Saturday, 31 December 2016


i hope that the new year will be a happy, healthy and safe one for all of us

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

a massage

but not the relaxing and enjoyable kind.  yesterday miss lan and i spent the day together.  we went shopping and were surprised that lots of the shops were closed.  i bought some early birthday gifts for cookie that i'll put away.  lan made noodles for lunch and we had a massage.  lan had a head, back and shoulder massage which she enjoyed and i chose the foot reflexology.  well!  i've had it before in bali and it's painful at times that's for sure.  it started off nice and relaxing but then yang found sore spots everywhere.  apparently the feet correspond to parts of the body.  just about everything on me is broken.  lol.  but, i did feel great afterwards so that's something.  i've been tired a lot lately and am glad that christmas is over for another year.  we nearly had a fire on christmas day.  we finished lunch and went into play the wii.  my son went back into the room to get something and the serviettes had blown onto the candle that i forgot to blow out.  omg.  we got it out and learned a valuable lesson.  don't leave candles unattended.  we are experiencing tropical weather in adelaide atm.  it rained all night and there were more blackouts.  miss lan got sent home from work because they didn't have power.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

merry christmas

wishing everyone a safe and happy christmas

Thursday, 22 December 2016

kill me now

i couldn't get to sleep last night which is not unusual.  i was just dozing off when two people in the park below my window decided to cause a ruckus.  screaming, yelling and banging.  i don't know what they were doing.  i was thinking about calling the police when they stopped.  thank goodness, it was 2am.  i finally went to sleep only to be very rudely awakened at 5am by a man talking loudly just under my window.  omg.  i am very tolerant of noisy people in the park usually but i was so angry, and tired too.  my window was open coz it was hot last night so i got out of bed and screamed at him/them to shut up and closed the window.  it was still dark so i couldn't even see them.  how rude.  so now i'm awake.  i tried to go back to sleep and couldn't.  maybe a nana nap this arvo is in order.  i want to go to the library today and maybe, if i'm feeling brave, the shops.  it's crazy out there naturally.  i'm just about set for christmas and don't really need much.  maz is coming over tomorrow for lunch so i've got stuff for a platter.  when i came downstairs this morning i realised i'd left the fan on last night.  great

Monday, 12 December 2016

a birthday and travel

my grandson is three on friday next.  he's been quite sick but is well on the road to recovery now thank goodness.  he's adorable but full of beans and can be a handful at times like most three year olds.  but mostly he's adorable.  not surprisingly he likes dinosaurs so i bought him one and a few other things he likes.  the nbn has settled down and going well after it's initial teething problems so that's good.  i am about to go shopping as there is nothing much in the pantry/fridge, as it's a stinker today i've been putting it off.  i should have gone early this morning.  i am very proud of myself atm because i managed to thread the overlocker all by myself.  it became unthreaded last night by accident.  disaster.  my overlocker and i are not the best of friends.  when liz came down she was going to go over the basics again with me but she broke her arm and that didn't happen.  so i had to take it on all by myself.  it took quite a while (hours) but i managed it.  graham is in bali atm and if i said i wasn't jealous i'd be telling porkies.

Friday, 2 December 2016

technology is not my friend

last year, or was it earlier this year i can't remember, nbn was installed in my street.  it took forever and it was very messy.  plants were broken and trampled and mess was left behind.  i wasn't happy.  today, for better or worse, the nbn technician came and setup the nbn in my unit.  omg.  he had major troubles but eventually, after several hours, he got it sorted.  and mess was left behind, again.   he said to ring the isp and they'll help me setup the new modem.  well!  an hour and a headache later it was setup.  finally.  then i had no home phone as they've disconnected the old system (i had an internet and home phone package).  no home phone.  luckily the phone works again.  the bad news is that i'll need another portable phone because they can't install a phone jack upstairs.  omg.  the home phone i have doesn't have an extra phone station so i'll have to buy one.  after several hours i finally got the bluetooth thingy on the tv working again thanks to a nice young man in the Philippines and the security camera upstairs is working again. that was a pain.  but there's more.  i went upstairs and got into bed after a nice hot shower to set up the tablet for some late night youtube.  an hour later i finally set up the connection, it was difficult.  i slept like a log not surprisingly.  today everything works.  yay.   finally.  as they say technology is great when it works

