Tuesday, 29 December 2009

my pornographic tshirt

oh dear. i went and saw the g/kids the other day. it was hot. cookie was sitting next to me and asked me what was coming out of the pants of that man on my tshirt. puzzled i looked down and nearly died. i bought the tshirt in bali years ago and it had a ethnic design on it. a woman in the centre and figures around the edge. one of the figures had the most disgusting penis on it. it was gross. how i didn't notice this before amazes me and to have my g/daughter ask me about it. i haven't worn it much (thank goodness). i've worn it in bali and just a few times here. needless to say it's in the bin now. just goes to show how sometimes we (read I) don't take much notice of everyday things.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


bad bad bad virus. bast*rd virus. i was looking at a gossip site of all things and clicked on a link when kapow there it was. a window saying my computer was infected. site/program was called live virus or something like that. nothing i did got rid of it. i couldn't open anything. nothing. at least i could shut down and reinstall which is the only way i could get out of it. honestly. what loser goes to so much trouble to cause so much inconvenience? it's ok now and i will be very careful about new sites from now on. two people at work have had major virus problems when their boyfriend and father were looking at a porn site. i don't know if it was the same site. they had to take their machines to the repairer to fix. nothing they did worked. ahhhh bugger.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

it's all good

weather is lovely today. i had a great day yesterday with my sister and received some very nice presents. thank you everyone. don't go back to work until the 4th which is really good. modem is reconfigured and working. there was a small lizard hiding in the garden this morning. tomatoes aren't dead yet and everything else is growing ok. i hope to catch up with my daughter and g/children this arvo and CLEAN the house. it's a real mess. at the moment i'm hanging out for a coffee so will leave it at that. have a great weekend and enjoy

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas greetings everyone

i hope your day is enjoyable and safe. i am without internet at home since i gave bigpond the boot. can't stand them. i'm with tpg now if i can only get my modem to work. seems they don't give support with modems they don't supply. oh well. wish me luck i'm going to try to configure it tonight. i'm at my son's house using his internet so must away. <3

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

how are you going with your Christmas preparations?

i ordered something online this morning for my sister, i hope it gets here on time as i'm going up there (wallaroo) on Christmas eve. we finish at 2 o'clock. yay. the kids and i are having a bbq on saturday at my son's house. should be nice. 39 degrees today but a change tomorrow. bit warm. i bought some tomato seedlings today. i'll give them another shot. i have very little sun in my garden and don't have much success with them unfortunately. wish me luck. :)everything else is going well. i'm not working today and that's always good.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

car repairs

the car broke down last saturday night. alternator. i couldn't drive it so yesterday i got a free ride in a tow truck just around the corner to the repairers. $360 later it's on the road again. ahhh my son is having car problems too. the mechanic, after $500, is still not sure what it is. my advice was to change the mechanic. cars are very necessary but so expensive to own. there's a payroll deduction lease thing at work now but don't know if i should join. they pay for everything but at the end of the term you don't own the car. i personally would like one of those sedgewick (or something like that) things. like a stand up scooter. i can just see myself whizzing down the shops and to work on one of those. that or an etype jag that is. lol i don't know. my daughter has moved into the new house. early days yet. i had ants on the weekend. he's in love. he went to the blue light disco (yes they still have them) and kissed a girl. omg. he's growing up. i hope his mother has had the talk with him. i'm sure she has. they start early these days don't they?