Saturday, 12 March 2016

a long weekend

it's a long weekend in adelaide for the adelaide cup.  meh.  long weekends have lost their appeal since i retired which is hardly surprising.  my son is so much better and my friend in perth came home from hospital yesterday minus the shunt so that's good news.  she still has a way to go but being at home being looked after is much better than being in hospital.  her kidney stones were soft this time and only four of them.  last time she had over thirty.  or was it fifty.  i can't remember.  the weather is still very humid and hot although the weather this morning outside was lovely.


  1. Yes long weekends are not so important when retired. We tend to stay home out of the traffic and go places during the week and avoid the crowds.

  2. Apparently very painful having kidney stones as your friends sure knows only too well.
    Certainly better being looked after at home than in hospital.
    It's a long weekend here too, but I can't remember what for!


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