Friday, 27 August 2010

super glue and me

omg i've done it again. why i even bother to purchase super glue i will never know. question one: how come sg glues everything except the little glass angel wing from the figurine my bff gave me? why????? it glued my fingers together. it glued the lid of the sg to my fingers. it glued the tube of sg to my fingers. i have no fingerprints. thank goodness i have some nail polish remover somewhere coz i'm going to need it. i also found out that if your fingers are covered with sg and you rub same fingers together it creates a hell of a lot of heat and it hurts. apparently if you keep the open tube of sg in the fridge it keeps it from going hard. isn't that great??? btw i can't feel anything, how i'm managing to type amazes me. it wears off after about two weeks so if i can't find the nail polish remover there is hope.

Friday, 13 August 2010

a Buddhist temple

i've always wanted to visit the Buddhist temple here in Adelaide at Wingfield. i was invited to accompany Lan in our lunch hour today . a short drive away from work and what a gorgeous experience. i have visited the Hare Krishna temple here in Adelaide which was a lovely experience too. of course it's not everyone's cup of tea. the temple is gorgeous, there is a large enclosure in the front garden housing the happy Buddha. Lan lit incense and prayed to Quan Yin and placed incense around the garden and temple in four locations praying each time. the inside is truly something to behold. i've been to the Greek cathedral in Adelaide and that's a beautiful church too. i will return to the temple as it's something i'd like to experience again as it's such a peaceful place, i guess all churches/temples are, or at least they are supposed to be. the afternoon dragged today for no particular reason. i had a fairly easy day. not too much to do. sad day in that Jackie came in for her last day before maternity leave. she's been on annual leave for two weeks and in due very soon. she's expecting a baby girl. we have not been told her name yet. that bit is a surprise.