Saturday, 14 November 2009

new stuff

i'm listening to the new Shirley Bassey cd. it's wonderful. all new songs which is great as she hasn't brought out a new one in many years. all compilations. i also got to watch her at the bbc electric proms recently. she's still got it. she's 72 and most thirty year olds couldn't keep up. of course i'm completely biased as i just adore her.
we have had a major shake up at work this week. we've lost 5 staff including two of my favourite people. things are indeed looking grim.
it's my step granddaughter's 21st tomorrow. she's mentally and physically disabled. the closest thing they can diagnose is angelman's syndrome. she will have a great time. we are going to the pub for lunch which should be nice despite the 40 degree day expected. her grandmother is down from cairns for the occasion.
it's a nice pic isn't it? i've been looking for cat pics and came across this one.


  1. Snap! We both have a new header today. I like Shirley too. Nice pic of cat.

  2. hi Diane, snap indeed, i was probably reading your new post as you were reading mine. i love blogging. :)


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