Sunday, 30 October 2011


i found this photo of me when my daughter was moving house last weekend

a bat embryo

a lovely elephant photo

the one and only dame shirley bassey

my daughter and grandson

cookie took this photo of herself recently  :)

shower and shampoo - check
delicious fried tomato and toast brekky  - check
indonesian coffee - check
check internet for mind boggling content - check
play dr mario (i'm up to level 16 high) - check
get motivated for the day ahead - i'm working on it
i've got to go to work today  - ahhhhhhhhhhh
enjoy your sunday wherever you are


  1. Oh, don't you look lovely in your school uniform. Tie, hat.
    Great photos of your daughter & grandson :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a great pic of you and makes me visualize you with guitar in hand singing a la Joan Baez or Dylan :-)

  3. Matthew, i joined the jazz club to be closer to Mr Panther our French teacher. it didn't work out. i was devo. :) yes, joan and bob influenced me greatly and i went to the adelaide college of music to do guitar. you are psychic (?)
    Margaret. we had to wear hat, gloves, blazer and tie at all times when going out of the school. the prefects stood there and wrote down names of offenders. those were the days. :)

  4. yesisha,
    I had to wear same when I went to school :)
    Gosh, you with your guitar - me too, also piano :) also I nearly went to Adelaide to study singing with the late Dr. Percy Jones...I thought a solid profession would be more beneficial :)

  5. Love the old photo of you. Did it bring back memories. Beautiful daughter and grandson. I hope they haven't moved too far away.


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