Saturday, 20 August 2016

the ghost hotel

on our way to lovina we traveled through the mountains in weather that was dismal.  thick fog, mist, rain, lots of rain.  we traveled slowly and stopped at the ghost hotel.  i've heard of the hotel and seen pictures of it on facebook many times.  this is a palatial hotel, including a vast ballroom, that never opened and is now is disrepair, left to crumble and fade. the bathrooms are intact but the bedding was taken out years ago. the view from the hotel is amazing apparently but on the day we were there the view was down to zero which added to the eerie atmosphere.  the ex president's son, tommy, is often mentioned in the story and of course lack of money being the cause of it not opening. you hear so many stories about it that it remains a mystery.  there is so much on the internet that i won't include a link, just search google for the ghost hotel bali if you want.  there are countless videos on youtube too.  here are some of my photos, it was truly an amazing experience.

i found this pic on the internet which shows the hotel and view in much better weather


  1. What a shame it isn't a thriving business. It is in such a nice spot.

    1. just the location and the views alone would be spectacular


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