Sunday, 28 April 2013

it's been awhile

hasn't it?  not too much has been happening that i consider blogworthy but i'll fill you in anyhow.  today i've been gardening.  i bought a tub of spinach from my neighbour who grows the most amazing veggies.  i must try to plant some dill.  he gave me some to taste and it was delish.  pretty too.  so, today i have planted out some sweet peas.  i hope they continue to grow.  my mother had a wonderful display each year and i've never been able to grow them successfully before.  i started them from seeds and kept them in my bathroom upstairs.  it's the only room with lots of light and is warm.  i also planted out three avocado trees.  as i eat them regularly i keep the seeds and sometimes they grow.  only trouble is something besides me likes to eat them.  the same bugs that are on the lemon tree no doubt.  i sprayed them with white oil.  i have three lemons on the tree and they are slowly going yellow.  very slowly.  i hope they are nice.  one of the chilies is now red.  wow.  it's taken forever.  i personally prefer the green ones coz they aren't quite as hot.  very healthy as nothing much eats them.  i put some seeds into the herb garden (pot) and they are coming up but i can't remember what they are.  might be basil.  i hope so as i love basil.  i came across a little visitor this morning when i was outside.  a tiny little gecko.  bless him.  he looked scared.  no wonder.  he doesn't seem to be hurt.  i gave him a grape tomato but he wasn't interested so i put him in the garden.  he was on the path and libel to get picked on by a bird where he was.  i've included some pics.

poor little guy.  i hope he survives in the garden

a red chili amongst the green

two avocado trees.  you can't see the other one

spinach.  picked when needed.  fresh and delish.  the red stems make the water go reddish.  i have no idea what kind it is.


  1. Well it was nice to see a post from you again yes it has been a while...........vegie gardens as you may know are hubby's thing he is forever starting one and yes have to admit most of what he grows does taste pretty good

    1. hi Jo-Anne, you are right nothing tastes as good as home grown veggies. i wish i had a green thumb like your hubby. :)

  2. That looks like a good start to a veggie patch. Mine is inconsistent sometimes we have a good crop and other times they don't do well.

  3. Keep us up to date with the veggies!
    You are inspiring me to get out and weed my veggie garden before the weeds are bigger than the veggies!

  4. I so admire people who can grow things. Unfortunately when it comes to this I have a black thumb.

  5. Well you have been busy doing what you been doing. Hope all is well..


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