Monday, 27 January 2014

a shitty day indeed

my microwave blew up.  recently my friend carol came over for lunch and i thought i heard a small bang in the kitchen. the microwave, while heating up some pasta sauce, had stopped.  the light and timer were still on.  i pressed the start button and it seemed fine, although i was a bit wary of it.  well, yesterday, i was taking some rubbish out and i heard a loud bang.  i went back inside and the same thing had happened, only this time there was a nasty smell.  it took me forever to get it sorted.  i had to pull the fridge out and clean behind that and take the microwave outside.  that wasn't easy as it weighs a ton.  it was one of those combination ones but i very rarely used it for that.  i was finally getting that sorted out when for some reason my modem wouldn't work.  i didn't touch it, it just stopped working.  so i played around with that for nearly an hour thinking i'd have to ring telstra to come and look at the connection when it came back on again.  ahhhh.  i really want to empty the fish pond outside and clean it out but the mice have been going underneath it and i just can't bring myself to go near it.  i hadn't seen a mouse for ages but there he was this morning, happily frolicking in the back garden.  little b.  i hate mice.  i wouldn't mind but i'm so scared of them and anthony put some baits out there for me the other day.  why are they still there?  my girlfriend gave me about twenty+ little fish on saturday that i've got in a bowl in the kitchen.  they'll have to wait until my son comes over and helps me with the pond.  all that and some more 40 plus degree weather is expected this week. i'm over it.

lots of little fish all shapes and sizes

i'm wondering if i really need a new microwave or if i can do without one

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Monday, 20 January 2014

super and a bus pass

i went into the city this morning for a meeting with my super fund.  it all went swimmingly and should be fairly hassle free.  the meeting only went for just over half an hour, not long at all.  i traveled into the city with my newish senior's card on the bus.  i hardly ever take the bus but thought why not?  coming home i stopped at the newsagent to get some exercise books for cookie and thought i'd put $5 on my card for future use.  the boy who served me made a mistake and put twenty dollars on my senior's card. now, i don't know about you but i hardly ever use the bus and when i do it's usually in the free time period.  so i had to go over to the office with him so that he could get a refund.  i didn't mind as i wasn't in a hurry to get home.  that was all sorted and i caught the bus home.  apparently he'd have to make up the difference out of his own pocket which i suppose is fair enough as it was his mistake but it would be a lot of money for him i expect.  it's all good.  cookie needed graph exercise books for school and my daughter couldn't find them anywhere.  trouble is they have two types, a largish graph and a much smaller one.  i don't know which one she needs so i got both.  enjoy your day wherever you are. 

the cookie monster.  don't tell her i said that, she doesn't like it :)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

a little heartbreak

a small part of me died on the 25th of september in 2008 but i didn't know it until today.


my first love and such an important part of life

i knew

Sunday, 12 January 2014


one pair of glasses.  i cannot tell you how relieved i am and just a little bit confused.  i spent nearly an hour yesterday in my bedroom looking for my glasses again.  i pulled the mattress up and emptied drawers.  nothing so i gave up and came downstairs.  i was sitting on the floor looking for a lost dvd (can you see a pattern here?).  i eventually found the dvd thank goodness but i happened to look over at the lounge and what do you know.  something was under there so i went to have a closer look and there they were.  i couldn't believe it because just the other day i tipped the lounge over and searched underneath it.  i've also felt along under the lounge several times before and nothing.  i was a little bit confused because they were easy to spot.  i blame ghosts myself.  no i don't, i don't believe in ghosts but it is a bit of a mystery.  so yes, i am very much relieved and a happy little camper.  Maz and Jeannie came for lunch yesterday and we had a lovely afternoon.  i made vegetarian pasta and a great salad.  we had wine and garlic bread.  :)  i usually go to Maz's place for lunch or we eat out so it was lovely to have them over here for a change.   all in all a very nice day. 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

cutting off my nose to spite my face

comes to mind.  i just purchased a laminator.  quite cheap and some sheets to go with it.  and i'll tell you why.  the other day i went into officeworks to get a sheet of laminating done.  i found some cuttings from the newspaper obituary columns in my photos.  also some birth notices etc.  i thought of getting them laminated to preserve them as some were quite old and yellowing.  the two girls who served me tried to tell me that they wouldn't laminate because a. they were too thin and b. i couldn't get them laminated straight onto a laminating sleeve because if they left a space around each one the two pieces of plastic would not stick together.  i was trained in the art of laminating at work years ago.  we had the little credit card pockets, the A3 size and the large poster size machine.  i think i know a little bit about laminating.  i thought the point of laminating was for those two pieces of plastic to stick together.  this is what laminating entails.  but what do i know?  so for a very small price i purchased the machine and did it myself.  crazy i know, i should have gone somewhere else, but, i can use it again for other stuff.   it's not entirely a wasted expense.  not entirely. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

comedians in cars getting coffee

do you like seinfeld?  the man and the tv series.  i am a huge fan and i was chuffed to find his new show on called 'comedians in cars getting coffee'.  it's brilliant.  the second series just started

comedians in cars getting coffee

the premise is simple.  he drives a special car, usually something collectable and vintage, to pick up a fellow comedian and they chat and go for coffee.  simple and brilliant.  i just watched the latest one.  it's free on the crackle website.  if you are a fan i heartily recommend it.  and i realize that not everyone is a fan of seinfeld.  that's ok, i won't judge you :)  this episode features the delorean from back to the future

Thursday, 9 January 2014

everything hurts

cleaning doesn't agree with me.  i'm only half joking.  i was standing at the sink the other day not doing anything in particular when my shoulder popped.  my good shoulder.  heck it hurt.  i think it's because i lifted a really heavy load the other day and i've overdone the cleaning thing.  i've been scrubbing the kitchen and dining room floors by hand.  as a consequence everything else is hurting too.  my right arm is very sore.  i must rest for a while me thinks.  i'm going to a physio appointment tomorrow.  i hope it helps.  the weather since christmas/new year has been wonderful.  very mild.  that's about to change.  we are in for a heat wave and i can only hope that it is short lived.  i know, i know, it's summer time, what do i expect?  it was good while it lasted :)  other than that i've had computer problems (fixed now), i've been gardening a bit and the usual cleaning, sorting, boring and necessary stuff.  friends are coming over for lunch on saturday so i'm looking forward to that. oh, and i forgot, i've lost my glasses.  they have disappeared completely.  i've looked everywhere and even went through both rubbish bins yesterday.  it's a mystery but luckily i have a spare pair.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

happy new year

i hope it is everything you want it to be