Friday, 25 December 2015

peace, love and joy

i hope that wherever you are you have had a day to remember with family and friends.  Merry Christmas

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

not quite another house guest

my g/son has been staying with me whilst my daughter is staying with her friend with cookie and bubs.  they got a house yesterday and get the keys tomorrow so that is a huge relief.  my house is full of her stuff and getting into the laundry and kitchen is difficult.  we are very crowded.  add a heatwave to the mix and it's been a challenge.  hopefully all will be back to normal soon, well, normal might be pushing it but you know what i mean.  i must do some washing today and maybe wash the car.  we had a big storm last night and thankfully it brought with it a lovely cool change.  ahh summer, don't you just love it?

Monday, 16 November 2015

another houseguest

my friend from perth is in adelaide atm.  she's staying with her friend in gawler.  i'm picking her up on friday and she's going to stay with me for two nights.  she wants to go to the adelaide central market and i'm happy to oblige.  we may also have lunch with another friend at the palais at semaphore.  her plane leaves at the very civilised time of 3:00 pm on sunday.  i house sat for her last christmas when she traveled to bali, kl and singapore.  i'm looking forward to seeing her again

Thursday, 12 November 2015


i've lost a lot of fitness as i've gotten older and have finally done something about it.  i've joined strength for life.  the workout is quite stress free and has been tailored to my needs.  i've enjoyed it so far.  i go twice a week.  now all i have to do is pay more attention to my diet.  fiber is the keyword there apparently.  i had lunch with the girls today and it was lovely to catch up.

Monday, 9 November 2015

a sad story

the little birds in the nest near the front gate were doing well.  i went out yesterday and the nest was empty.  leaving the nest and learning to fly.  the nature of things.  but ...  as i walked to the car i saw the saddest little sight.  two little bodies.  devoid of life.  i wonder what happened to them.  it may have been cats, or bigger birds, or perhaps they weren't ready to leave the nest.  i don't know.  i don't think isis, my neighbour's cat, would have hurt them coz she is old and spends her time sitting in the sun in the car park.  oh dear.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


life as i know it is a bit difficult atm so i'm going to focus on the positive.  liz returned home and is recovering nicely and her daughter is pregnant with her second child so that's nice to look forward to.  it's been raining a lot here in adelaide and that's great for the garden.  i have my g/son staying with me for a few days and that's always good although he ate all of the icecream yesterday. lol.  my friend from perth is coming to stay for a day or two later this month and i'm starting the fit for life program on friday and am hoping to get some muscle strength back. the tomato plant has flowers on it and the lemon tree has numerous flowers and new growth.  my friend from work brought me over two orchids and a large indoor plant the other day.  she has numerous orchids but i only took two because chances are i'll kill them eventually but i'm hopeful that they will thrive.  :)  a pigeon/dove i've called florence has had two babies in the jasmine bush near the front gate.  i can't believe how long she sat on those eggs and how quickly the babies are developing.  they are quite cute when we sneak a look.  mum is away from the nest a bit more now.

Friday, 30 October 2015


liz went to her sil's last weekend and when at the bus station to come back she fell and broke her arm in two places.  they are hairline fractures and it didn't need a cast.  she has a strap type sling.  she's in pain but usually manages to sleep quite well. she managed to wash her hair and shower yesterday so that's good.  she is going home on monday next so at least her travel arrangements haven't needed to change.  she has a lot of luggage and will pack sunday. i'll help her with it up to the desk and her husband will meet her at the other end.  it should be ok.  we went to the beach for lunch yesterday and had a nice afternoon.  our friends are coming over tonight for toasted sandwiches and a movie.  we are going to see 'the dressmaker'.  tomorrow liz is going to our friend's place for a sleepover and halloween party.  i'm going to see my daughter and babysit if she goes out.  she's still not doing well.  we have no plans for sunday at this stage except packing.  i have numerous appointments in november, my diary looks like a novel.

