Thursday, 20 October 2011

a tablet

i bought a tablet last night.  oooohhhhh   exciting.  i hope it's going to be ok.  it's a 10.2 inch screen and seems quite powerful re ram etc.  it comes with a case and keyboard.  you can, apparently, surf the net, fb, youtube, and all the usual stuff, watch movies, listen to music, play heaps of apps/games and read ebooks.  i got it so that when the g/kids are here they can watch their youtube vids etc. and it will be good to take up to bed without unplugging the lappy.  other than that not much news really.  my son came over for brekky and the electrician came and fixed my bedroom light fitting.  i'm back at work tomorrow but may have cookie for the weekend.  can't wait.


  1. Boy! You will have fun with that. The grand kids too. Did the electrician have Brekky with you too?? hee hee

  2. i feel like i am in the stone age.. With no i-phone, kindle or tablet/i-pad... maybe i need to move into the 22 century as well???

  3. I am sure you will enjoy your 'tablet', easy in bed to use than laptop. So many 'tablet's' to buy these days..

    OoHH, hope you had a lovely breakfast with your son and like Diane I was thinking of the

    Have a good day back at work.

  4. hi guys, no electrician didn't stay for brekky. :)


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