Saturday, 26 November 2016

christmas lunch

i went to our family history group today for an early christmas get together.  a very nice lunch with yummy dessert was enjoyed.  our table, including two of my cousins, won the quiz.  we had a very nice day

Monday, 21 November 2016


i just returned from my consult appointment for the cataract surgery. the surgery will be in the new year and they are going to sedate me so that's good.  i'm such a sooky la la.  cookie rang me while i was there and she is in hospital.  she was taken in early this morning as she has chest pain and a fever.  she may have tonsillitis too.  she's not well but i just spoke to her and she's being well looked after.  as you may know she has major heart problems so they usually admit her when that happens just in case.  better to be sure etc etc.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

perth visit

i'm back at home after a week in perth.  i had a lovely time and saw lots of interesting places.  we went to the serpentine dam and fed the wild birds.  beautiful parrots that come down from the trees and feed from your hand.  lovely.  i went to the kalamunda hotel which is supposed to be haunted and the nearby farmer's market.  i went to the indiana tea rooms in cottesloe which was beautiful.  perth has some lovely architecture and i especially like freemantle. the cat cafe and kings park were worth a visit too. my friend leonie's daughter was in hospital whilst i was there and was quite ill.  she's seen another specialist now and hopefully she's on the road to recovery.  the flights to and from were good except that on the way to perth they weighed our handbags.  how rude.  of course we were both way over weight and had to shuffle our luggage around.  thank goodness leonie had 30kg to play with.  they did it at the boarding gate and in all of my years of travelling i've never had my handbag weighed before.  so, i've learned my lesson and will be more careful in future.  last year coming home from bali my handbag was so heavy i had trouble carrying it.  thank goodness they didn't weigh it then.  i will do better in future as i bought a new suitcase in perth.  it's got a 10 year guarantee.  lol.  i hope i don't need it but i thought it was a good idea as i've had two suitcases ruined on the last two trips and as i didn't have a receipt for them i didn't claim from the airline or my travel insurance.
indiana tea rooms

serpentine dam

kalamunda hotel.  nice beer and a yummy steak sandwich
one of the dozens of parrots at the dam

the cat cafe.  we need one in adelaide

kings park was beautiful

lunch at the tea rooms.  a doggie bag was needed

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


i went to maz's today for lunch.  we had chicken yiros.  very nice and i bought some leftovers home.  she's getting her second bathroom redone and all of the components arrived when we were there.  the delivery driver came alone and didn't bring a sack truck with him.  there were about 5 large boxes including the bathtub.  he asked maz to help him but she has a bad back and cannot lift heavy things like baths.  lol.  i mean what kind of delivery service is that?  maz paid $70 for the delivery.  in other news, i arrived home and unlocked the front gate as i padlock it these days.  that's another story.  imagine my shock, disbelief and surprise when i went to open the front door and the screen door was open and the sliding door was unlocked.  when i left this morning i went to bring the washing in and decided to leave it out there until i got home, obviously, i just left and forgot all about locking the doors.   oh dear

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

it's been a while hasn't it?

i've been busy.  i'm supposed to be going to perth on the 4th but i've come down with a fluey thing.  i'm going to the doctor this afternoon.  my friend is in adelaide visiting with her other adelaide friends and will be here on the 2nd.  i'm concerned i won't be well enough to fly.  oh well.  i got a new coffee press thingy.  it's wonderful.  my coffee cup no longer has a thick layer of grounds on the bottom.  it's lovely.  it's called an aeropress and is very easy to use and clean.  it's great and you know how much i like my coffee.  :)  i took cookie to see a movie the other day.  miss peregrine's school for peculiar children.  cookie enjoyed it and we had a hot chocolate afterwards.  she slept over on friday night.  i love making breakfast for her as she is not fussy and eats just about anything i cook.  she loves spag bol and that's easy to make.  i bought some icecream this afternoon coz i'm sick and that will make me feel much better.  :)