Monday, 26 October 2015

a lazy sunday

i did very little yesterday except have a nana nap and eat stuff.  i repotted a few plants.  nothing too strenuous.  liz went to stay with her sil on friday and is coming back today.  i saw the kids on saturday and that's about all really.  my daughter is a bit better but not much.  kids are ok and bubs is talking so much lately.  he's been saying thank you for ages.  and ta.  he's adorable of course.  :)  i have a health assessment tomorrow and liz has arranged outings and visits for the rest of her stay.  she goes home on the 2nd of november.  she bought extra baggage as usual and i think she'll need it.  she loves to shop :)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

a houseguest

liz arrived on friday.  i picked her up from the airport, came home, had lunch, took margaret to a dementia assessment, (she does have dementia) came home again, went to dinner, came home and partied/jammed until the wee hours and collapsed into bed.  we all went to ikea (i like ikea) yesterday and then to dinner.  i woke up far too early this morning and am getting ready for my daughter and the kids to visit.  it's all go go go.  lol.  we might go shopping.  my daughter is talking of moving further away.  i am not happy.  i suppose the good part is that they won't be in another country.  another state?  hardly likely but never say never.  god forbid she should move closer to me. no mind.  i will cope.  they will cope.  all is well.  it's a lovely sunday morning here, i hope it's one for you too
a cat who looks very similar to my vincent and who i miss every day, and who the kids accuse me of loving more than them.  no comment.  i saw my grand cats the other day.  that was nice, i haven't seen them for ages

Sunday, 11 October 2015

a cookie update and a day at the beach

cookie is feeling much better, has no pain, and ate a biscuit last night.  she has been on a soft food diet since the op and is doing really well.  yesterday they went to the beach (semaphore). they took some photos and the baby really enjoyed it by the look of it.  excuse me if i indulge in some proud nana photos of cookie and bubs.  :)  ants is spending the weekend with me and the girls are coming over this arvo for pizza :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

cookie's op

cookie had her cleft palate op today.  she was first on the list and it was a fairly shortish op.  she went to recovery and then to the ward afterwards.  daughter came home about 2ish and i went in about 4.  i bused it in and i was going to stay overnight but the cookie monster is very tired and sent me home.  it's bitterly cold out there and i was pleased to get home.  we didn't get any sleep last night and were up at 5am.  i got home about 2 and had a nana nap and a shower and went into the hospital.  luckily it's only about 10 minutes away.  they told cookie that she'd have pain but luckily she doesn't.  she had one as those pump things for the pain and only used it once.  she's had soup and jelly and has been out of bed.  she's hooked up to numerous machines and needs help to get to the bathroom.  all in all the op went well but we'll have to wait a few weeks for more tests to see how successful or not it's been.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

one last chance

i bought a tomato plant yesterday and planted it today.  here's hoping i don't fail again as this is the last time i'll plant tomatoes if i do.  i buy a tomato plant or two every year and every year i have little or no success.  the fact that i get very little sun in my yard has everything to do with it i feel.  i use to grow tomatoes at the old house and had moderate success.  my bil grows the most amazing tomatoes ever.  such flavour.  delicious.  i think tomatoes have to be in my top ten favourite foods.  fresh tomato on toast with pepper and salt are one of my simple pleasures.   yum.  wish me luck  :)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

the weekend

is all but over.  on saturday i have nothing planned for the week but by sunday night my days are full.  tomorrow the plumber is coming to fix a leaky tap in the kitchen.  there's a bucket under it atm and i'll put the water on the garden in the morning.  tuesday is my daughter's birthday so i'll go up there and take her to lunch.  wednesday i've got a doctor's appointment.  i think i'm free thursday.  :)  friday the girls are coming over to help with some stuff in the garden.  after that my week next week is free but i'm sure that that will change soon.  i should go and do the dishes and go upstairs.  i'm in the middle of sorting out a couple of drawers in my bedroom.  i'd best finish it before i have a shower and go to bed.  i did quite a few loads of washing today.  the weather was perfect and i think it's going to continue for a week or so.  have a great week wherever you are :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

double denim

i am making a fashion faux pas today me thinks.  i'm wearing my denim jacket over my jeans.  i know or care little about fashion so i'm not sure.  it could be back in for all i know.  i'm going to my favourite restaurant with Maz and Jean today.  and ...  they have lunch specials wednesday - friday.  and .... they are renovating so are currently closed on mondays.
my daughter is not out of the woods yet.  things are still not good.  i'll go up there again tomorrow.  i was at the hospital with her sunday night and the police station again on monday.  i slept up there when i took anthony home.  i will make up a little overnight bag and keep it in the car for the moment as i was totally unprepared and didn't even have a toothbrush.  yes, the horror of my first world problems.
i took my elderly neighbour to the doctor yesterday.  she was feeling a bit wobly so i thought it best for her not to drive.  she has had words with her friend and was upset about that too.  i think she has early dementia which is sad.  she's such a lovely lady and loves her garden although it's getting to be a bit much for her of late.
so that's all for the moment.  i have nothing exciting to tell.  enjoy your day wherever you are.
a random shot of bali i found on my computer recently

