Sunday, 28 April 2013

it's been awhile

hasn't it?  not too much has been happening that i consider blogworthy but i'll fill you in anyhow.  today i've been gardening.  i bought a tub of spinach from my neighbour who grows the most amazing veggies.  i must try to plant some dill.  he gave me some to taste and it was delish.  pretty too.  so, today i have planted out some sweet peas.  i hope they continue to grow.  my mother had a wonderful display each year and i've never been able to grow them successfully before.  i started them from seeds and kept them in my bathroom upstairs.  it's the only room with lots of light and is warm.  i also planted out three avocado trees.  as i eat them regularly i keep the seeds and sometimes they grow.  only trouble is something besides me likes to eat them.  the same bugs that are on the lemon tree no doubt.  i sprayed them with white oil.  i have three lemons on the tree and they are slowly going yellow.  very slowly.  i hope they are nice.  one of the chilies is now red.  wow.  it's taken forever.  i personally prefer the green ones coz they aren't quite as hot.  very healthy as nothing much eats them.  i put some seeds into the herb garden (pot) and they are coming up but i can't remember what they are.  might be basil.  i hope so as i love basil.  i came across a little visitor this morning when i was outside.  a tiny little gecko.  bless him.  he looked scared.  no wonder.  he doesn't seem to be hurt.  i gave him a grape tomato but he wasn't interested so i put him in the garden.  he was on the path and libel to get picked on by a bird where he was.  i've included some pics.

poor little guy.  i hope he survives in the garden

a red chili amongst the green

two avocado trees.  you can't see the other one

spinach.  picked when needed.  fresh and delish.  the red stems make the water go reddish.  i have no idea what kind it is.

Friday, 12 April 2013

the best news

Cookie went for her procedure yesterday.  Camera into her nose to see what the cleft palate is doing.  she said it hurt a little bit and last night her nose still felt numb.  such a brave girl.  they did xrays etc and the good news is that she will need some speech therapy and no operation is necessary.  yay.  how good is that?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

RIP Annette

i shed a tear this morning when i read (on fb) that Annette Funicello had passed.  i grew up watching her on the mickey mouse club after school.  i read her books. she starred in some short serials also on the MMC.  she had a few hit records.  then, i watched all of those beach bingo movies.  ahhh they were the days.  :)  Annette died from complications of MS.  she was 70.  i will miss her.

pineapple princess

Saturday, 6 April 2013

a list

i love lists.  they make me feel organised although i'm anything but.  my friend thinks i'm super organised but that's just an impression i try to make.  i may be a little bit organised.  :)  nothing much to report except that i've taken up bingo.  i go with my dil and we enjoy it.  i call it speed bingo coz the caller goes way too fast for me.  i don't remember them being so fast.  i used to go with my mum many years ago.  she used to visit me every sunday and i'd cook a roast.  then the afternoon dragged a bit so i found a bingo game in the city and took her along.  turned out she loved it and we used to go quite often.  i couldn't re install my bluetooth stack recently and it drove me crazy.  i finally found a solution online and it works a treat now.  i also lost my phone charger recently.  i thought the kids had taken it home with them as cookie and i have a similar phone.  i finally found it in a box marked samsung.  lol.  i laughed at that one.  i had my appointment with the brain specialist recently and passed brilliantly so i can't blame dementia for my lapses in memory.  not yet anyhow.  lol.  she said i'm normal.  a friend said i should get that in writing.  i started this post to make a list of stuff i've done today.  it's vastly exciting so be prepared to get blown away by the thrill of it all.  here goes ...

  • i woke up and re installed a program on my laptop upstairs. 
  • showered.
  • breakfasted.
  • did some washing.
  • rang Maz.
  • rang my daughter for a chat.
  • rang my g/daughter for a chat.  
  • rang my cousin for a chat.
  • rang a friend to see how she is going with her chemo.
  • made a tapioca pudding.  my first.  hope it's nice.
  • made vietnamese iced coffee.  too strong. first one was too sweet and too weak.  next one will be better.
  • rang my son.
  • washed some more clothes.  
  • had some left over noodles for lunch.  
  • watered the garden and planted some violets.
  • played my sherlock game.
  • watched next weeks episode of big bang online.
  • tidied a few surfaces.
  • got rid of some recycling.
  • thought about going shopping.  
  • mostly procrastinated.  i'm good at that.

that sounds like a lot doesn't it but it really isn't.  i might go shopping now, or, should i do the dishes.  i might just sit here and think about it for a while :)  below are some random pics from my previous posts.