Monday, 3 October 2016

washing machine

i've always been frustrated that my 4.5kg front loader washing machine could not handle washing a quilt or a blanket or anything large really and i had to use the laundromat or take them to a friend.  the other day i took possession of a 9.5kg top loader washing machine that a friend no longer needed because she upgraded (to a front loader).  well it's been interesting.  i've had several unbalanced load messages which never happened in the old front loader.  it wasn't an electronic model and was 16 years old and still in perfect condition btw.  this one is electronic and it's taken me a few washes to sort it out.  but now i'm able to wash all of my quilts and blankets.  at least i could if the weather wasn't so wet.  i can wait.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


my son's band performed on the main stage at the ozasia festival today and it was great.  i know i am biased but they really were fantastic.  the crowd loved them and they gave us an encore.  it's the first time i've heard the new lineup of nine, including a trumpet player, and i was really glad i went.  the rain held off until i was on my way home so that was good.  there were so many food stalls and i had a really strong vietnamese iced coffee so sleep may elude me tonight.  lol.  i was lucky enough to come across a stall featuring a japanese calligrapher from melbourne who was wonderful.  the paper he was using was purchased by his father in japan 40 years ago.  that's special.  i had a go and my efforts were awful.  i used to be really good at calligraphy including hebrew and chinese believe it or not. but. as they say, use it or lose it, and i have indeed lost it.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

it's dark

the whole state of south australia experienced a power outage yesterday.  it was awful.  we had a major storm and lots of damage was done all over the state.  my roof stayed put so i'm grateful for that.  my phone was on 1% power when it happened around 4pm.  i charged it on the laptop and plugged in the landline non portable phone.  i'm glad i kept that. today the winds are extreme and i'm not sure but i think i can see a ray of sunshine peeping through.  my son's gig at the ozasia festival on sunday may or may not be cancelled.  i think they cancelled yesterday and today's events.  oh well, stay well wherever you are and i hope this wild weather goes somewhere else soon.  it seems i'm always posting about the weather

Thursday, 8 September 2016

it's a wet thursday

it was the loveliest of days yesterday.  i washed lots of bedding etc and got out in the garden for a while.  friends came over for a surprise visit so we went out to lunch.  today's weather is dismal.  rain and cloudy.  it's dark inside.  i fixed the wifi on maz's printer and because the notebook is a bit slow i'm recovering that and reinstalling  norton antivirus and office.  so far so good.  i'm going to maz's sister's birthday dinner on saturday and picking up adina on sunday afternoon as dil is working and son has another gig.  i just found a tin of baked beans in the cupboard so lunch is in order.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

printing, wifi and failure

maz recently bought a notebook and printer.  the printer supports wifi.  we set up the notebook without problems but the printer is another matter.  i tried to get it going the other day and ran out of time so yesterday she came over to do her sister's tax and left it here.  i thought if i was quiet and not rushed i could work it out.  of course, she neglected to bring the manual and software.  no problem, i thought, i can download them.  i tried to get that printer working via wifi for most of yesterday and again last night and i have given up. i got it to print normally but the wifi wasn't happening.  i'm a very patient person  but in this case i failed.  i think she should take it back to the store and get her money back.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


i've been going to the eye clinic at the royal adelaide hospital for a few months now.  the optometrist sent me there because i had a 'floater' and flashing.  they originally thought it was a detached retina but i thought they ruled that out.  the doctor today said it is still an issue, but, the good news, they are not concerned about macular degeneration.  i'm pleased about that.  the 'floater' is not as pronounced as it was, or i may be getting used to it.  and i only have the flashing occasionally.  i hate the eye clinic as it's invasive but i must say i'm grateful that they are there.  in fact today i'm feeling grateful

Thursday, 25 August 2016

a little bit of rain

that's an understatement.  the rain woke me up at 5am so i went outside and brought in my bathers and towel from the little clothes stand.  too late they were wet again.  bugga.  i went back to sleep eventually and was woken again by a very loud tropical downpour.  it was great.  it eased slightly so that i could get to the breakfast area and the day turned out quite sunny and nice.  i love the rain.  once, years ago, we were at a salon in poppies 2, when it started to rain.  the girls were almost ready to shut up shop for the night but said just wait a while and it will ease.  well it didn't.  the lane was about a foot or more underwater when we decided to risk it and go back to the hotel.  we were like drowned rats by the time we got back and i did wonder what we were wading through and hoping we were not going to fall down any holes