Sunday, 6 September 2015

fathers and chrome

happy father's day to all of the dads.  I have been busy with my daughter but I think (I hope) things are settling down slightly so that's good.  Ants enjoyed his party and the baby is over his infection.  cookie is back at school and her op next month has been scheduled.  i'm going up to the cemetery this afternoon.  I spent the day yesterday with maz and we had a nice visit. she is also waiting for a date for an operation.  chrome refuses to open on my computer and even when I delete it and reinstall it is still a no show.  pity coz I like chrome.  I will refresh the computer today and probably forget to save something before I do so.  it's very wet and windy here today which is a shame as I have lots of washing to do.  I have a meeting tomorrow night at the genealogical society or dead relies office  as my son likes to call it.  I can't get over how many people have had or still have the dreaded flu.  my son is not quite over it and two of my neighbours have it.  my friend shauna is luckily over it although annie got it too.  they are both feeling better now thank goodness.  oh well, this isn't getting anything done so I suppose I should get on with it.  enjoy your day wherever you are.  a few random snaps of bali because my holiday has come and gone so quickly.  it seems like ages ago that I got back. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

happy birthday Ants

today is my grandson's 18th birthday. i watched him being born and we've had a close relationship ever since.  he's a great kid and i love him to bits.

Friday, 21 August 2015


i got back from bali on friday last and it's been the week from hell ever since.  firstly i got sick over there and luckily the doctor gave me antibiotics to take away so i've finished the course and feel much better now.  my daughter has been coping with domestic problems all week.  i'm actually staying home today to catch up on washing etc as i've been up there everyday.  things have calmed down a bit so i'm hoping that that will continue and everything will be ok.  i had a lovely time in bali of course and both flights were good.  they put my flight home forward one day because of the volcano ash that caused more problems whilst i was away.  never a dull moment.  i managed to catch up with friends and bought the kids presents.  i purchased extra luggage coming home but didn't need it.  that's good.  next time i'll buy more luggage for the return trip when i book.  so hopefully it's all back to normal whatever that is :)  a few snaps from the homestay i found in ubud.  great place.  simple, cheap, clean and very easy to get to. the ride back from ubud on the other hand was the ride from hell.  i am lucky to be alive.  i've never travelled that fast in bali before.  i nearly bent down and kissed the ground when we arrived but thought better of it.  :) 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

friends for lunch

maz and jean came for lunch yesterday.  we had a platter of tasty things.  and chocolate cake.  it's been ages since maz came over here, i usually go to her place for her fantastic roast chicken.  with lots of whole roasted garlic.  yum.  the nbn people are here again today.  that must be an enormous undertaking.  and expensive too.  it's taking forever.  they've been in our area for nearly a year.  i'm having a lazy day today.  i must post a birthday parcel to my friend in perth.  i hope i haven't left it too late.  i hope it's not too cold and wet where you are.  it's very cold and wet here.  i'm looking forward to some spring weather.

Monday, 13 July 2015

what me worry, never

i'm feeling better again today so going into work this arvo.  i am picking up a car seat for the baby this afternoon after work too.  my friend's mum, who he cares for, is not doing very well atm.  he was going to go to vietnam with me after planning it for a long time.  alas, not to be just now, but he said i should go over to bali with my perth friends at the end of july.  they are staying for only a week (i am not jealous of perth people being able to get such cheap flights or the fact that they are a mere 3 hours from bali).  he talked me into going so i'm all paid for and thankfully i purchased travel insurance as usual.  mt ruang in java as you may or may not be aware erupted recently and the ash is preventing planes from landing and taking off at bali airport.  oh dear!  i am not worried.  i travel on the 27th so i am sure that by then flights will be back to normal.  i feel so sorry for the many people who are unable to fly home.  they say it's better to be safe and that's true isn't it.  flying is stressful enough without volcanic ash to worry about as well.  here's hoping that those who are stranded over there can return home soon and those of us who are booked to fly can get there safely.  mt ruang indonesia

