be telling porkies.

Friday, 2 December 2016

technology is not my friend

last year, or was it earlier this year i can't remember, nbn was installed in my street.  it took forever and it was very messy.  plants were broken and trampled and mess was left behind.  i wasn't happy.  today, for better or worse, the nbn technician came and setup the nbn in my unit.  omg.  he had major troubles but eventually, after several hours, he got it sorted.  and mess was left behind, again.   he said to ring the isp and they'll help me setup the new modem.  well!  an hour and a headache later it was setup.  finally.  then i had no home phone as they've disconnected the old system (i had an internet and home phone package).  no home phone.  luckily the phone works again.  the bad news is that i'll need another portable phone because they can't install a phone jack upstairs.  omg.  the home phone i have doesn't have an extra phone station so i'll have to buy one.  after several hours i finally got the bluetooth thingy on the tv working again thanks to a nice young man in the Philippines and the security camera upstairs is working again. that was a pain.  but there's more.  i went upstairs and got into bed after a nice hot shower to set up the tablet for some late night youtube.  an hour later i finally set up the connection, it was difficult.  i slept like a log not surprisingly.  today everything works.  yay.   finally.  as they say technology is great when it works