Tuesday, 29 March 2016

back to it

well, Easter is over and it's back to normal whatever that is. i took a cake down to the genealogy society that Maz gave me yesterday.  none of the women wanted to indulge so i hope someone eats it.  i left early coz it was doing my head in.  firstly i lost my family history program but luckily my data was still there when i reinstalled.  phew.  secondly, i found several people with the same name that i'm looking for.  so, i left and went shopping.  i'm home now and am trying to chillax.  there is so much housework that needs doing but i'm managing to ignore it for the moment.  Maz gave me a bamboo pillow yesterday and i looked forward to a nice restful sleep but it wasn't to be.  the pillow was most uncomfortable.  never mind, i'll put my old one back on the bed tonight.  sigh  oh good, come dine with me is on.  i love that program.

Monday, 28 March 2016

highlights from the 2016 Adelaide Indian Mela

the group my son was performing with is at 2:40.  it is a lovely video of the day with so much colour, music and dance.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


yesterday i was lucky enough to go to the indian festival at the showgrounds here in adelaide.  it was held indoors in a huge pavilion.  my son was performing with his friend ravi and some other singers and musicians and it was great to see him on stage in such a large venue.  the food was amazing of course and the colours and costumes were  gorgeous.  so many beautiful textures.  there were lots of dancers and other performers which was great to see.  we had a lovely day and i had a bottle of kingfisher beer which was very nice.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

a windfall

no, unfortunately not on the lotto, but with the family history.  i have hit a dead end with my mother's father.  only his war record which is very good i suppose.  because he came from dundee and i only know the name of his brother information is difficult to come by.  simpson, you might as well say smith or jones.  the name is very common in scotland as you'd expect.  but, yesterday, for some reason my cousin said look at trove for my great great grandfather.  or should that be three greats, i'm not sure.  apparently he lived till 102 and there were numerous articles written about him back in 1910.  he lived a very interesting life and was a very hard worker.  he arrived on the santepore in about 1848 or thereabouts and settled at first in mclaren vale where he married my great great grandmother Mary.  she was his second wife.  and the best part is that today when i was at the gen. society i found a distant relative who was also their great great grandchild.  she has emailed me and has photos of their graves and other photos to share.  i don't usually say this about the family history thing but how exciting

Saturday, 12 March 2016

a long weekend

it's a long weekend in adelaide for the adelaide cup.  meh.  long weekends have lost their appeal since i retired which is hardly surprising.  my son is so much better and my friend in perth came home from hospital yesterday minus the shunt so that's good news.  she still has a way to go but being at home being looked after is much better than being in hospital.  her kidney stones were soft this time and only four of them.  last time she had over thirty.  or was it fifty.  i can't remember.  the weather is still very humid and hot although the weather this morning outside was lovely.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


my son is at the hospital having a small procedure done and he's terrified of needles and hospitals.  i'm minding Adina.  he'll be fine but i'm feeling quite concerned.  my dear friend from perth is in hospital today have her kidney stones removed for the third time.  she has something going on with her kidneys.  the stones keep returning.  it's a painful op as afterwards she'll have a shunt inserted and that's the really painful part.  her daughter is an rn so she will get the best care once at home.  a trying day but it will be over soon and things will be fine.  i'm just about to get Adina some lunch.  

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

stretch it

i did my first pilates mat class yesterday.  suffice to say that today i'm a bit sore.  it was very intense.  sitting under the lights yesterday i noticed the bruising on my legs from my recent fall but they are fading nicely.  i didn't notice them before which is strange as they are quite large.  i have friends coming for coffee today.  they stressed not to serve food because they are both dieting in readiness for their upcoming cruise. my weight is up and down lately even though i try to eat sensibly but i've rediscovered rice cream.  mum used to buy it regularly and it reminds me of my childhood.  it's lovely with a sliced banana.  yum

Thursday, 3 March 2016

autumn and (a) fall

yay, it's autumn.  my favourite season.  i wonder if it's because my birthday is in autumn.  i think it's just that after a hot summer i look forward to some cooler weather.  warm days and the mornings and evenings are especially lovely.  i had a fall/stumble last night.  i was 'walking' an old plant pot full of river stones and stumbled over the hose.  a stupid accident as most of them are. the pot was old and brittle and broke as i leaned on it.  oh dear.  i'm sure i would have looked a sight.  my son was with me saying let me do it mum.  i should have listened.  he's got a tricky back and i didn't want him to hurt it.  damn.  everything hurts.  but at least my sore spots will get better.  nothing broken.   *groan