Friday, 10 July 2015

fish pond

hi everyone, i've been away from my blog for ages because of sickness and just being lazy basically.  i had an infection that just hung on and i think i'm finally getting better.  i had the flu vac again this year.  oh well.  my grandson anthony came over for a few days last week and he fed the fish for me.  i told him to only use a tiny bit but i didn't check on him.  yesterday, when i went out there, i couldn't see any fish.  the water looked awful.  there was uneaten food on the surface and i thought perhaps a bird had taken them all.  i had about 10..  not good signs at all.  the water has been a bit green of late.  anyway, i decided to take out as much water as i could and the further down i got the dirtier the water was.  i took some rocks out and made the mistake of kneeling down to make it easier.  i put two containers of fresh conditioned water in and it's still not full but i think i'll leave it like that for a day or two to settle.  when i bent down i couldn't get up again.  bugga.  my legs just wouldn't work.  i finally got up but have decided i need to do squats or something similar to build up some strength in my legs.  i was walking everyday (well, most days) before i got sick so i think it's time to start again.  i found the fish in the pond eventually and didn't come across any bodies.  i've put the electric pump in it for a few hours to help (i hope) clean it a bit.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

RIP Frank

one of son's cats passed yesterday.  he was 15 years old and a gentleman in every way.  he was the oldest of 5 cats in the family.  three of them are airport specials which means they were rescued from the airport where feral cats abound. i don't know where they got Frankie from.  i'll have to ask my son and one is a siamese beauty.  i still think about my darling siamese boy Vincent who is buried in the garden, every day and i miss him terribly.  some people aren't cat people.  that's ok.  my family certainly are.
RIP Frankie

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

catching up

i'm off to the library today to meet up with Maddie.  she used to be one of our many trainees and we've kept in touch.  i'll ring Lan at work in a minute and see if she can join us during her lunch half hour.  it was Lan's 50th birthday on monday and we all went to dinner on the friday night, Maddie was working so couldn't join us.  i 'worked' on monday this week and went to the genealogical society with my cousin yesterday.  i found a little bit of information and came home around 3.  it's a busy week again.  i don't know how i managed to fit in work.  :)
i'd rather be here as it's rather wet and cold in adelaide today

Sunday, 17 May 2015


my son rang this morning coz he was having computer problems.  i hadn't been up long so it did my head in trying to help him. i got some washing done as it was a lovely sunny day with a nice breeze.  perfect for drying the washing.  i didn't get my walk in today either because my daughter rang this afternoon having problems with her flybuys.  she wanted to redeem some points for money off at the supermarket and was having trouble.  her internet is playing up atm.  i'm not very good at flybuys as i've only redeemed points twice.  it all worked out in the end so now all is well.  i just had a shower and used a sachet of rosehip oil i found in my bathroom yesterday when i was clearing out the drawers.  well, the oil was off and i had to have another shower to get rid of it.  yuk.  it didn't smell very nice at all.  it didn't have a use by date :)   i should have smelt it before applying.

i've probably blogged this photo of Caiden before but here he is again

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

a broken lock and friends for lunch

Anthony went out to the car to get the shopping for me the other day and the key in the screen door snapped off.  i was not happy Jan.  however, after talking to Graham i felt much better.  he said he thought that he could either get the broken key out of the lock or take out the lock and take it to the hardware store and get a new one.  the girls came over today and Graham was able to remove the lock and knock the broken key out, replace the lock and we are good to go.  we had a nice lunch and afterwards the girls and i went over to the cemetery to photograph a headstone, belonging to our relative who was the first minister for education here in south australia, for my cousin.  i went down to the genealogical society again on tuesday and found a few more entries about my mother's family.  it's a slow process but interesting and surprisingly quite tiring.  i came home the other day and felt like i'd been at work all day.  perhaps i'm getting old  :)  oh and good news, i finally got my printer to work :)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

well that was emotional

i had a full house yesterday.  graham came over for coffee on his way to an appointment and annie and shauna came over for lunch.  my son came to jam with annie.  he brought his banjo and annie brought her piano accordion.  they had a great time.  there was an electrician here too to fix the light fitting in the upstairs landing.  it was all happening.  oh, and my dil called in on her way to work.  the girls and i went into the city to the west terrace cemetery where i found my g/father's grave in the returned soldiers section.  they were working on it getting it ready for anzac day.  it was so emotional to actually see his grave that i broke down.  the cemetery is large and very old.  we went on to find shauna's grandfather too.  on tuesday i joined the genealogical  society and found my mother's mother and grandmother's records.  it was all so tiring that i crashed early last night but was wide awake at 2 am.  :)   i'm going to get a flu shot today.  

