Monday, 24 June 2013

warning warning

there wasn't one.  a warning i mean.  norton 360 said the file was ok.  it wasn't.  i d/loaded a spider solitaire game from tucows.  my computer was corrupted and it took six hours to get it back to usable.  all of my programs are gone.  thankfully, my photos, music and docs are still there.  what an interesting evening.  don't you love computers?  noooooooooooooooooooooo i don't.  my modem, on the other hand, has been behaving itself.  :)  you have to smile don't you?  either that or tear your hair out, or, more sensibly, throw the laptop in the bin and get a life.  i'm emotional atm, can you tell?  :)

above pic is my yet to be born grandson.  did i tell you my daughter is pregnant?  i can't remember.  so far he is healthy and growing nicely.  he is due on december 11 or thereabouts.  i'll keep you posted


  1. Good heavens, I would have thought software from Tucows would have been reliable, so OH DEAR!!
    That's no good then, glad you have it fixed now!
    Congratulations re being a future grandmother/Nan :)

  2. hi M, yes, i've d/loaded from tucows many times and never had a problem. computer is up and running nicely now. thank you for the congratulations :)

  3. Computers are supposed to make our lives easier but we're now so dependent on them that we fall apart when they don't work. Take care.

  4. too true Stephen. a necessary evil. esp. at work

  5. Congrats on the expected grand baby. Bad luck about the virus. I would be so distraught if that happened to me but luckily Apple computers don't get viruses.


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