Tuesday, 1 December 2009

car repairs

the car broke down last saturday night. alternator. i couldn't drive it so yesterday i got a free ride in a tow truck just around the corner to the repairers. $360 later it's on the road again. ahhh my son is having car problems too. the mechanic, after $500, is still not sure what it is. my advice was to change the mechanic. cars are very necessary but so expensive to own. there's a payroll deduction lease thing at work now but don't know if i should join. they pay for everything but at the end of the term you don't own the car. i personally would like one of those sedgewick (or something like that) things. like a stand up scooter. i can just see myself whizzing down the shops and to work on one of those. that or an etype jag that is. lol i don't know. my daughter has moved into the new house. early days yet. i had ants on the weekend. he's in love. he went to the blue light disco (yes they still have them) and kissed a girl. omg. he's growing up. i hope his mother has had the talk with him. i'm sure she has. they start early these days don't they?


  1. Those scooter thingies would be uncomfortable in cold wet weather.We just paid 600 dollars for a service.

  2. Cars these days are a necessary evil....The kids are always at me to get one of those scooters...Oh yes I can just see me now with a bright pink one scooting down the road abusing drivers who don`t see me...lol....
    Kids sure do grow up too quick Fran...Thankfully my youngest isn`t on that path yet..God help me when he is though...

  3. Diane, i know about the cold weather as i used to drive one when my husband was alive. we had one each, he took our daughter on his. great for parking and fuel consumption but it's true no-one else sees you and in wet weather they are the pits. i had black leather gloves on once in a rain storm and black hands for weeks afterwards. Mandy, you'd look great on a pink scooter. Ants has started early me thinks. i hope it all turns out ok for you. hard times. Fran


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