Thursday, 16 April 2015


today i went to the movies with caz.  we saw 'the longest ride' which i really didn't want to see coz i thought it would be a soppy love story.  well, i was pleasantly surprised coz it was great (even though it is a love story).  i really enjoyed it.  alan alda and clint eastwood's son were in it.  i didn't really know who the actors were except oona chaplin and, of course, alan alda. i think it was made by the same people who did 'the notebook'.  we had a lovely day, we had lunch and after the movie we went shopping.  i got an ebay package today, it's a little gadget to go over the tap like a spout.  my kitchen tap is too short and water gets behind the taps if i don't keep an eye on it.  all fixed now though and it didn't cost much.  the garden has been enjoying the rain which is always nice.

Saturday, 4 April 2015


miss lan and i went into the market today and met up with merry and her cousin from holland.  we shopped a little bit and then had a coffee and something nice.  it was really crowded.  then merry and her cuz went into the main shopping area for some serious shopping and lanny and i went down to ikea.  i'd just been recently with my g/son but it's always nice to see what's new.  i only bought a parlour palm in a small pot that i'll repot when it settles down.  it's small but nice and healthy.  i had a lovely lunch and a uke jam yesterday with the girls, which was nice, and i'll go and see the g/kids tomorrow and give them some easter goodies.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


it's amazing this internet thing.  i have been watching the webcam from the elephant park in bali.  i've never actually been there but i've heard that some of the elephants have been rescued from parts of indonesia and are well tended.  i hope so.  the webcam has sound and you can hear the elephants trumpeting.  they are quite busy and it's a very popular tourist area. there are a lot of staff and the gardens are beautifully looked after which is a thing in bali.  they love and appreciate their gardens. 

EarthCam and Bali Adventure Tours have teamed up to deliver amazing live views of the Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, Bali's only dedicated Elephant rescue park located in the village of Taro, near Ubud. The park is owned by Australian Nigel Mason and his Balinese wife Yanie. Now you can enjoy these amazing live images of elephants from two separate cameras located in the lush gardens of this tropical paradise.

Saturday, 28 March 2015


i'm going to Maz's for lunch today.  she makes the best roast chicken ever with roasted garlic which is delish and potatoes.  she does a greek style chicken with lemon and herbs.  i will take some wine.  her dog has a lump on his chest that the vet was worried about.  he did a biopsy and said it's ok but to keep an eye on it for any changes.  poor little thing.  of course Maz was very upset as he is her fur baby.  he is nicer than her other dog, snoop, who used to bite my ankles and had an attitude problem.  he had health issues and was in pain apparently so that would explain his growling and biting i suppose.  just before he passed he was so loving to me.  it was amazing.  cookie is away at camp and i hope she is nice and warm as the weather has changed of late and it's been quite cold.  the sun is out today :)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

lazy bones

that's me today.  i haven't done a thing.  well hardly.  i made coffee and ate some birthday cake left over from annie's birthday cake and i did the dishes from last night.  i went to our local chinese last night to dinner with ann and shauna for annie's birthday.  we had a lovely meal and really enjoyed it.  then we came back to mine for cake, coffee and pancakes.  annie wanted pancakes so i made them.  i don't make the best pancakes but they went down well and there was enough room for cake too.  oh dear!  i didn't indulge in the pancakes let me add.  not my favourite dessert really.  the girls liked them though.  then we rang liz and had a chat to her for a while.  we then played games.  birthday games.  :)  firstly tri onimoes.  dominoes with 3 sides that you keep adding on to.  we didn't like the rules so made up our own.  not a favourite game i must say.  then we played spoons.  not the musical ones although annie is a musician.  no, this game involves a spoon for each person playing minus 1.  each player is dealt 3 cards with the goal of getting 3 of a kind.  the first person keeps the deck and picks up one card at a time.  they put it down again if it doesn't make a pair or 3 of a kind.  it goes really fast.  the first person to get 3 of a kind picks up a spoon.  when that person picks up a spoon the others have to quickly pick up a spoon and then everyone has to pick up a spoon. the person who is last (without a spoon) loses.  it's a really simple game and i've never heard of it before.  sarah and a few work mates came over friday night for pizza and games and sarah taught us spoons.  she learnt it at camp years ago.  it was much fun.  i had cookies birthday yesterday too.  i went up there with cake, lunch and presents.  she loved her presents.  a care bear onesie she asked for ages ago.  she looked so cute in it.  her parents gave her an olef (from frozen) pendant and we had wraps for lunch.  then a delish rich chocoate cake.  so, with all that going on i am having a rest day today.  i'm listening to the wonderful shirley bassey and singing along, i know all of the words lol.  i suppose i should do something but i really haven't got any get up and go in me today.  as i said, lazy bones