Monday, 22 August 2016

more lovina and the little bridge

little bridge in lovina

i am not very good at making videos and i've only put a few on youtube so must apologise for the quality.  this little bridge leads to where the locals live and shop.  we saw a little hairdresser and lots of warungs which are like cafes.  no lattes to be had though.  you have to make do with tea or bali coffee which in my opinion is very good.  except at breakfast at my last hotel.  the coffee was dismal.  i brought some balinese tea back with me as i can't buy it here.  it's really nice as i'm not really a tea drinker and always say i should drink it more often.  we were invited to share dinner with so many locals and had some lovely chats with them.  they are mostly fishermen and shop keepers.  it was a very nice evening walk and my torch came in very handy, especially on that narrow little bridge.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

the ghost hotel

on our way to lovina we traveled through the mountains in weather that was dismal.  thick fog, mist, rain, lots of rain.  we traveled slowly and stopped at the ghost hotel.  i've heard of the hotel and seen pictures of it on facebook many times.  this is a palatial hotel, including a vast ballroom, that never opened and is now is disrepair, left to crumble and fade. the bathrooms are intact but the bedding was taken out years ago. the view from the hotel is amazing apparently but on the day we were there the view was down to zero which added to the eerie atmosphere.  the ex president's son, tommy, is often mentioned in the story and of course lack of money being the cause of it not opening. you hear so many stories about it that it remains a mystery.  there is so much on the internet that i won't include a link, just search google for the ghost hotel bali if you want.  there are countless videos on youtube too.  here are some of my photos, it was truly an amazing experience.

i found this pic on the internet which shows the hotel and view in much better weather

Thursday, 18 August 2016


i woke at 5.30 am to go on my dolphin adventure.  we walked up the black sandy beach in the dark and crossed a very narrow bridge to meet our fishing boat.  we put on our life jackets and off we went.  we went for about forty minutes towards java.  i didn't think we'd go quite so far out.  meanwhile, the most amazing sunrise i've ever seen.  a huge red ball of fire.  we were joined by dozens of other little boats and it was a case of chase the dolphins, i'm sure they were playing with us.  we even saw a baby, i thought the dolphins were huge and one was a much lighter shade than the rest. the driver was really good at maneuvering his boat stopping and starting turning this way and that.   lovina is on the north coast of bali and is surrounded by mountains and the sea.  i've wanted to go for years and have gotten close a few times, it took about three and a half hours from kuta.  the hotel we stayed at was on the beach and has rice paddies at the front with gorgeous views of the mountains.  it's quite a walk from the main road and has a small pool and a lovely restaurant area that's just on the beach.  the sunsets were gorgeous too.  our room was upstairs and we could see the beach from the balcony and the mountains from the other door.  this is a much better video than mine from youtube: another video of the dolphins

my selfie of me and our driver

our boat and driver.  i've always wanted to go in one of these fishing boats

waiting for us to return.  now for breakfast
the watermelon boat with tangelo syrup, which was delicious, on the breakfast menu

the front of the hotel with rice paddies

Sunday, 14 August 2016

via melbourne

i was in melbourne yesterday.  it wasn't a planned trip. we were about to land in adelaide, slowing down, descending, the usual landing stuff when all of a sudden we were going up again at tremendous speed and there was a loud engine screeching noise.  everyone on board looked at each other with fear.  what was happening?  we had to wait about 10 minutes before the pilot came on the intercom and told us we couldn't land in adelaide as visibility was zero and we were going to melbourne. in about an hour and 10 minutes we landed in melbourne and it was freezing.   i only had a tshirt and jeans on and couldn't get to my carry on.  the airport in melbourne is all diy.  amazing.  i'll post some more about bali soon, especially my dolphin adventure and my visit to the buddhist monastery and the hot springs.  i had an amazing time but as usual i'm so happy to be home.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

shitty first world problem day

i don't like to complain about things to graham because he looks after his elderly mum who has dementia and my problems are insignificant in comparison.  but i'll share with you,  last night i got left over spag bol out of the microwave, burnt my hand and dropped two of my lovely old bowls.  and then there was the mess all over the floor and mat.  you probably don't remember me mentioning my new handbag that i damaged the zip on recently.  well, anthony picked it up for me and closed the zip good and tight.  of course it wouldn't open again and now it's broken.  little problems.

