Saturday, 29 January 2011

heat wave

it's too hot and the kids return to school on monday. anything past 32 is too hot for me. i saw the g/kids today which was lovely. sandwiches and icecream for lunch. :) my g/son is starting high school on monday. he's all set and raring to go. i hope he'll be ok.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

the new modem arrived and the mouse too

yee har. it was a double ebay day. the mouse works. it's tiny and so nice to have a mouse wheel that works. however, the modem is a different story. it's working. that's the good news. it took two hours to set up. lovely, helpful people at netgear. excellent service. had a problem with wireless but that's working too. the noisy phone problem however, is still there. just the same. also, the modem gets quite hot. i don't know if this is normal. i hope so.
i am still a bit depressed about the daughter situation so my son asked me over last night for tea. usually my dil does nachos which are really, really good. this time my son cooked and made 'nacho toast'. it sounds gross and i thought i'd just have toast but it's really nice. i had two pieces. my dil grows tomatoes and this year some black russians. omg they are gorgeous. fresh herbs, fresh chilli, fresh tomato and nacho toast. yum

Monday, 24 January 2011

i'm back to speed

well my Internet connection is. thank goodness. it was truly bugging me. i feel a bit off. my daughter had another one of her 'episodes' the other day and it's really gotten to me. my thirty year old teenager. i won't go into details but suffice to say she probably won't let me have cookie for a few days this week. cookie will be disappointed and of course i can't help feeling bad. my new modem came today and i missed the courier of course coz i was at work so will have to chase that up. my car is leaking oil or something similar and i really need to see the doctor but i can't get an appointment. i'll have to take a day off. i am eating so sensibly it's not funny. i don't seem to be losing much weight though.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

i've been throttled

i may have told you already. tpg, my isp, has throttled my speed simply because i've used all of my peak 20 gig allowance. i have heaps on my off peak to use but i'm rarely up after one am except on weekends. oh well. it's supposed to return to normal tomorrow. i hope they don't stuff up and i have problems. it's all because i've been watching sewing tutorials on youtube. i love youtube. if you want to do anything at all there's bound to be an instructional video on youtube. i've found them very useful. i've also purchased a new modem from ebay, so am waiting patiently for that to arrive in the hope that it will cure my noisy phone line when i'm on the net. ahhh technology. lovely when it works. i also wait, not so patiently, for my new mouse. must go, got to get ready for work.
i'm looking for a new tattoo design. i like this one.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

a nice read

i just finished anh do's book 'the happiest refugee'. it's such a good read. i laughed, i cried, i enjoyed.
i'm going up to see the kids today. we'll have lunch and do a little bit of shopping. i have to work tomorrow :(

Friday, 21 January 2011


i don't go to the beach much. in bali every day but not in adelaide. we have nice beaches. last night my daughter rang to ask if i wanted to go. it was quite hot here yesterday. we got there quite late but g/kids had a lovely dip close to shore of course. it was quite eerie down there last night. fairly glassy with a band of cloud on the horizon. anyway, we had an icecream (not me, i'm on a diet) and went home. i think it's supposed to be cooler today. i'm off to work again and have a dinner tonight for our trainee who's time is up next week. enjoy your day :)

Monday, 17 January 2011

monday morning

pic of my franjipanni tree. it's in a pot and is in flower. i love the smell. i only have two flower spikes but they will last for ages. one of my favourite flowers

the weekend is gone again. they go so fast. my g/son spent the weekend with me which is always nice. we went paddleboating on the torrens (river). he's been asking to do it for ages and time etc is always a problem. two minutes out and he asked to go back. it was boring. i had to laugh. no, i said. put up with it. i paid already. it was lovely weather and we went to the river to hire some bikes but they were all taken. next time. we hired a wii game and he liked that and we also played some dr. mario. i love dr. mario. :) we watched some movies, surfed the net, esp. ebay. he likes ebay as do i. saturday is ebay night at my house. i bought some rechargable batteries for the wii. my mouse wheel died recently and i'm impatiently waiting for it's replacement from honkers. free postage. you have to like that lol

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

a new post

thought i'd better write something new up here as it's no longer 'new year' is it? my heart goes out to the people of queensland who have been affected so badly by the floods at present. a major tragedy. there are numerous sites where you can donate. i just hope that it doesn't get any worse. we, in adelaide, are expecting a lot of rain apparently, as are some other states. i think all of australia will ultimately pay for this disaster in the supermarkets etc in the months to come.