Sunday, 4 January 2015


i love perth, it's such a lovely city.  we were staying at warnbro about an hour from perth and near rockingham. the beaches are lovely, although, there was a large shark 'terrorising' the population whilst we were there.  i couldn't help but think of the movie.  it was on the news the whole time we were there.  the transport service was awesome. we bought a family pass and could travel on trains, buses and the ferry all day. we went to fremantle and i bought the tshirt.  i told my son that as i love freo so much i'll start barracking for the fremantle dockers.  he was not amused and as i don't like their colours i'll give it a miss.  i suppose the fact that i do not follow football of any description helped me make that decision.  lol.  i actually got some motion sickness on the flight over.  it was a bit bumpy, the flight home was nice and smooth.   i was concerned to come back to bushfires which are quite serious.  my friend maz was on the verge of being evacuated today.  i could see the huge clouds of smoke from my driveway.  the men and women who fight fires and assist with other emergencies are true heroes. imagine how difficult it would be.  my hat goes off to them 100%.  victoria is also suffering atm and nsw has sent relief aid.  i hope and pray that it will be over soon.  it's going to be cooler in adelaide tomorrow and we got  few spots of rain today.  unfortunately not enough to help with the fires.

i went up to see the kids today and the smoke was dreadful.  we saw new fires quite close to where they live.  scary

awesome transport system

this is the view from the supreme court building in perth

crossing the swan river (which is huge) on the ferry

the perth crows are very cheeky little things

two people sporting santa hats walking towards the perth zoo

i so wanted to go to this fab restaurant. it's vegetarian.  pay what your heart feels.  liz and carol wouldn't go with me.  :(

warnbro beach

sushi and endame beans (we had them in bali)  delish

training ship berthed in freo

statue commemorating the displaced children from malta and england WW2

the girls and i gave our friend a surprise baby shower.  and she was surprised :)

my freo tshirt

perth museum

indigenous artists exhibition at perth museum

perth museum.  the buildings are lovely

very special and obviously expensive toilet tissue in butler.  

the windsor hotel south perth

a building named after my g/daughter lol

so much bushland on the way to perth

at the airport on our way home


  1. Seems you had a lovely time.
    We heard about the shark attack, dreadful.
    It's been hot down here as well at the weekend, but all seems ok here.
    Be safe.

    1. i saw the temp down there on the news the other day. very hot. what can we expect, it's summer after all. i shouldn't complain, but i do. lol. hope you are well M

  2. I hope the bushfires will be under-control soon and no one will be hurt.

    1. you have them in vic atm too and you are sharing our very hot weather as usual. :) better news tonight. still a long way to go unfortunately with lots of homes lost

  3. I love Perth too. It is a clean and modern city. I also like the old buildings in Freo. Looks like you had a great time. Bad luck to come home to bush fires. I hope you and yours keep safe.

    1. it's a long way to go but worth it Diane. hope you are well. i've been following your latest travels. good stuff


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