Monday, 18 July 2016

that was close

i am starting to feel better thank goodness and the roof is all fixed.  i just had a shower and came down and put a load of washing in.  i went back up to get my mobile because i took it into the bathroom with me and shock, horror and more shock i couldn't find it.  the machine is a front loader so difficult to stop once started on it's cycle.  i rang it and rang it and couldn't hear it.  i searched everywhere and felt extremely upset.  the cycle finally finished and the phone wasn't in there.  so where was it?  oh yes, it came back to me.  i put it in my dressing gown pocket when i got out of the shower.  phew.  i can't tell you how relieved i felt.  you hear about it happening all of the time and i will try to be more careful in future and make sure i can see the phone before i start the machine as i've had a few close calls before.

ahh nokia.  the holden of mobile phones.  it would have survived the spin cycle.  mine isn't a nokia :(

i have heard of so many people ruining their phones like this.  i was so lucky. 

Thursday, 14 July 2016

all fixed now

the roof and veranda were badly damaged but thank goodness all fixed now.  the yard is covered with bits of tiles.  i found a whole one hidden in the garden yesterday.  it was scary but my friend who lives in cairns has cyclones regularly and they, of course, would be far worse.  the wild weather has passed us by for now and there was sun for five minutes today.  with so much damage around the state i was very lucky. i had a blood test today.  my doctor is always sending me for blood tests, scans etc.  i suppose that's better than a doctor who doesn't investigate things further.  i have a nasty chest infection and my sinuses are also infected.  he thinks i'll be better to fly to bali on the 24th.  i certainly hope so.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

it's windy

i am unwell and was in bed when i heard the loudest noise.  it sounded like four thunder claps right on top of me.  even the earthquake wasn't that loud, that was more like a loud rumble.  i looked out of all the windows upstairs and didn't see anything amiss so got dressed and went outside.  there were broken tiles on the front lawn and broken tiles on the side path.  i looked up and saw tiles missing where  the roof meets.  then i went out to the car park and saw the damage.  all along the top of the roof the capping is missing or loose.  there are loose tiles all over the veranda too.  i can't get through to the ses so i'm just going to keep trying.  more strong winds, hail, snow and rain is expected.  oh dear, they would be flat out today with many worse than my small emergency.  at least i have electricity, many don't.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

a birthday lunch

it's my dil's birthday today and also lola's (my car).  i won't tell you how old my dil is but lola is 2.  i'm having trouble finding a mirror to replace the broken one.  anyway, we had a lovely lunch including salad and the most special ice-cream cake from 48 flavours.  we watched funny cat videos (one of my favourite things to do) and my son played the recording from the band's latest rehearsal.  it was just beautiful.  my dil bought an indian ensemble which is absolutely gorgeous.  there's a new indian clothing shop just opened near us and it looks very interesting.  i can't wait to check it out not that much will fit me i suppose.  i'm going up to see my daughter and the kids tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

hit and run

i was parked on unley road today after leaving the family history library early.  i went into a deli to get some water and came back and got into the car.  a man came out of a cafe and picked up something from in front of my car and then he came around and handed it to me and then i saw the mirror.  it was trashed and hanging from a wire.  someone had hit me and driven off.  so i've been spending a few hours today ringing around trying to find a replacement.  dave the mechanic will put it on for me when i find one. believe it or not the same thing happened to graham recently.  same road.  ahhhh  i broke the zip on my new handbag too but managed to fix that and my daughter finally went to the dentist and feels a lot better.  the tooth was badly infected and she's been suffering with it for ages.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


