Sunday, 30 October 2011


i found this photo of me when my daughter was moving house last weekend

a bat embryo

a lovely elephant photo

the one and only dame shirley bassey

my daughter and grandson

cookie took this photo of herself recently  :)

shower and shampoo - check
delicious fried tomato and toast brekky  - check
indonesian coffee - check
check internet for mind boggling content - check
play dr mario (i'm up to level 16 high) - check
get motivated for the day ahead - i'm working on it
i've got to go to work today  - ahhhhhhhhhhh
enjoy your sunday wherever you are

Thursday, 27 October 2011

a bit of a stressful day

not an especially great day really.  i waited 2 hours to see the specialist for 5 minutes.  i exaggerate all the time but this is not one of those times.  he told me nothing the local doctor hadn't already told me.  hardly anything really.  they removed the tumor.  i'll have to go in again in february for a procedure to check it.  bit of pain i'm still having is normal.  blah blah blah.  screaming on the inside.  i walked back to the car through the botanic gardens and looked around me at the wonderful trees, blue skies and just a nice atmosphere.  it was a lovely day here yesterday weather wise. started to calm down and breath.
then, i got home and the tablet arrived.  ahh good i thought.  no. i hate the bloody thing.  it's weird.  lol.  i'm sure i'll get used to it.  it's got a weather widget on the home screen for shanghai.  i finally found out how to change it and oz weather is not one of the countries listed.  screaming on the inside again.  then!  sitting here tired and emotionally spent i went outside to the bin and heard water running.  strange.  turns out my outside tap was running and i couldn't turn it off.  i called a plumber who arrived within half an hour.  very lucky for me that he was just around the corner.  i'm off to work for four hours.  short day today, long day tomorrow and i'm working sunday.  you can't have it all :)

lots of kitties

pic is kitties.  lots of kitties.  siamese kitties.  how gorgeous are they?  ahhhh kitties have such a calming effect

Monday, 24 October 2011

udpate on previous post

no, unfortunately not moving to bali.  i wish. i know it's not that much further away for my daughter, i'm just a drama queen.  i found my ring in the dish rack.  fb is back on my phone.  number one rule of IT.  turn it off and back on again.  for someone who teaches basic computer and internet drrrrr.  my computer is much better.  i restored it to an earlier date.  took kids home last night.  they tired me out.  i saw the first lizard (blue tongue) of the season yesterday.  i cleaned out the cupboard under the stairs (no, he wasn't in there thank goodness) and put some stuff in the shed.  we must have disturbed him.  he was a big boy too.  kids got to see him.  cleaned out dustin's tank.  he's a happy little siamese fighter now.  saw the grand cats on saturday night.  my son has a scaletrix track around the dining room and they all played on that for a while.  i  had a go too.  i remember my husband had one set up years ago.  they seemed to be fixing it more than playing it.  those corners are dangerous.  lots of crashes. hope your weekend was a good one

Saturday, 22 October 2011

moving day

i've been thinking about bali quite a bit lately

this is quite specky.  a little bit ott perhaps

i think this is in the maldives.  

a fish in a bottle.  clever photoshopping me thinks
my daughter is moving house today.  even further away :(  i'll need a cut lunch to get there.  not entirely joking there.  i'm having both g/kids instead of just cookie.  that's ok.  i'm having computer probs.  nothing serious.  just a very slow internet connection.  i think i'm getting there. i'm using google chrome which i really like.  also, i can't get fb on my phone.  i've just started accessing it as it's included in my plan.  although i have to ask myself why.  why?  anyway, since i can't get it now it's bothering me. i lost a ring yesterday.  it may have gone down the black hole which is my couch.  i lost a diamond ring down there once and had to practically pull it apart.  it's never been the same since.  oh well.  little things.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

a tablet

i bought a tablet last night.  oooohhhhh   exciting.  i hope it's going to be ok.  it's a 10.2 inch screen and seems quite powerful re ram etc.  it comes with a case and keyboard.  you can, apparently, surf the net, fb, youtube, and all the usual stuff, watch movies, listen to music, play heaps of apps/games and read ebooks.  i got it so that when the g/kids are here they can watch their youtube vids etc. and it will be good to take up to bed without unplugging the lappy.  other than that not much news really.  my son came over for brekky and the electrician came and fixed my bedroom light fitting.  i'm back at work tomorrow but may have cookie for the weekend.  can't wait.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

