Friday, 30 September 2011

a little bit sicky poo

remember the cat scan i had a while ago?  it wasn't good news.  not the worst news ever but still not good.  well, i had an op on monday and it went ok i think.  i'll have a follow up in four weeks.  then, yesterday, i had another consult for another problem the cat scan found.  good news with this one as i only have to have two relatively simple procedures and it should be ok.  no surgery required.  i'm crossing my fingers on this one as i thought i'd have to have a biggish op to fix it.  see, sometimes good things happen.  the other problem will require frequent follow ups as there is a high percentage of recurrence.  is that a word?  hahahaha.  i'm off work until next wednesday so should feel better by then. it's a public holiday on monday.  yay.   my dear sister has been here for over a week to look after me and the kids and my lovely friends have been wonderful.  i am truly blessed to have them.  i've got to go shopping this arvo and i think i'll catch up with my son and his fam for a meal later on.  my daughter is unwell atm with a cold so i'm not able to see the g/kids for a while.  i miss them.  enjoy your long w/end if you are having one and if you are not enjoy anyway and live your lives people.  we've only got one     oh btw, my son's beetle is in for repairs.  it's an electrical problem, no indicators or something like that.  i hope it's going to be ok.  pic is of my sister and me (not really) i'm on the right.  lol

Friday, 23 September 2011

i thought so

 a while ago i posted this photo.  the caption said it was a castle in ireland.  strange that i'd never seen it before as it is so unique and certainly unusual. it looked like it was photoshopped.  

well sure enough, i found this today from a travel site.  it's Phang Nga Bay in Phuket Thailand.

it just goes to show that everything on the internet is true  :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

i sort of lost my job

well only one day.  about a year ago i had to move back to my original library where i have a .6 permanent job and was offered one day at the parks to retain my hours and fill in coz they don't have enough cs staff. i'd been at the parks for 14 years full time but on a contract.  there has been a lot of press about the centre closing down as the land and buildings are owned by the state govt. and the local govt. leases the building for the library.  it's complicated.  i had a meeting yesterday and thought my contract was going to be extended for 6 months instead of the usual 2 years which is ok as i expect the centre will hang in there for a while. they are talking about building a new library and sports centre but info changes weekly and there is so much going on i can't keep up.  not so.  i've lost my day at the parks.  i'm very sad.  oh well.  at least i'll have tuesdays off now and i'll have less money.  maybe if i can kick the ebay habit i won't notice the difference.  :)
it's my day off today and i'm going to lunch with my son and dil.  that will be nice. how cute is this little felted cat?

Monday, 12 September 2011

finger is much better

it's healing nicely.  i'm pleased.  it's just so bloody hard to bandage.  no biggie.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

a little injury

thought i'd best post something new as it's not father's day anymore.  i cut the top of my finger off the other night using my lovely new non stick red knife. it's very sharp and the finger hurts a lot. i couldn't stop the bleeding. i got upset.  :(  the clinic couldn't fit me in and the locum wouldn't come coz he didn't have anything to stitch it with although i told them it's not a cut but a slice. i didn't want to go to hospital coz a. it wasn't serious enough and b. i didn't want to wait five hours.  i went to the chemist and they sold me some gauze that is supposed to help stop bleeding.  sort of worked. i had trouble driving as i had a wad of tissues on my hand soaked in blood.  it's most inconvenient to have one finger out of action, esp. typing etc, let alone a more serious injury.  my tailor friend in bali went home to java for the end of Ramadan and was letting off fireworks.  well, i'm sure i don't have to finish that sentence.  he has the most horrendous injuries to his hand.  he's lost a finger and the pictures he put on fb (omg i didn't need to see them) showed the full extent of his injuries.  horrible.  so my very sore pointer finger is nothing really.  i went to my other chemist on thursday and the lovely pharmacist dressed it for me.  i didn't know that you had to keep it covered and dry.  when i saw it on thursday morning i thought it needed air coz it was really moist and quite yucky.  and of course i didn't have betadine or even a band-aid in the house.  i know, that's very slack of me. oh well, could be worse.  :)
i don't have any plans for the weekend really.  might go up and see the kids. it's very windy and cold here atm.  i'm not working on sunday so that's good.  enjoy your weekend where ever you are.  pic below is a lovely scarf i found (but didn't buy) on ebay.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

happy father's day

to all of the dads.  enjoy your special day.