my friend graham came over yesterday after they voted and we took his mum to lunch.  i was lucky when i voted and went straight in.  except for that ridiculously long white ballot paper it went smoothly.  we went to bunnings after lunch and i bought another venetian blind which was on special. it's for the spare room as the one already there has seen better days.  my son will help me put it up tonight when he calls in.  today i'm going up to see the kids and take them to lunch.  my daughter had another setback but when she rang yesterday she seemed a bit better.  i've been particularly lazy of late and haven't been to the gym for a while.  i did return to the family history library last week and had a little bit of success.  i rang my cousin in perth, whom i've never met, and finally posted off a report of the descendants to him.  he said he'd post some photos over to me.  my dil has grave's disease and has started medication and had a ct scan last week.  the medication isn't agreeing with her atm which is unfortunate.  hopefully the doctor can sort it out.  we went out to an indian restaurant friday night and it was the best meal i've had for ages.  absolutely delicious. it's her birthday next week and also my car's as i bought it on her birthday.  my son has another two festival gigs in september so that's something to look forward to.

Friday, 1 July 2016

fresh air and grave's disease

my dil has grave's disease.  she had a cat scan yesterday and unfortunately the medication she has to take makes her sick.  she has an overactive thyroid and her sister has an underactive one.  their dad died of thyroid cancer.  i don't know if the disease is life threatening but i'm hoping that the medication is sorted out soon and she improves.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

rain rain and more rain

rain is good, i love rain.  thunder and lightening when i'm nice and cozy at home is good too.  but my washing is still wet from yesterday and that's not good.  unlike most people i don't have a dryer.  i know, i know.  how on earth do i cope you may ask but somehow i do.  if it's too wet outside i just put it on a clothes horse inside.  i don't usually have more than two loads of washing.  atm it's outside on the veranda.  yesterday i thought about buying a dryer.  a dryer from aldi which is quite cheap compared to other stores.  i did the right thing and looked at product reviews on the internet and i'm very glad i did.  they were not good.  the forecast said it might snow today but i doubt it. oh well, never mind, there's always the laundromat.  lol

Monday, 20 June 2016

a drive in the country

i went to see my daughter and g/kids yesterday and we went for a drive.  normally if we go to gawler we go up main north road but yesterday we took the long way along hilly country roads.  we had a lovely time.  we got there a little late to go shopping but had a nice late lunch.  Caiden is better thank goodness.  he is talking so much now.  the car is back on the road thank goodness.

Monday, 13 June 2016

bubs is better car is broken

yes, Caiden is a lot better thank goodness.  i was a bit worried about him.  it was my son's birthday the other day.  he's 45.  imagine how old that makes me feel.  we went out to dinner and had a lovely evening.  meanwhile, i started the car on saturday morning to go to aldi and the car was running so rough.  then the exhaust warning light came on and started flashing.  i rang the mechanic who said he can't see me until next week.  ahhhh.  i asked if i could drive it and he said he advised against it.  my son came over and took me to the shops which was so nice as i needed a few things.  i have to go back to the eye clinic on tuesday so when i get home i'll ring the raa and see what they think it is.  i might be able to get towed to the mechanic.  oh well.  it's the long weekend here and it's cold but lovely and sunny.  i've got a load of washing in.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Caiden is sick.  he has strep throat and he's not a happy little boy atm.  his mum said he was a bit better today so hopefully he is on the mend.  i bought him a wheat bag and some toddler milk.  poor little thing.  it's awful when our kids are sick isn't it?

Friday, 27 May 2016

a honeymoon

as you know my son recently married.  he and my dil just came back from a trip to victor harbour and mount gambier.  adina stayed with her father for the week.  victor harbour is a lovely place probably about an hour and a half from adelaide.  and mount gambier is the second largest town in south australia.  it's about 17 kms from the victorian border and is largely volcanic with lovely scenery and attractions.  among them is the blue lake and the sinkhole.  it's on the limestone coast with lots of interesting caves to explore.  the blue lake is in an extinct volcano.  it's a nice drive from adelaide and there is lots to see and do.  the last time i was there was when my son was about 8.