Thursday, 18 August 2016


i woke at 5.30 am to go on my dolphin adventure.  we walked up the black sandy beach in the dark and crossed a very narrow bridge to meet our fishing boat.  we put on our life jackets and off we went.  we went for about forty minutes towards java.  i didn't think we'd go quite so far out.  meanwhile, the most amazing sunrise i've ever seen.  a huge red ball of fire.  we were joined by dozens of other little boats and it was a case of chase the dolphins, i'm sure they were playing with us.  we even saw a baby, i thought the dolphins were huge and one was a much lighter shade than the rest. the driver was really good at maneuvering his boat stopping and starting turning this way and that.   lovina is on the north coast of bali and is surrounded by mountains and the sea.  i've wanted to go for years and have gotten close a few times, it took about three and a half hours from kuta.  the hotel we stayed at was on the beach and has rice paddies at the front with gorgeous views of the mountains.  it's quite a walk from the main road and has a small pool and a lovely restaurant area that's just on the beach.  the sunsets were gorgeous too.  our room was upstairs and we could see the beach from the balcony and the mountains from the other door.  this is a much better video than mine from youtube: another video of the dolphins

my selfie of me and our driver

our boat and driver.  i've always wanted to go in one of these fishing boats

waiting for us to return.  now for breakfast
the watermelon boat with tangelo syrup, which was delicious, on the breakfast menu

the front of the hotel with rice paddies

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