Monday, 24 June 2013

watch this video and be amazed. seriously

this young man appeared on america's got talent recently.  he is amazing.  watch it if you have time.  it starts off with a bit of background.  keep watching.  the video is doing the rounds on fb.  truly amazing.  enjoy

warning warning

there wasn't one.  a warning i mean.  norton 360 said the file was ok.  it wasn't.  i d/loaded a spider solitaire game from tucows.  my computer was corrupted and it took six hours to get it back to usable.  all of my programs are gone.  thankfully, my photos, music and docs are still there.  what an interesting evening.  don't you love computers?  noooooooooooooooooooooo i don't.  my modem, on the other hand, has been behaving itself.  :)  you have to smile don't you?  either that or tear your hair out, or, more sensibly, throw the laptop in the bin and get a life.  i'm emotional atm, can you tell?  :)

above pic is my yet to be born grandson.  did i tell you my daughter is pregnant?  i can't remember.  so far he is healthy and growing nicely.  he is due on december 11 or thereabouts.  i'll keep you posted

Thursday, 20 June 2013

my modem is sick

i keep getting disconnected.  when i turn it off and on again the internet light is red instead of green.  i have to do that about four or five times before it eventually goes green.  i don't know whether to buy another modem, ring the isp company or ring telstra as they've been working on the pits for the new system that's supposed to be coming any time soon.  or so they say.  i've moved everything around and it's annoying me.  what to do?  what to do?

Sunday, 9 June 2013

back to work and anonymous comments

i went back to work and all i can say is yuck. well, i could say a whole lot more than that but i won't. the customer services team that i am now a part of covers 13 million tasks.  on going day to day maintenance of the library. brochures are but one of them. we have trillions of brochures.  the worst part is that i am now sharing a work station with someone else.  it's not mine and i feel a bit out of it.  i was given a project which was to sort out the new stationery cupboard.  that's a challenge for sure.  we are also doing two hour desk shifts now.  with the bursitis in my hip which makes walking and standing difficult, this is yet another challenge that i must face.  let's just say that i'm not a happy camper.  enough about work.

i am getting anonymous comments on my blog that are obviously spam.  are you getting any?

on a much more positive note (or maybe not) i'm going to a ukulele workshop today in north adelaide.  my friend is going with me.  they advertise that we will be rock stars at the end of the two hours and will be able to play the secret z chord.  ha i thought, a likely story.

i caught up with my daughter and g/kids yesterday for lunch and shopping which was interesting.  did i tell you she's pregnant again?  i don't think i did.  the baby is a boy and is due in december.

i went for my cancer check this week and great news, no cancer and i don't have to go back for twelve months.  so that was my week.  some good, some bad.  pretty normal really.

this is me after three and a half days at the asylum, i mean work. i''m only 34

Monday, 3 June 2013

my didgeridoo

i have very little to blog about but i'll jot down a few things.  did i tell you i bought a didge in cairns?  i can't remember.  my dil bought my son one too.  great place in the night markets.  he makes his own and paints them beautifully.  i can play it.  yes, i can.  :)  can i play it well?  no way.  i can't get the circular breathing thing happening but i am practicing. my son, on the other hand, is really good.  he hasn't got the breathing exactly right but he's very good.  i'll post a video when i can get my shyte together.  which brings me on to my next topic.  i go back to work on wednesday next and all i can say is ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  it seems ages since i was there and i'm sure i'm not ready.  bring on april next i say (retirement here i come).  they have changed my role completely and we have about four new staff members.  all of our teams and desks have been changed around.  another ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  but, being the positive little blogger that i am i'm sure that a) i'll have no trouble waking up to the alarm, jumping into the shower and getting myself orjanized.  (sic)  i've been keeping very late hours and waking up really late and eating at odd hours and just bumming around, and b) everything will turn out splendidly.   i hope i am more together when i retire or i will go to seed very quickly.  well, i suppose it's not quite as bad as all that but i need to get my shyte together.  yes i do.  :)  a few pics follow but before i go, is anyone else unable to change their blog around? edit backgrounds etc?  oh yes, i made soup last night and the green split dried peas are undercooked and have spoilt the whole batch.  i'm about to make some ricotta cheese and yoghurt.  wish me luck  :)  
my son playing both of our didges.  mine is the smaller one on the right

a colourful owl for cookie