Saturday, 26 April 2008

busy busy busy

hello again. girls are coming over tonight for vegetarian dinner so i'm cleaning and cooking and going shopping in a minute. daughter and kids came over yesterday and sil fixed my pergola. omg. it's taken years to get it fixed. he did a good job but when he nailed in the last bit of shade cloth the post next to the broken one broke. :) i'm laughing my arse off and rolling on the floor not. but it's not too bad. we had spag bol for lunch and a nice visit. i took lots of photos with my new camera. it's red and very swish. takes excellent videos too. i'll post some pics soon. it's raining here which is good. i planted a tree last week but don't know what it is because it didn't have a tag. my tomato bush is about to go. it's given me two tomatoes about the size of my little finger nail and it has two on it still. they are even smaller than the two i picked and green. goodbye tomatoes. my bil said it's been a very bad year for tomatoes. he grows the best tomatoes ever. gifts from the tomato goddess are they. divine. he says it's the sheep poo he uses. hmmmmmmmm. i'd better go and do stuff. lots to do. have a lovely one everyone. :)

Monday, 21 April 2008

hello dear blog readers. it's been a long time since my last confession, i mean post. thank you for the lovely messages etc re my birthday. so nice of you to take the time. i went to wallaroo to spend a day or so with my sister. was nice. i'm not working today so will go and visit g/children. might take them to the movies. have some lunch. a little bit of shopping. all good. well i don't have an awful lot to blog about really. work sux. what's new there? not much. i've been reading everyone's blog even if i don't comment. the girls are coming over saturday night for dinner. we are going vegetarian. i'm doing dessert. black rice pudding with coconut cream. a la bali. yummo. very nice. we are having vegetarian patties and salad. i might do a veggie casserole if i've got enough energy. well, have a lovely week and hopefully my next post will be much more interesting.

:( bfn