Sunday, 15 March 2015


no, not the little annoying black things that invade kitchens but my g/son anthony has been staying with me for the last few days.  he came down to help me move my bedroom around and do a few other household jobs that i can't do on my own.  we have had a great visit and i'm taking him home today.  he would have come last week but the family had colds and coughs so i kept away.  we moved my bedroom and spare room around the first day and i thought i wouldn't be able to walk next day but after a very good sleep i was fine.  the second day we did some more cleaning and went for a nice walk.  over an hour along the river and i was exhausted afterwards. we saw a huge water rat and i nearly died and a kookaburra.  he came with me to do roadie duties friday night and we didn't get home until very late.  yesterday we went to see a movie and took another walk when we got home.  not as long as the other day but very nice.  i'll miss him when he goes home.  he's great company

Sunday, 8 March 2015

food food food

i went into the city on friday and had lunch with graham.  the meditation group we go to has a vegetarian cafe and we've been meaning to visit.  we were not disappointed as the cafe is lovely and the food delicious.  graham had the curry with dahl and i had the frittata with salads.  we splurged on mango lassies.  we haven't had one since bali in august.  hmmmm.  i also splurged on avocados the other day when the girls came over for lunch.  i made chicken salad and they said it's the best salad they've ever had.  high praise indeed.  it was delish and the girls made a fruit salad for dessert.  my son and dil came over and joined us.  ann, who is into music, and michael, who is a musician, get on like best friends. they jammed and had a wonderful time.  we are trying to plan a trip to cairns to visit liz.  we are waiting for the wet season to subside.  check out the website for the cafe here.  it's well worth a visit if you are in adelaide.  all this talk of food has left me hungry.  i'm having sardines on toast for lunch the way my mother used to make them.  drain, mash, add a bit of finely diced onion and some lemon juice or vinegar and mix.  i haven't had sardines for years so i hope it's nice.  i bought them yesterday and instead of being in oil they are in spring water.  

Saturday, 28 February 2015

fringe time again

i went to the garden of unearthly delights last night with friends from work.  the city was chockers with the clipsal, the fringe and late night shopping.  we parked in one of the city car parks and walked down to the garden.  we has a delish dinner, there were lots of diverse food stalls from vegan, indian, middle eastern and lots more.  we saw two $5 shows which were good but last year's show were better.  the garden looked fantastic with fairy lights in the old ghost gums and a carnival atmosphere everywhere.  there was even a vintage clothes bus.  an old bus has been converted to a shop and they travel all over to markets and shows.  we had a great time.  the weather was quite warm with sprinkles of rain here and there making it a bit humid but quite ok.  there are photos of me trying to hit the   bell in the test your strength game.  i didn't do very well, the man let me have another go and i won a prize. omg.  we stopped at the tea bar on the way back to the car and sampled their fantastic teas which were fruity and delicious. the teapots were gorgeous and i resisted buying one.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

i'm the roadie

my son had another gig last night.  i was the lift home.  i don't know how he manages to transport all that equipment in his little beetle.  dil didn't go last night so i drove down to pick him up.  it was lovely driving last night with a nice cool breeze down by the beach as it was a stinker yesterday in adelaide.  today it's supposed to reach 40 degrees.  too hot for me but a lovely cool change is expected tomorrow.  back to my son.  he plays bass in this band.  they play stuff from led zep, pink floyd, ac/dc etc etc and once they get going they sound good.  last night there were only three of them coz ax couldn't make it.  lol.  on the drive home we came across the crowd leaving the soccer stadium.  bedlam.  my son and dil have recently given up smoking and i'm very proud.  well done.

