Thursday, 3 March 2016

autumn and (a) fall

yay, it's autumn.  my favourite season.  i wonder if it's because my birthday is in autumn.  i think it's just that after a hot summer i look forward to some cooler weather.  warm days and the mornings and evenings are especially lovely.  i had a fall/stumble last night.  i was 'walking' an old plant pot full of river stones and stumbled over the hose.  a stupid accident as most of them are. the pot was old and brittle and broke as i leaned on it.  oh dear.  i'm sure i would have looked a sight.  my son was with me saying let me do it mum.  i should have listened.  he's got a tricky back and i didn't want him to hurt it.  damn.  everything hurts.  but at least my sore spots will get better.  nothing broken.   *groan

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  1. Oh dear, you are lucky to not have hurt yourself badly. Bruises and soreness will go as you say.
    My birthday is in autumn too.


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