it's saturday

yay.  i'm going to have lunch and do some shopping with the kids.  i'm looking forward to that.  i've been cleaning out my kitchen cupboards (finally) and you should see what i've chucked out / recycled.   lots.  i've got more space.  :)  dil's vw is fixed so they are both on the road atm. it's not the best weather here but rain is lovely.  the garden likes it.  time to get ready i suppose.  enjoy your weekend wherever you are.  i'm going to take a few moments to say thank you to the universe and be grateful for what i've got. seriously
i love the back porch.  so homey

somewhere in california (i think)

i so want one of these.  it would fit the shopping and a passenger or two 

i'd like one of these too.  nice scooter
someone left their bug out in the rain  
love bug

Saturday, 8 October 2011

a little treat

i have discovered affogato. simply a scoop or two of ice-creme with a shot of espresso poured over the top. no recipe required although i did see one that added whipped cream on top.  a bit of overkill perhaps or maybe not.    actually i've known about it for years but have never tried it.  well now i have.  wow.  it's divine.  hungry jacks (yuk) have a version which isn't all that terrible but of course homemade is best or failing that the nearest cafe should be able to help.  i would like one right now.  i've been buying gifts for christmas.  it's always hard to find something that the recipients will like.  my sister is a little hard to buy for, i'm thinking jewellery.  kids are easy of course.  i always find men harder to buy for than women. i'm pooped although i really didn't do much today.  a little bit of shopping, a little bit of cooking, washing, gardening etc etc.  by gardening i of course mean pulling out some weeds. cleaning should be on that list but you know how it is.  i'd like to go through my clothes and cull a little bit too.  i might do that tomorrow.

oh dear. as a ps to this post i just made an affogato and used my indonesian coffee which is a bit gritty to say the least. then i couldn't find the italian espresso maker thingy so i used the plunger. disaster. it tasted fantastic until i got to the coffee and, i don't know, i sort of breathed in when i swallowed the first mouth full or something coz it went down the wrong way and i've been coughing ever since. a tip: when this happens if you hold your arm up above your head (i'm not sure which one or if, in fact, it actually matters) but it seems to help. i'm listening to asa atm and she's wonderful except that i don't understand african or whatever language she is singing in. but it's still good

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

8 ball and other stuff

i went to see Mazzy today.  she cooked a wonderful lunch and then we played 8 ball.  i excel at getting the white ball in the hole but that's not a good thing apparently.  seriously, in my misspent youth i was quite the champion at 8 ball.  my dad was a billiards champ but i could never get that game.  too many colours.  i used to know how to play it but have forgotten.  i've also forgotten how to play chess.  my first boyfriend taught me a hundred years ago.  they tried to teach me again in bali but i couldn't catch on.  i didn't give it my best shot.  they love it over there.  all the young men play sitting on the footpaths outside their shops in the afternoons.  anyhoo, we had a really nice catch up and we enjoyed our afternoon.  her little Bo doggie was gorgeous and she gave me a lovely plant (snapdragons) instead of flowers coz i've been sick. awwww  back to work tomorrow.  :(  omg i've nearly forgotten how to library.  it feels like i've been away for ages instead of a week and a bit.  then a lovely work friend is visiting in the afternoon.  ahhh  it's great to be alive isn't it?  lol

Monday, 3 October 2011

long weekend ... yay

and the sun is out today.  it's a gorgeous day here.  well, the vw is fixed.  my dil's is not well though.  it cuts out at traffic lights.  my son and dil did not realise that to own a car (s) that is older than themselves they need to be wealthy. lol.  i had lunch with them yesterday which was nice.  my son is really happy coz his team won the afl premiership.  i'm happy that he's happy.  i don't follow football at all can you tell?  i have to go back to work on wednesday and i've become a tad lazy and am getting used to not working, sleeping in rocks.  pity i'm so used to the money and the little luxuries in life like electricity and food and petrol.  lol.  i can't see the kids today coz my daughter is working and g/kids are at their grandma's.  i might drink some water and go for a walk.  or, i could clean the house. or, i could finish the book i'm reading.  ikea is open today too although nothing else in adelaide is. that's a thought. we close the place on long weekends.

 sweet little angel kitty

 somewhere (expensive) to write the shopping list.  it wouldn't be weather proof though would it?

lovely pic from india

i love this little pic.  the dog reminds me of my g/friend's little Bo.  he'd look super cute in this.