Thursday, 26 November 2009


i've been looking for a plug for my wash basin upstairs for years. it's a funny size and whenever i see a plug that looks like it might possibly fit i buy it. luckily plugs aren't expensive. i did it again tonight. it was a weird size and i thought to myself 'is this the one?' but no it wasn't, doesn't come close in fact. it can't be an old imperial measurement as the house was built in 1991. my bath plug is too small to fit. nothing fits even those universal ones don't fit. they say they fit all sizes but that's a downright lie. i measured the sink hole once but i can't find a plug to fit. it's a problem but not earth shattering. as a result i have a drawer full of plugs so if you are after one just let me know. :)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

i finally got a mattress

and it's great. sealy posturpedic. good brand and great price. harvey norman have a sale on until the weekend. i'm happy and it feels super comfy. they are delivering it on saturday. downside is that they don't take the old one anymore (landfill) and delivery was (imo) pricey. $60 oh well i'm happy with the purchase. i'm also hanging out for the cool change which is supposed to arrive about midnight. worth staying up for? i don't know.
my daughter is leaving her partner and moving next weekend so that's positive in many ways. the kids i think understand why this is happening and it's not too far away from their father. sad but better for everyone involved i think. i hope it turns out ok.
my son had a health scare recently and that's ok now. good results. also my sister had a nasty health problem lately but that seems to be ok now too. all good really.
i'm going to a chiropractor for my back and he thinks he may be able to help with the shoulder i had operated on last year. it's worse since the op (surprisingly). he took xrays yesterday and he's waiting for the results before he does any manipulating. the only bad part about that is that i had to sign that thingy that says if they make me a vegetable they are not responsible. you know what i mean. should be ok (i hope) i used to go to a chiro a few years ago. back is already a bit better so that's good. all in all not too shabby. lmao

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

pearl jam

my daughter is at the concert as i type and i wish i was, although, i get to mind the kids which is always nice. ants is playing on the wii and cookie is leaning on my lap watching him. we've had a nice refreshing bath. we went for a walk after tea and felt all hot and bothered. kids enjoyed it though. we had lamb chops for tea and they were delish. the kids just had banana smoothies and i'm thinking of having another coffee but i know i shouldn't as i won't sleep. maybe a cup of tea would be more beneficial. i've just done the dishes. tomorrow is my day off and i have a chiro appointment in the morning, then going to get new tyres again and go to the furniture shop to look at mattresses again. i hope i find something. it's another busy day off. my daughter asked me if i wanted to have the kids overnight but as i'm already doing stuff i decided not to. i don't want to drag them around in the heat. hope your day is a good one. pic is of Adina and her mum on saturday at her 21st lunch.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

shopping for a new mattress

i hate to tell you how old my mattress is. we bought it in 1983. i know i know. it looks immaculate but alas it's not very comfy anymore. i have a sore back which is caused by a) my mattress and b) slouching over the laptop most evenings. i've come to one conclusion: they are bloody expensive these days. i might go to makin' mattresses as they (obviously) make them on site. trouble is there are so many options to chose from i'm starting to get a tad confused (some would say that's normal for me :( )
we had a nice lunch today for Adina's b/day. she enjoyed herself. the cool change is on the way apparently. monday's temp is forecast at about 28. bliss. hope you enjoyed your w/end. mine was nice. :)

Saturday, 14 November 2009

new stuff

i'm listening to the new Shirley Bassey cd. it's wonderful. all new songs which is great as she hasn't brought out a new one in many years. all compilations. i also got to watch her at the bbc electric proms recently. she's still got it. she's 72 and most thirty year olds couldn't keep up. of course i'm completely biased as i just adore her.
we have had a major shake up at work this week. we've lost 5 staff including two of my favourite people. things are indeed looking grim.
it's my step granddaughter's 21st tomorrow. she's mentally and physically disabled. the closest thing they can diagnose is angelman's syndrome. she will have a great time. we are going to the pub for lunch which should be nice despite the 40 degree day expected. her grandmother is down from cairns for the occasion.
it's a nice pic isn't it? i've been looking for cat pics and came across this one.