Saturday, 10 September 2011

a little injury

thought i'd best post something new as it's not father's day anymore.  i cut the top of my finger off the other night using my lovely new non stick red knife. it's very sharp and the finger hurts a lot. i couldn't stop the bleeding. i got upset.  :(  the clinic couldn't fit me in and the locum wouldn't come coz he didn't have anything to stitch it with although i told them it's not a cut but a slice. i didn't want to go to hospital coz a. it wasn't serious enough and b. i didn't want to wait five hours.  i went to the chemist and they sold me some gauze that is supposed to help stop bleeding.  sort of worked. i had trouble driving as i had a wad of tissues on my hand soaked in blood.  it's most inconvenient to have one finger out of action, esp. typing etc, let alone a more serious injury.  my tailor friend in bali went home to java for the end of Ramadan and was letting off fireworks.  well, i'm sure i don't have to finish that sentence.  he has the most horrendous injuries to his hand.  he's lost a finger and the pictures he put on fb (omg i didn't need to see them) showed the full extent of his injuries.  horrible.  so my very sore pointer finger is nothing really.  i went to my other chemist on thursday and the lovely pharmacist dressed it for me.  i didn't know that you had to keep it covered and dry.  when i saw it on thursday morning i thought it needed air coz it was really moist and quite yucky.  and of course i didn't have betadine or even a band-aid in the house.  i know, that's very slack of me. oh well, could be worse.  :)
i don't have any plans for the weekend really.  might go up and see the kids. it's very windy and cold here atm.  i'm not working on sunday so that's good.  enjoy your weekend where ever you are.  pic below is a lovely scarf i found (but didn't buy) on ebay.


  1. What the bloody hell you should had gone to the hospital although I do understand not wanting to hang around and wait for hours on end.I hope the finger is healling nicely now.....

  2. Oh dear me, you poor thing. We have lots of little bleeders when we slice the end of our fingers off.
    Pleased the chemist dressed it for you. Keep it clean & clear from infection & it will heal.
    Pain though whilst you are waiting.
    Hope you have a dishwasher :)
    Makes you a bit sad when you can't get to see the Dr. plus all that waiting time a a hospital if you had chosen to go there.
    Good luck with the healing process,
    Take care.

  3. thanks ladies. i'll be fine. my son dressed it for me today. it's not that bad. no, no dishwasher but plastic gloves. :) health service is sad these days all around. shouldn't take too long to heal.

  4. Ekkk, poor you... what a massive fail on behalf of the health system..sending healing thoughts your way!

  5. hi Matthew, thank you for your healing thoughts. they are most welcome. :) take care xx

  6. Gosh It is a poor system when you can't get a doctor. Take care that it doesn't get infected and go buy some bandaids and antiseptic.


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