Friday, 20 February 2015

some family history

i knew so little about my mum's father.  he died in 1932 when he was 43 years old and my mother was 10.  yesterday i went down to the port library which houses the local history collection and found my g/father's death record and his army records.  the later where so interesting.  he was ill for much of the first world war and served in gallipoli, france and egypt. he was wounded in battle and returned to the front when he recovered.  he died from consumption no doubt caused by mustard gas.  my dad's father died from the same thing, he also served in the first WW.  i was really surprised and pleased to find these records.  i also found my mum's mother's birth details.  my cousin is really into our family history and has been doing it for years.  she came with me yesterday.  so interesting.

Saturday, 31 January 2015


i visited my daughter and g/kids today and took them to lunch.  we shopped a little bit which is always nice.  i bought a waffle maker.  i made some waffles and they tasted quite ok.  i also purchased a new bottle of white musk from the body shop.  my favourite.  it was lovely to see the g/kids especially bubs.  he's such a lovely little thing, he laughed and laughed.  he enjoys it when i cover my face, uncover it and say boo.  i fed him his lunch and had a cuddle.  he's a little sweetie and doesn't like to be still much.  when he crawls he travels really fast.  he takes steps in his play pen but not when he's on the floor.  i don't see them enough.

Friday, 30 January 2015


i'm a very patient person.  i've been waiting for an alarm clock to arrive from america for ages now.  i gave away my old one.  where is it?  it's got a tracking number and it's still somewhere that isn't here.  i got it from america coz i couldn't get one here.  i got it on ebay.  i hope it comes today.  i got a package yesterday but it certainly wasn't the clock.

Monday, 26 January 2015

an australian rhyme

this is the wattle
a symbol of our land
you can put it in a bottle
or hold it in your hand

happy australia day.  this is a little rhyme that i heard for the first time the other day.  

Sunday, 25 January 2015

another one bites the dust

tree that is.  i awoke this morning and went to the window and pulled back the curtains.  the beautiful, very large and heavily laden lemon tree in the unit across the park is no more.  what a shame.  there are not enough trees in the world.  i can see more of the main road in the distance and more of the cemetery.  the cemetery doesn't bother me but the view to the main road does.

painting by karla gerard

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


recently graham purchased one of those special deals online.  it was a banquet for 2 at a local lebanese restaurant called hello dolly.  we had a lovely time and the food was excellent. afterwards we came back and had coffee.  the phone plan that i changed over to recently is finally in place.  free local, std and mobile calls and unlimited internet.  so far so good.  :) 

hello dolly lebanese restaurant

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

that's a lot of people

last night i made a small complaint to graham about my lack of an alarm clock in my bedroom.  i like to look up and see the time.  use your mobile he said.  it's not the same and i have to pick it up and open it.  too hard.  :)  he told me that 3.9 billion people in the world don't have a toilet and i was complaining about my alarm clock.  well!  if that didn't put me in my place i don't know what did.  how humbling.  seriously it's true isn't it?  i complain and take for granted so much.  people in the world who don't have clean sanitation

Sunday, 18 January 2015

a nun's story

well five nuns and five stories actually.  yesterday afternoon i accompanied my cousin to a distance cousin's celebration mass to mark the fiftieth anniversary of her joining the sisters of mercy order.  i have met her before and i remember hearing about her as a child but i don't really remember meeting her.  i couldn't see a thing in the church which was chockers.  my cousin and i had to sit separately.  no problem.  there was a supper in the hall behind the church afterwards.  my cousin does all of our family history on my dad's side.  our fathers were brothers and are both deceased now.  we didn't get home until nearly 10.  my cousin enjoyed herself as she was able to catch up with some relies and have a chat which she loves.  she took along a bunch of family photos for the family.  my distant (maybe second, i'm not sure) cousin and her fellow sisters told their stories from when they joined until the present.  some came from interstate for the mass.  they all had university degrees and had travelled extensively.  it was an enjoyable evening hearing about their experiences and their working lives.

Friday, 16 January 2015

a confession

do you want to hear a funny story?  yes.  read on.  when i returned from perth i was surprised and very pleased to see that the lemon tree the kids gave me was looking oh so healthy.  i fed it before i left with granule fertiliser i got in the supermarket.  well, my neighbour came out today when i got home and asked me how my lemon tree was.  strange question i thought and what a coincidence.  you can see where this is going can't you?  well, as a matter of fact it looks fab, come in and have a look i said.  it was then that she confessed that she'd given it some concentrated seasol.   she did look a bit sheepish and said if it died she wouldn't have confessed.  lol.  before i left i thought it would die it looked so sick.  we both had a good laugh

healthy growth 

i found this in the garden recently.  it belonged to my mother.  i'd like to restore it

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

ukuleles and lunch

the girls came over today so that ann could meet my son and get some pointers with the uke.  ann is a music teacher and is oh so enthusiastic where music is concerned.  my son is a musician and also enthusiastic about his music.  so i thought they should meet.  they got along like a house on fire and had a really good morning.  then son went home and we had lunch and looked at online shopping (ukulele gig bags) and played our ukes and just had a fab day.  they got here at 10am and left at 4.30pm.  a long but very enjoyable day was had by all.

