Saturday, 6 April 2013

a list

i love lists.  they make me feel organised although i'm anything but.  my friend thinks i'm super organised but that's just an impression i try to make.  i may be a little bit organised.  :)  nothing much to report except that i've taken up bingo.  i go with my dil and we enjoy it.  i call it speed bingo coz the caller goes way too fast for me.  i don't remember them being so fast.  i used to go with my mum many years ago.  she used to visit me every sunday and i'd cook a roast.  then the afternoon dragged a bit so i found a bingo game in the city and took her along.  turned out she loved it and we used to go quite often.  i couldn't re install my bluetooth stack recently and it drove me crazy.  i finally found a solution online and it works a treat now.  i also lost my phone charger recently.  i thought the kids had taken it home with them as cookie and i have a similar phone.  i finally found it in a box marked samsung.  lol.  i laughed at that one.  i had my appointment with the brain specialist recently and passed brilliantly so i can't blame dementia for my lapses in memory.  not yet anyhow.  lol.  she said i'm normal.  a friend said i should get that in writing.  i started this post to make a list of stuff i've done today.  it's vastly exciting so be prepared to get blown away by the thrill of it all.  here goes ...

  • i woke up and re installed a program on my laptop upstairs. 
  • showered.
  • breakfasted.
  • did some washing.
  • rang Maz.
  • rang my daughter for a chat.
  • rang my g/daughter for a chat.  
  • rang my cousin for a chat.
  • rang a friend to see how she is going with her chemo.
  • made a tapioca pudding.  my first.  hope it's nice.
  • made vietnamese iced coffee.  too strong. first one was too sweet and too weak.  next one will be better.
  • rang my son.
  • washed some more clothes.  
  • had some left over noodles for lunch.  
  • watered the garden and planted some violets.
  • played my sherlock game.
  • watched next weeks episode of big bang online.
  • tidied a few surfaces.
  • got rid of some recycling.
  • thought about going shopping.  
  • mostly procrastinated.  i'm good at that.

that sounds like a lot doesn't it but it really isn't.  i might go shopping now, or, should i do the dishes.  i might just sit here and think about it for a while :)  below are some random pics from my previous posts.


  1. I love a list and often have 'to do lists'..
    although they just seem to grow.... :-)

    1. hi Matthew, yes lists do tend to grow don't they? you cross something off and add two things. i would like to know why i make a shopping list and always leave it home. :(

  2. Love the picture of Buddha, and Klimt is one of my favorite painters.

    1. mine too Stephen. his colours and textures blow me away. i have a huge mounted print of the maiden on my living room wall. my favourite is the apple tree, he did a whole series of them. i love his work. he liked cats too. :)

  3. You have been a busy lady. Can't say I am into Bingo, but I know of many who enjoy.
    Yes, you need a :)t's good news you have!


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