Monday, 12 January 2015

my new phone plan

i've been with tpg for my internet for many years.  my plan ran out years ago so i just pay by the month.  lately it's been sooooooo slow.  is it my plan or my computer?  this is the million dollar question. my friend just signed up with tpg for his phone and internet.  it's a pretty good plan but as there have always been no ports available at my exchange i've been unable to get it.  the other day i rang tpg and spoke to a lovely woman in the philippines.  i just wanted to get more data but she said i can get this plan now.  well, i said are you sure coz tpg have told me for years that it's not available to me.  apparently it is and i'm waiting for it all to be connected.  i still am in doubt as to it's availability.  i will wait and see and hope i'm wrong.

Friday, 9 January 2015

a few new things and the weather

today i finally got a new diary.  i usually get an insert/refill but this year they have been hard to find.  it's been convenient to have my other stuff in my filofax type diary and just get the refill each year.  work paid for it most years although i had to purchase it myself.  this year i received a mini diary from work coz i volunteer.  it's quite handy and i don't know if i really need a full size one but i bought one today anyway.  i got a new menorah and whilst in perth i picked up a balinese barong mask. it's a bit scary so i put it out on the veranda lol.  on to the weather.  as you know we have had severe bushfires here and yesterday and today we have had lots of rain.  we are expecting more rain over the weekend, in fact the heaviest rain we've had for 40 years.  country areas are on standby for flooding. amazing isn't it?  just a few days ago it was in the 40s and today it went down to 25.  welcome to adelaide weather.  nothing unusual there.  :(  i couldn't sleep last night coz it was so humid.  horrible.

i found this site interesting.  poor little koalas

Sunday, 4 January 2015


i love perth, it's such a lovely city.  we were staying at warnbro about an hour from perth and near rockingham. the beaches are lovely, although, there was a large shark 'terrorising' the population whilst we were there.  i couldn't help but think of the movie.  it was on the news the whole time we were there.  the transport service was awesome. we bought a family pass and could travel on trains, buses and the ferry all day. we went to fremantle and i bought the tshirt.  i told my son that as i love freo so much i'll start barracking for the fremantle dockers.  he was not amused and as i don't like their colours i'll give it a miss.  i suppose the fact that i do not follow football of any description helped me make that decision.  lol.  i actually got some motion sickness on the flight over.  it was a bit bumpy, the flight home was nice and smooth.   i was concerned to come back to bushfires which are quite serious.  my friend maz was on the verge of being evacuated today.  i could see the huge clouds of smoke from my driveway.  the men and women who fight fires and assist with other emergencies are true heroes. imagine how difficult it would be.  my hat goes off to them 100%.  victoria is also suffering atm and nsw has sent relief aid.  i hope and pray that it will be over soon.  it's going to be cooler in adelaide tomorrow and we got  few spots of rain today.  unfortunately not enough to help with the fires.

i went up to see the kids today and the smoke was dreadful.  we saw new fires quite close to where they live.  scary

awesome transport system

this is the view from the supreme court building in perth

crossing the swan river (which is huge) on the ferry

the perth crows are very cheeky little things

two people sporting santa hats walking towards the perth zoo

i so wanted to go to this fab restaurant. it's vegetarian.  pay what your heart feels.  liz and carol wouldn't go with me.  :(

warnbro beach

sushi and endame beans (we had them in bali)  delish

training ship berthed in freo

statue commemorating the displaced children from malta and england WW2

the girls and i gave our friend a surprise baby shower.  and she was surprised :)

my freo tshirt

perth museum

indigenous artists exhibition at perth museum

perth museum.  the buildings are lovely

very special and obviously expensive toilet tissue in butler.  

the windsor hotel south perth

a building named after my g/daughter lol

so much bushland on the way to perth

at the airport on our way home